Emperor tyrant

"There are older and more powerful people who have come and been banned." "Yes, very strong, very strong."


In this respect, the Purple Dragon Empress seems to be much more calm, or she is more knowledgeable. Hey, you are really Longting. Your bloodline is very good, very good. However, it is much worse than this handsome cow, much worse. At this time, the big black bull said with a smile. Don't brag, either. When big black ox is complacent, Li Qiye says lightly: "The bloodline of wench, won't be short of you too much." "Hey, at least not as handsome as Ben, not as, not as." Although Li Qiye cut a sentence like this, the big black bull was still elated. Li Qiye also just smiled, the bloodline of big black ox is really very big. The younger generation has also heard about the deeds of the older generation. The Purple Dragon Empress put her posture very low and bowed her head to the Big Black Bull, saying, "In the future, on top of the transformation of the bloodline, I would like to ask my predecessors to give me some guidance." Purple Dragon Empress is also a very clever person, take advantage of the situation, all of a sudden with words to trap the big black bull. Hey, no problem, no problem. The Big Black Bull smiled, shook his head and said, "However,Magnesium Oxide MgO, the Great Sage often teaches Ben Shuai Niu that there is no free lunch in the world. It is not impossible for me to give you advice. However, the benefits are also necessary.". For example, your dragon- "said, pointing to the mount of the Purple Dragon Empress, that is, the Purple Dragon.". At this point, the big black cow salivated and said, "Hey, I've eaten a lot of things,Magnesium Oxide powder, but I really haven't eaten this kind of dragon with real dragon blood. Although it's not pure blood, it must be very tasty and tonic to stew such a big purple dragon." At this point, the big black cow has already drooled, as if to see a pot full of dragon meat that has been stewed. "The purple dragon seemed to understand the words of the big black bull, and could not help roaring at the big black bull, which was very angry with the big black cow." This senior is joking. Big black ox such words immediately let purple dragon female emperor speechless, after all, she is also the first time to experience the big black ox unscrupulous. No, no joke, no joke at all. The big black cow grinned and said, "a big pot of dragon meat, that dragon meat soup, is really delicious, delicious.". In those days, I caught an 800,000-year-old dragon, and the taste, of course, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, was not as good as a purple dragon like you. At this point, his mouth was watering. Master, didn't you say you only ate grass? At this time Liu Yanbai came out with such a sentence. It is true that teachers only eat grass, but there are exceptions to everything, occasionally open, that should be, after all, to mend, mend ah, otherwise, how can teachers live so long.. The big black bull has a righteous and stern look. To be old but not to die is to be a thief. Li Qiye said lightly. Ladies and gentlemen, I have something to do, so I'll take my leave for the time being. Welcome to the Dragon Court. At this time, the Purple Dragon Empress was busy saying goodbye to Li Qiye. She was really a little afraid that the big black cow would stew her purple dragon and eat it. After all, the big black cow didn't look like a joke at all. It's a pity that a pot of stewed dragon meat. After watching the Purple Dragon Empress ride the Purple Dragon to leave, the big black bull could not help wiping the saliva at the corners of his mouth and murmuring. Senior, you are scaring the Purple Dragon girl to flee in confusion. The Holy Frost Emperor shook his head with a wry smile. Hey, this girl is very clever, no less than you, no less than you. The big black cow smiled and said, "In the future, she will become a big climate.". Unfortunately, you don't have the same ambition as her, and you are not as good as her in hegemony. Emperor Shengshuang was very calm. With a smile, he said, "Shengshuang is enough." She really doesn't have the ambition to dominate the world. It's just overbearing. Li Qiye shook his head gently and said, "The road is far away. Everything in the future is unknown.". Before the ancient road, all the ambition and hegemony are just empty, and a flashy dream is not enough. "That's true." With a wry smile, the Big Black Bull said, "To reach the height of the Great Sage, what hegemony? It's just a matter of three fists and two feet. It can go up in smoke in an instant." "But-" Li Qiye looked at the direction of the Purple Dragon Empress and said, "This girl really has great achievements. She is good at fighting and measuring the situation. If there is no accident, the real dragon court must shine brilliantly in her hands. "Yes, it's a pity. It seems that I can't eat stewed dragon meat in the future." The big black bull shook his head. Emperor Shengshuangzhen had no choice but to shake her head with a wry smile. She was as famous as the Purple Dragon Empress. It was hard to say whether she was superior or inferior. They had not really competed. However, in Xiongtu Hegemony, the Holy Frost Emperor really thinks that he is not as good as the Purple Dragon Empress. Emperor Shengshuangzhen was quiet. For her, she was satisfied to stay in the North Courtyard. She did not want to dominate the world and be invincible. Li Qiye and his party continued to move forward, and the loess in front of them was so vast that it seemed that they could not go to the end. However, Li Qiye they are not in a hurry, slowly, not only Li Qiye, is the big black bull is also feeling this loess land. There was a great war here, more than one ancestor, at least more than five ancestors. In the process of walking, the big black bull has calculated the remains of this land, and from the breath left behind, we can calculate some of the things that happened in that year. This giant can be traced back even further. Li Qiye said lightly, "There are older and more powerful people who have come and been banned." "Yes, very strong, very strong." After the big black ox calculates, also nod say: "It can never cross the sea to fly out, not without a reason!"! Someone must have left a defensive position, which is left to the Three Immortals and future generations. Maybe everything is waiting for this day. Li Qiye did not say anything about the conclusion of Big Black Bull. Saint Frost Emperor also tried all kinds of calculations, but she was far less accurate than Li Qiye, so she did not say much on the way,Magnesium Oxide price, listening quietly, but also learning progress. After they had walked for a long time on the night of Li Qi, the sky slowly darkened. stargrace-magnesite.com