Tian Mo Shen Tan

Then he took a big step, flashed past Kate and others, and walked in the direction of the principality.


And Leo in Kate's guilt, he has carefully looked at Ya, however, Leo selfishly for that matter is a little disapproving, although he has to admit that his strength is good, but compared to the other two people known, it is a little worse. Leo cleared his throat and said, "Are you the Yalon, the head of the regiment, who wants to hire you as a guest minister of the regiment?" Ya Yi frowned. "Guest minister, what guest minister?"? What does this have to do with the head of your Iron-blooded regiment? I don't know him! Ya, who did not know what Leo was talking about, could not help asking. "What's your attitude, Leo?" Cried Kate and the night moon. They detected disapproval in Leo's voice. Ya frowned again and asked, "What did you say about Keqing just now? What happened?" "Why don't we find a shady place, Mr. Long? I have something I want to tell you," Kate said to Ya as she pulled Leo's clothes. Aware of Kate's use of honorific language, Ya's intuition is not a good thing, nothing gallant, either rape or theft, he did not like it very much, but he could not bear the curiosity in his heart, do not know what he had to do to involve the head of these people, at this time Ya did not know how the power of the Iron-blooded Regiment, otherwise he would be even more surprised. He even had a relationship with the second largest mercenary regiment commander in the Qilanlou Alliance. As a result,calcium ammonium nitrate price, Ya saw not far from the roadside, a tree shaded by green leaves, took the lead in the past, Kate three people immediately followed up. Walking to the big tree, Ya leaned against the trunk and sat on the ground. Seeing this, the three of them also sat two steps in front of Ya. Ya motioned, "Well, now you can say, what do I have to do with you,dap diammonium phosphate, the head of the regiment?" "It's a group of iron and blood," Leo corrected. Kate stared and said, "Leo Ziyin." He called Leo by his first name, indicating that Kate was already angry. Of course, Leo could hear that his companion was angry. Fortunately, he kept his mouth shut. After seeing Leo shut up, Kate turned to Aya to apologize, hoping that Aya would not mind Leo's attitude. Ya waved his hand and said, "Forget it. I just want to know what's the matter with you."? For the record, I've never known a colonel before. Kate said with a smile, "It doesn't matter if you don't know our leader, Mr. Long. We just need to make sure that you are Mr. Ya Long who defeated the Tsing Yi Gang. Are you?" Ya sighed, "I am Ya Long, who will kill the Tsing Yi Gang. Is your regimental commander looking for me to avenge the Tsing Yi Gang?" Kate exclaimed in surprise, "Mr. Long, you're getting the wrong idea. Our regimental commander doesn't want you to avenge the Tsing Yi Gang. On the contrary, our regimental commander wants you to be the guest minister of our regiment." Then he said shyly, Magnesium Oxide powder ,calcium nitrate sol, "Actually, this should have been put forward to you directly by our regimental commander. However, because the recruiting personnel sent by our regiment a few days ago have been unable to find you, sir, our regimental commander will order our team leaders stationed in various places to put forward his sincerity to you and invite you to the regiment headquarters if they see you." "My dear guest?" He asked? What's that? Kate explained: "The authority of the guest minister of the regiment is equivalent to that of the deputy head of the regiment, but it is not under the direct jurisdiction of the head of the regiment. Only when the guest minister is willing, he can do something for the regiment, and the regiment will provide the support needed by the guest minister at any time. It is a very detached honorary position for the regiment." "It's a lie," he said to himself. "How can there be such a good thing in the world?"? No responsibility, no work? Support when you need it? This is probably an unknown group that knows that I killed nearly a hundred people in the town of Shaoshudaiti and wants me to put up a name to raise my popularity. At this time, Ya simply forgot that when they first met, Kate said that there were three hundred people in their three teams, at least three hundred people in the size of the mercenary group in the principality of China, can not be regarded as small, but even if he remembered, Ya would probably think he was talking nonsense! After all, there were only three people in front of him. One side of the night moon added: "Our guest Qing since the founding of the regiment, but also only more than 30 people, this is really a very rare opportunity and honor, we sincerely hope that Mr. Long you agree to the request of the regimental commander, if not now it does not matter, please come back with us to the regiment headquarters, the regimental commander must very much hope to see you again." Night moon not to say it's okay, a said, more sit down from the inference, a small mercenary regiment, there are more than 30 people in the guest Qing alone, this kind of light to eat without money so many people, no wonder can only be a small mercenary regiment, to rely on his fame to improve visibility, presumably other people is probably no big deal, relying on a little bit of fame, in this mercenary regiment cheat to eat and drink, He's not interested. After hearing this, Ya saw Kate staring at him, waiting for his answer. So Ya said lightly, "I'm sorry. Please thank your colonel for his kindness for me. I'm not interested in being a guest minister." With that, Ya got up and was about to leave. Hearing Ya's refusal, Kate said in a panic, "Mr. Long, don't be so stubborn. As long as you follow me to our regimental headquarters and meet our regimental commander, you will certainly change your attitude." "I'm really sorry," he said coldly. "I have something else to do. I can't go with you to see your regimental commander." Then he took a big step, flashed past Kate and others, and walked in the direction of the principality. As a matter of fact, Asia is self-righteous from the beginning to the end, more than eighteen thousand people of the iron blood regiment is not a small mercenary regiment, more than five hundred years of founding history, has the status of a guest minister is only more than thirty people, and each person is not famous, but greatly famous, and because of the iron blood regiment has a great help, Had it not been for some reason that the Iron-blooded Regiment needed the help of a member who was not a member of the Iron-blooded Regiment, they would not have taken the initiative to look for the guest minister. After all,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, it has been more than seventy years since the last guest minister of the Iron Blooded Regiment. Ya ignored Kate and others and walked away. Behind her, Kate and the night moon looked at each other. At the same time, they pulled up the reluctant Leo and followed him. stargrace-magnesite.com