Versatility of the Solis Compact Tractors

Tractors have a come a long way since their innovation, so much so that a variety of tractor sub-categories have come into being over years. This sub categorization into Compact, Sub-Compact, Narrow Farm and many other categories have led to a greater utility of the machine. But these cate


Tractors have a come a long way since their innovation, so much so that a variety of tractor sub-categories have come into being over years. This sub categorization into Compact, Sub-Compact, Narrow Farm and many other categories have led to a greater utility of the machine. But these categories also create confusion lead to a bad investment for those not familiar with these varieties of the machine. This leads to many buyers buying an expensive tractor with much higher utility power than the buyer requires. So, in order to avert such a buy, here is our take on these sub-categories their utilities to help you make a better choice.

Know Your Hitches
A hitch or, a three-point hitch is a mechanism via which implements such as ploughs, cultivators are attached to a tractor. The utility of each tractor is limited to the type of hitch it features. There are three types hitches used in tractors as per their category: CAT-0, CAT-1, and CAT-2. All three of these hitches vary in the dimensions of their pin, hitch arm top link.
CAT-0 type hitch are used are used in small tractors used for the lawn maintenance garden work etc.
CAT-1 type hitch has been the industry standard for many small farm tractors. It comes in different widths depending upon the utility of the tractor.
CAT-2 is the largest of the three, and used on tractors with high horsepower. It is more robust in construction and easily handles heavy-duty loads.

Check the Transmissions
Years of innovation have brought many mechanical changes in tractors for good, transmissions are one of them. Be sure to check whether the tractor you are buying a tractor whether it uses the old and inconvenient clutch-style transmission, or, the latest standard: hydrostatic transmission. Tractors with hydrostatic transmission offer much better power supply, maneuverability and comfort in drive. The Hydrostatic Transmission has been the company standard for SOLIS tractors.

Which is the most reliable tractor Brand?

The first question that strikes the mind of every person who is going to buy a Tractor is what kind of a model should be best suitable for their Land or work? Well, International Tractors Limited (ITL) world’s 6th largest tractor manufacturing company, made this choice easy for every farmer through its incredible technology. They introduced two Brands, Solis and Sonalika, which are helping farmers competently ease their hard work and make it a simple sailing job.

Solis s 16 Tractor transformed farming with their fully efficient features and rugged body, built specially to withstand the complexity in the field or remove and brush the snow with its smooth lifting capacity. Buying a Tractor is a long-term investment, and one must choose it wisely. Solis tractors are the best choice because they are cost-efficient and give several benefits with one model in a small amount.

Solis produced one of the best range of compact utility tractors worldwide and stood out to be the best in the respective field. Solis is known for its power and toughest structure. The Brand believes in fixing the minor to most considerable complications in farming.

What is the Versatility of the best compact tractors?

Compact tractors are very productive for farms. Their systematic approach leads them to work on bumpy areas, small farms, and small industrial tasks while giving an extravagant and smooth performance every time. Solis tractors not only provide smoother performance but also give more perks to a farmer. They are fuel-efficient, compact, like even working in a private small-sized lawn to carry out industrial and loader applications. Compact tractor with loader can be an asset to a farmer. They vanish away all the worries one must have for their farms or for some industrial use. Solis offers a variety of ranges in Compact utility tractors, making it easier for you to choose the best suitable.

When it comes to selecting the best utility tractor, you must require a keen knowledge of the selection process that what features would be the best for you or not? Well, don’t take a severe risk of choosing anything without proper knowledge. You must go through a good tractor review to grab insights about what would be a perfect model for you. Buying a tractor is a huge thing, so choose wisely and go for a Tractor review before taking any decision. It will help you find out the best, or maybe you’ll get something more than expected. The next question in your mind would be what prices are? Don’t be worried. We’ll make it easier for you to find out.


How Solis tractors have been successful in creating a benchmark of versatility?


Solis compact tractors are possessed with versatile features that make them an Agri professional. With unmatched versatility, we aim to make a healthier and greener ecosystem. Our farm tractors are integrated with marvellous features that offer versatility in every manoeuvre and venture. With hydraulic trailer brakes and dual lines pneumatic trailer brakes, you can ensure safe tread on your farm and construction site. Additionally, with a front PTO, quick attach TPL and mechanical self-levelling loader, you can take your manoeuvres to the next level.   QUICK ATTACH LOADER (OPT)
Versatile and precise, the quick attach loader brings innovative design and user-friendly functions like automatic self-levelling for the highest levels of efficiency.
The level indicator is simple easy to useand easy to store with a stand. Moreover, the quick-change attachments lever system help in precise loading and unloading seamlessly.


Built to cater to all your needs, Solis tractors can work with different land types and topographies. This is because our modern tractors can work with a multitude of tyre options that can easily be utilised for all sorts of farm manoeuvres regardless of the field size and field type.


The hydraulics capacity of Solis tractors enables the user to lift loads of weight effortlessly, with an advanced auxiliary hydraulic circuit and high lifting capacity it throws high flow to the crops. Moreover, these mighty hydraulics promote the highest level of flow rate in hydraulics which in turn increases hydraulic pump efficiency.


At Solis, we truly acknowledge the fact, that you might come across different needs at different times and that is exactly why we have various farm tractors for every terrain and every landscape. But that is not it. With every unit of Solis tractor, you can attach tons of farm implementation tools and elevate your farming experience easily. Solis tractors can easily work with a wide array of farm implementation tools such as Front end loaders, Back end loader, Tractor Trailers, Rotavators, Mulchers etc.