Carapace frenzy

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They all had the experience of self-abandonment, but they never thought that the motherland would welcome their return in this way.

But the order has been issued, he has no right to question the order of the north, can only unconditionally carry out. Half an hour later, the prepared fleet approached the ruined city, and then the secret service team landed openly, finding a fairly intact building on the coast, where the first recruitment point of the military was established. Everyone knows that there are many bugs in the abandoned city, but no one dares to approach the recruitment point, and no one dares to provoke the Secret Service. This is not a good phenomenon, if we can not dispel the worries of the insect people, we will not be able to complete the recruitment task assigned by our superiors. At the critical moment, Tao Chengyu offered that all the insect people should take off their power armor and face the insect people here in their true colors. The reason why Beidu arranged five and six squadrons to be responsible for recruiting insect people is that they took a fancy to their identity as insect people! Everyone knows that it is very dangerous to do so, but neither Ye Han nor the soldiers have a choice. In order to open up the situation as soon as possible, Ye Han and the fleet asked for a batch of supplies. As soon as the supplies were sent ashore, Ye Han asked two teams of insect men to set up a marching pot outside the recruitment point, boil a large pot of boiling water, throw compressed biscuits into it and boil a large pot of fragrant paste, and add a few cans of sliced insect meat to the biscuit paste. However, the operation of the special team still failed to open up the situation,ceramic bobbin element, and finally a whole pot of mush went into the bellies of the special team members, making everyone shout. There was no harvest for a whole day, until the sun went down and the abandoned city was shrouded in darkness, and only a few insect people approached the recruitment point at night. At first, the buggers were very hidden, but when they got close to the recruiting point, they suddenly left the shadows and lined up on a fairly smooth road. One of the wormmen stepped out of the crowd and lined up loudly: "Look to the right.." Look forward.. Turn right Step by step-go! The last word rose abruptly,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, followed by the sound of orderly footsteps. The familiar Chinese came from far away, and the members of the guard felt cordial, and when they saw the uniform formation movements, they immediately realized the identity of the team. The news was immediately reported to Ye Han, and all the members of the special service team rushed out of the recruitment point in an instant, looking at the group of insects with surprise and joy. Ye Han suddenly thought of something. "Assemble!" He shouted. Apart from the team members on the sentry post, the others quickly formed a queue. After a few simple commands, Ye Han turned to face the insect man coming step by step and clapped his hands first. The team members were like waking up from a dream, and there was warm applause in the queue immediately. Several insect people have mixed feelings, they use the most standard formation action to go to the front of Ye Han, the leader of the insect people issued a standing order, six insect people stopped at the same time. They stood there motionless, but their hearts could not be calm for a long time. Ye Han waved to the soldiers and the applause stopped in an instant. The leading insect man stepped forward and raised his hand to salute: "Comrade Chief, alumina c799 ,7g Ozone Generator, Deng Shaojun of the 4th Company of the 33X Regiment of the 11X Division of the 30th X Army reports to you!" Ye Han solemnly returned the salute. Without waiting for Deng Shaojun to put down his arm, Ye Han grabbed Deng Shaojun's hand and shook it forcefully: "Welcome back to the team, comrades. On behalf of Beidu and the headquarters, I welcome you back to the team. You have suffered!" Remembering the experience of these years, the eyes of the insect man who had just returned were filled with tears. Ye Han added, "I won't say anything polite. Come on, hurry into the room. Who's that? Hurry up and get ready to eat. Hurry up.." Chapter 1851 things have changed. Although there were only six bug people, the secret service team showed the greatest enthusiasm, and everyone welcomed the returning bug people into the house, and immediately there were soldiers with quick hands and feet to bring food and clothing. Ye Han carefully inquired about the personal situation of these insect people, and soon grasped their basic situation. He checked the database with the satellite and said: "Your situation in the database is missing. I have reported your information. At most tomorrow, I will be able to correct your information. Also, according to the instructions of the higher authorities." Your military status and rank can be restored. Deng Shaojun suddenly looked up: "Chief, is what you said true?" He did not find it strange to resume his military status, because Beidu set up a recruitment point to recruit insects into the army, but it was a bit surprising that he could resume his rank. Ye Han smiled. "Of course it's all true. Why?"? You don't believe it? No, no, no, I just, I just didn't think.. I'm very satisfied to start with private soldiers. Deng Shaojun said. With a big wave of his hand, Ye Han said, "You don't have to be so pessimistic. You didn't volunteer to be captured. I don't blame you at all." But you must understand that it's no problem to resume military status. I don't know if I can count the length of military service during the period of disappearance. "No, no." Deng Shaojun hurriedly refused, "We are already very satisfied if we can restore our military status, really!" "Don't get me wrong," said Ye Han. "This matter has been debated for quite a long time, and there is no result yet. I don't think it's a big problem. After all, you have paid such a big price." Deng Shaojun's mood is indescribably complicated, and others are no better. They all had the experience of self-abandonment, but they never thought that the motherland would welcome their return in this way. Deng Shaojun calmed down and said firmly, "Chief, if there is anything we need, you can give the order." "From tomorrow, we will cooperate with our conscription work, and we will talk about the rest later." A returnee man suddenly put down his half-eaten fried noodles and said, "Chief, can you do me a favor?" "Say!" "I've been missing for five years," whispered the Worm. "My family must think I'm dead. I want to know how they are now." The other insects could not eat any more, and all of them looked at Ye Han together. Ye Han sighed, nodded and said, "Yes." Xiao yuan! "Here!" "You are responsible for this!" "Yes!" Xiao yuan promised and soon found a data terminal, "who will come first?" A few worms looked at me and I looked at you,Ceramic Bobbin, but they didn't speak. Deng Shaojun gritted his teeth and said, "It's a knife to stretch out your head, and it's also a knife to shrink your head. I'll go first!" "Good!" Xiao yuan entered Deng Shaojun's identification code into the terminal and soon got Deng Shaojun's identity information.