Shuangtong Big Brother Takes You to Fly [Quickly]

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I had a grudge against Zhang Wanli in my class. They would find trouble for me every day.

After Wu You entered the classroom, instead of holding up the table and arguing with other students as before, he was stunned for a while and turned away, which surprised the students who had already arrived at the class. After Wu You went out, the students in the class began to discuss in a low voice. Why did Wu You leave? "Why didn't he hold the table?" "Is he going to skip school again?" But if I were him, I certainly wouldn't want to come to school. I'm sorry I have no face. I think he must have been beaten by Zhang Wanli and they didn't dare to come to school. It's still a bit too much for Zhang Wanli and the three of them to fight one. All right, don't say anything. Zhang Wanli and the others are coming. Hurry up and read. After Zhang Wanli, Zhang Qiang and Zhang Guangchao entered the class, they looked directly at the toppled table in the corner. Not seeing Wu You, they cut with some disappointment, but soon, Zhang Wanli hummed twice and took out a bottle of red paint in a plastic bottle and an old brush from his schoolbag. Go! Write those three words again, I want to let Wu you that silly fork know, provoked me absolutely will not have any good end! Doesn't he wipe the table? I'll see how he wipes the table this time! Zhang Qiang and Zhang Guangchao both laughed and laughed and followed them, and several good boys in the class also followed them to watch the fun. But I don't know what the reason is, no one told Zhang Wanli that Wu You had come and gone. By this time, Wu You had come to the principal's office in another building under the guidance of Jinshan Big Brother. Unfortunately,mobile racking systems, the door of the principal's office was closed, and Wu You did not have a cell phone or a watch, nor did he know what time it was. It's just that it was 6:30 when he left home. He ran on the road for 40 minutes, and it should be about 7:10 when he got to school. Apart from the time to enter the class and come to the headmaster. What is it? Look at the air. Jinshan's voice sounded, Wu You looked in the direction pointed by Jin's eldest brother, and saw the translucent gorgeous wall clock floating in the air. The time on it is seven eighteen. Wu You couldn't help but be stunned by the magnificence of the wall clock, but he soon thought more optimistically that at least he wouldn't have to buy a watch in the future. With his brother Jin, he had a carry-on map and a carry-on wall clock, wire mesh decking ,shuttle rack system, which made him feel a little proud. It's like magic. Wu You grinned. Then he heard Mr. Win's voice. Ying Sheng: [Are you going to waste your life standing here? Today's daily tasks include push-ups, sit-ups and squats. You haven't finished yet. Don't let it become your burden. You must do your homework late at night, so take all the time to exercise. Wu You's body stiffened. He looked at his surroundings and subconsciously refused: "Mr. Win, it's not good to do push-ups and sit-ups here, is it?" There will be teachers passing by here from time to time! Big Brother Ying Sheng replied to him with an emotionless look. Wu You nodded gloomily and decided to do squats first. It's better than push-ups and sit-ups. Then he did a standard squat in front of the principal's office. I feel my thighs are so sore that I can't stand. But as he did it, he got serious and forgot his surroundings, and when he counted to sixty, he was very excited to encourage him. Sixty! Forty left! Wu You finished standing up to rest for a while, and saw the old headmaster of Binhe Town No.1 Middle School who was looking at him with deep and confused eyes. Wu You almost had to squat down again with weak legs. His face was red and he looked at his headmaster uncle at a loss. He didn't know what to say. I, I.. Zhou Houde looked at the very nervous teenager in front of him, and a smile appeared on his face. It is rare that a child will come to the principal's office to find him on his own initiative. This kind of thing usually only happens to those children who know a lot in the city. However, the children in the county town still have a natural sense of awe for their teachers, especially their principals. He opened the door of the headmaster's office with the key and said to Wu You, "Little classmate, what are you looking for me for?" Wu You quickly thought of what Jinshan eldest brother said to him on the way, he was a little nervous, do not know if these words will make the headmaster uncle angry. However, it is not yet known what kind of person the headmaster uncle is and whether he will help him. He has to explain his situation before deciding what to say. Moreover, he can no longer allow his classmates to treat him like that, otherwise the final result is either that he drops out of school or that he can't bear to beat his classmates and be forced to drop out of school. Then he nods energetically: "Headmaster Uncle, I have a thing to want to say with you." Zhou Houde nodded to let Wu You come in. He pointed to the seat opposite his desk and motioned Wu You to sit down: "If you have anything to say, just sit there and say it. If I can help you, I will try my best to help you." Wu Youwen relaxed a little. He took a deep breath, sat up straight, put his hands on his legs, and used the standard sitting posture that he had never used in class to tell his current predicament in detail. Headmaster uncle, can you change a class for me? I don't want to stay in my present class. I had a grudge against Zhang Wanli in my class. They would find trouble for me every day. They overturned my desk and three of them beat me. I don't want to be in the class, I don't want to continue in this class. Zhou Houde was not surprised to hear this. The things that the students could reflect to him were basically the minor contradictions between these students. At most, it was the improper behavior of some teachers. So the expression on his face was still slightly smiling. He asked Wu You seriously: "Can you tell me what enmity you have with Zhang Wanli?"? Can I help you resolve the hatred between you? After all,warehouse pallet racks, I'm the principal. But Wu You did not nod as he had imagined. The boy looked into his eyes and shook his head with a serious and sad expression: "It can't be resolved.". We avenged the murder of my uncle. When Zhou Houde heard these four words, he couldn't help suspecting that he had misheard them. He repeated, "The revenge of killing my uncle?"? Which uncle? 。