Merchant account payment gateway app for iPhone

The ability to accept credit card payments has become a must for all retail businesses. Retailers are expanding their business into new horizons. Their business is no longer limited to any particular store location.


Businesses looking to expand their customer base have begun to reach customers outside of stores with new sales strategies such as door-to-door sales. The ability to accept credit card payments depends on many factors. The terminal is extremely important for processing payments.

Modern payment systems include a merchant account with a payment gateway service provider, a card terminal and the availability of a communication channel for data transfer between the terminal and the payment gateway. In a normal setting, the terminals act as an interface to connect to the payment gateway. Most of these card terminals use telephone lines to transmit data.

Mobile sellers often face payment processing issues during sales. Mobile sellers cannot carry these credit card terminals. In addition, payments cannot be processed without the transfer of information between the terminal and payment gateways for ecommerce the payment gateway.

This problem can be easily solved by using the Merchant Account Payment Gateway App. This application is designed to work with iPhone.

 This app turns your iPhone into a mobile payment terminal. This app acts as a merchant account payment gateway interface where you can enter details such as merchant ID, transaction ID, card number, customer name, phone number, email address, billing address and amount to be charged.