how do you make sun tea

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Tea bags are by far the easiest way to make tea, but loose-leaf can result in a better quality of tea flavor and enhance the overall experience. There are a number of ways to use a loose-leaf tea in the pot.

 Using loose-leaf tea straight to the pot and use a tea strainer as you pour the tea in to the cup. The strainer then sits on a tea strainer container to prevent drips (or you can use a saucer or spare how do you make sun tea teacup. This is the traditional way of making tea in the pot.

Using loose-leaf tea in an infuser. Tea infusers are usually designed or single servings in the tea cup and aren't suitable for use in the pot as they don't contain enough tea for a larger pot. If you are making tea or 1 or 2 in a small pot, this method would work.

Using loose-leaf tea in a Tea Pocket or paper tea bag. There are a number of products available, where you can add the tea of your choice to an empty tea bag. This makes clean up much easier. Each bag can hold up to 4-5 teaspoons, so add in more filled bags as required. Don't over fill or the tea wont have space to brew and the leaves may come out.