Congealed jade lotus flower

Sun Jingzhi gritted his teeth and stood up, and his face turned livid because of too much force.


"Ghost Jade" asked: "This is the only relationship!" Sun Jingzhi said, "If you want to press me, I can make one up." The "ghost king" looked at him again for a while, as if he were looking at his daughter-in-law. Seeing Sun Jingzhi as a man, he felt uncomfortable. At this critical moment of life and death, Sun Jingzhi's mood is not without tension, as if waiting for a death sentence, in the end kill or not? The sooner you know, the better, lest a heart always hang in the air, if the result is exactly the same, is not suffering in vain? To die or not to die? Sun Jingzhi was completely obedient, but he was not willing to wait any longer. "Please give me some advice, senior," he urged. The "ghost king" lost his nerve for a while, but it was useless to urge him. He said to himself, "She will never accept male disciples, and naturally she will not accept male disciples. Now she has made an exception and drilled out one. Is it possible?" Could it be that the "ghost king" paid careful attention to Sun Jingzhi? The more he looked at him, the more he looked like him. At that moment, he seemed to have realized something and nodded his head. Then he took out a pair of green silk gloves from his bosom. He put on gloves as thin as cicada's wings and turned his dark palms into green, which added a layer of horror to his terrible claws. Miss Long thought that the pair of silk gloves was a tool for cheering. Her heart was pounding with nervousness. She secretly prayed to God: "I hope all my fingers can escape.." "Ghost King" voice: "Attention!" The left hand moves the Buddhist "Nianhua Finger" to point out, only to see a wisp of wind, instantly shooting from his finger. Sun Jingzhi had already been prepared, and the sword turned with him,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, like a top turning out, just to let the wind pass. "Ghost King" big praise: "a good move" big blow conch "!" As the name implies, Sun Jingzhi gave way to the sword move, which is a move of nihility. However, it is peculiar. In the view of martial arts masters, I can't help but praise it! Ordinary swordsmanship often has the move of "big blow", but how can it be compared with the 64 moves of Qian's swordsmanship? Otherwise, it would not have won such praise from the "ghost king." The "Ghost King" saw that Sun Jingzhi's avoidance was too light, which showed that his swordsmanship was far superior to his "Ghost Play Ten Fingers",mirror stainless steel sheet, which aroused his competitive heart. When he pointed out the second time, although he did not use 60% of his skill, the wonderful fingering did not hide any more. Sun Jingzhi's sixty-four sword moves were still not skillful enough, so he let the wind of his fingers tilt over the body of the sword. Just listen to "Poof!" Sun Jingzhi's chest clothes broke through a finger-wide round hole, and the dragon girl screamed in fright. Sun Jingzhi's face changed slightly, swallowed the stuffy hum he was about to give out, and stubbornly held out his chest. Miss Long was overjoyed to see that he had not fallen, but she did not know that if it hadn't been for the strength of Sun Jingzhi's long sword, most of the strength of his fingers would have been lost, and the second finger would really run through his chest. The "Ghost King" was originally an evil man, but when he saw that the acme of the second move was still blocked by Sun Jingzhi's sword, he refused to accept it. As soon as the evil power was sent out, no matter what kind of person Sun Jingzhi was from the "Lotus Holy Aunt"? The third finger is the extreme. Seventy years ago, the swordplay of the Qian family, the sutra of the Zhao family, the boxing of the Sun family, and the song of the Li family were among the top four wonders in the martial arts world. They all had their own abstruseness. Had it not been for Sun Jingzhi's lack of skill, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, it would have been impossible for him to be a master of Qian's swordsmanship. As far as Qian's swordsmanship is concerned, although Sun Jingzhi is not a master, he is somewhat hot, so the second finger can be blocked by the body of the sword, and the third finger is not as good as the second finger, so it is blocked by a sword. The block is blocked, and the result is the same as the second finger, the sharp finger is slanting. Crooked the blade. "Poof!" Again, this time tilted to the other side, Sun Jingzhi's left and right chest clothes were broken in almost the same position and size. The stubborn Sun Jingzhi swallowed the stuffy hum that itched in his throat and stood like an iron man, changing his swordsmanship in order to resist the fourth finger. The dragon girl knew that Sun Jingzhi was standing up, for her sake, but also for her own life, in the potential of life to support. Her tearful eyes were blurred, and at this time she was unable to help, only knowing that her younger brother had suffered the second and third fingers. There are seven fingers, Sun Jingzhi still stand up? Not by the lacrimal gland suddenly loose, bean-sized tear lines like pearls trickling down. The "ghost king" who was dizzy with evil never believed that his "ghost shot ten fingers" could not directly hit Sun Jingzhi. The fourth finger was exquisite and unrestrained. He wished this finger could run through Sun Jingzhi. The first three and the last three help each other, and the most powerful one is the middle four fingers, that is to say, the fourth finger starts to the seventh finger, which is more exquisite than the first three fingers. Although the two men were separated by several feet, they seemed to be fighting hand to hand. Sun Jingzhi brandished his sword and splashed water, as if he were fighting in an army. "Ghost King" around Sun Jingzhi around, although the distance is not close to a little, but when the enemy is in front of us, grasping the gap is a finger. The fourth finger popped out, Sun Jing's sword did not block, in the middle of the abdomen, the force of this finger is only 60% of the "ghost king", but Sun Jingzhi did not borrow a long sword to block the force, how can he stand it? Bend over and hum. "Ghost King" has not dared to point more, thinking that Sun Jingzhi's skill is still strong enough to stand up. "Good boy," he said with a smile, "take my finger again!" He is very complacent, let him hit a finger directly after all, prove he "ghost plays ten fingers" it is not to spend decades of effort to create in vain, the heart thinks: "The boy's body is strong, play him to try a finger again to calculate!" The "ghost king" actually took Sun Jingzhi as a target to try "ghost flicks ten fingers". However, he did not think about how powerful his 60% skill was, and Sun Jingzhi still did not straighten up. Only then did he realize that the situation was serious and asked in a panic, "Boy, can't you stand up?" Sun Jingzhi gritted his teeth and stood up, and his face turned livid because of too much force. "What a stubborn and indomitable boy!" Said the Ghost Lord. Sun Jingzhi refused to beg for mercy, and tried his best to wield his sword against the remaining six fingers. Miss Long was so frightened that she couldn't even cry out. She thought Sun Jingzhi was going to fall down slowly and die a violent death. When she saw Sun Jingzhi straightening up desperately, her heart ached like a twist. She couldn't stand it any longer and watched helplessly as Sun Jingzhi fought desperately for himself. Since he wanted to live, he should be in danger together. At that moment, he gritted his teeth and whipped people to fight. Dragon Girl's martial arts are highly praised in Jianghu. "Ghost Eye Scholar", the head of Maoshan Sect, "Black Hawk" Taoist, all thought that he was defeated. It can be seen that Dragon Girl's whip method shocked Wulin. But at this time, her whip method is insignificant, just into the edge of the battle array, by the "ghost jade" wandering Gang Qi rushed out,304 Stainless Steel Wire, without a move and a half. Unable to get up for a moment, she was rushed to the ground, watching Sun Jingzhi die under the snap of the "ghost king".