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After hearing Kahlan's words, Hua Yun couldn't help laughing, but it was the kind of sneer: "If it weren't for us

Hua Yun had already put the magic bow into the Ring of Heaven and Earth. He said to Patolik, "I have killed the man who attacked us before. Let's go back quickly." With that, Hua Yun ran back quickly along the way he had come. Patolik glanced at Mocky's body on the ground and then followed closely behind Huayun. By the time Huayun and Patolik returned to the valley, the battle in the valley was drawing to a close, and the entire group of storm thieves was stronger than Kane, and the strongest of the remaining thieves were only two sixth-order golden warriors, joined by Master Talia, the seventh-order fire wizard, and Pasri, the eighth-order warrior. Having fought with Kahlan for a while, Kane was no match for them. Shortly after the battle began, he was seriously wounded by Pasri's sword and died under Talia's magic. Kane had no idea that besides Patolik and Pasri, there was a seventh-order fire wizard on Huayun's side, and that Mocky's magic arrow, which he could not resist, had not killed a single person. As soon as Kane died, the whole group of storm thieves had no resistance at all in front of Talia and others. Talia's advanced fire magic went down, and more than half of the thieves died immediately. In addition to Pasli, Luna,stainless steel edging strip, and Karan, the battle here was over in just a moment. Is everyone all right? Huayun, who had rushed back, swept his eyes over the crowd and found that there was no one missing, and he breathed a sigh of relief. We're all right, just Baloo. Buck was hurt earlier, and I don't know how he is now! Thalia and Pasri lowered their heads with some chagrin and were sent by Nexant to protect Huayun. They had almost lost their jobs before. If it weren't for Huayun's strong strength,aluminum tile edge trim, he had withstood the powerful Umang, and the Ba brothers had tried their best to block Kane's blow, Huayun would have been in danger before. They don't know how to face Nexant at all. My Lord, Baloo and Buck are all right. Baloo and Buck are fine! Hearing Talia's words, Baloo and Buck immediately said in a deep voice that the two men did not know what was going on, and that their ability to fight and recover from injuries after being promoted to the fifth rank of silver warriors had become more abnormal, even if they could be promoted to the sixth rank of gold warriors because of the strange energy in their bodies, but with the strength of the sixth rank of gold warriors. And after the injury, he recovered more than half quickly, a situation that even Roddy, the most knowledgeable person here, had never heard of. Looking at the silly looking at their own Ba brothers, Hua Yun did not say anything, just hard patted two people on the shoulder. Thanks to several previous rescues, aluminum tile trim ,stainless steel tile edging, the little girl Kahlan is here to thank you! After Kahlan and others saw that the storm bandits were destroyed by Talia and others in a moment, they were filled with awe of Huayun. Several people came to Huayun and others and saluted them slightly. Thank you? "No thanks," said Hua Yun lightly. Then he set off for the wagons that Kahlan and the others had protected. Talia and others immediately followed closely behind Hua Yun, carefully observing everything around, after the previous things, now they dare not have the slightest carelessness, Karan they do not know what Hua Yun is going to do, to a few people winked, also followed behind Hua Yun. The warriors of the Noki family who surrounded the carriage saw Hua Yun coming here and did not dare to resist, so they had to get out of the way. Bang! In front of the carriage, Hua Yun did not talk nonsense. He split the carriage with a sword, revealing the box inside, and then opened the box directly without Kahlan's consent. A God-given plant? Looking at the box inside a plant, Huayun and others can not help but be stupefied for a moment, no wonder the previous Kahlan they protect these carriages so tightly, these carriages of God's plants, even if this is not a high level of God's plants, the value is extremely expensive. Hua Yun turned his head and looked faintly at Kahlan and the others. "All the things in these carriages belong to us, except that you have to pay an extra million gold coins for weapons." "What?" After hearing Huayun's words, Karan and others were stunned, and then understood that they all looked at Huayun with an angry look on their faces. When the warriors of the Noki family saw something wrong with the situation here, they pulled out their weapons one after another, faintly facing Huayun and others. Looking at the expressions and actions of the people around, Hua Yun could not help but smile coldly, for the previous Kahlan regardless of their behavior to drag them into the water, Hua Yun heart but hold a belly of gas. Chapter seventy-four power seeds. Kahlan took a deep breath, relaxed the anger in his heart, and said coldly to Hua Yun, "Do you want to learn from the previous group of storm thieves and do those illegal acts?" "An illegal act?" After hearing Kahlan's words, Hua Yun couldn't help laughing, but it was the kind of sneer: "If it weren't for us, not to mention these cars of things, even your lives would have died at the hands of the Storm Thieves. Now we have rescued you, as long as your goods are already very good!" For Karan these people, Hua Yun heart but do not know how much to hold the breath, fortunately before Mocky chose the eighth order martial arts master Patolik and Pasri and looks to be the leader of his own, if his three arrows are aimed at the Ba brothers and Luna they, no one can guarantee that they can survive under such a powerful attack. Even as a seventh-order fire wizard, Master Thalia, under such a fierce and quick attack, I'm afraid he may not be safe and sound. You Kahlan glared at Hua Yun, and several warriors and magicians around her, Merlin,tile profile factory, looked at Hua Yun and others with hostility at the moment. Aren't you willing to give our Nokia family a little face? Besides, you haven't lost anything before. If you can, I'd like to pay you a million gold coins and make friends with you? 。 jecatrims.com