Empress Without Virtue [End + Side Story]

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Of course, he may not think so himself. If he is really anxious to have children and works hard every day, he will not have no harvest.

Play enough, Ye Zhen put the gun to the waist, began to consider how to go down this problem. When she came up, she used a hook rope, and she knew the kungfu of a three-legged cat, so it was not difficult to go to a room. But now it's a little difficult to get down. Wang Youcai led the eunuchs to set up ladders again. Ji Wugui also ignored the emperor's dignity at this time, flew to the eaves, opened his arms and shouted to Ye Zhen, "Jump down!" Ye Zhen knew that Ji Wugui had a good skill. So she was relieved to open her hands and fall down like a gliding bird. The crowd of onlookers exclaimed again. Ji Wujiu looked up at Ye Zhenzhen falling from the sky. Under the clear sky, beauty is like a flower. Time seemed to stop for a moment, and all was quiet, and he heard only the beating of his own heart. Thump. Thump. Ye Zhen accurately plunged into the bosom of Ji Wujiu, the latter hugged her in place to turn a circle, unloaded the momentum of her body, this just stopped. Ji Wujiu held Ye Zhen in his arms and did not rush to put her down, but looked down at her and asked, "even a few beads?" "Six." The answer is concise. This time Ji Wugui looked up to the sky and laughed. Ha! Ha! Ha In the clear laughter, there is a kind of heroic spirit that breaks through the sky. The voice is not bad to hear, but from Ji Wugui's mouth, it always makes people feel a little unacceptable. The crowd listened to the heart straight hair, one after another sigh,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, finished, another crazy one. The author has something to say: Recommend a friend's happy master and apprentice article, want to see the children's shoes stamp here Courtship The drawings and samples of the Lianzhu bird blunderbuss were sent to the Department of Military Weapons of the Ministry of Works. The firearms craftsmen all knew the goods. Although they did not know the origin of this thing, after careful study, they found that it really had great potential to be tapped. It could be seen that the designer was ingenious and did not stick to common sense, so he could win by surprise and think what people did not think. In addition to some details, the weapons division mainly made a big modification to the ugly shape of the gun to ensure that it did not affect the fighting mood of the soldiers. Ji Wujiu had never been so excited, because he knew how significant the Lianzhu bird blunderbuss was. Firearms has always been a powerful weapon,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but because of its ignition trouble, it can only shoot one shot at a time, so it is greatly restricted in the rapidly changing battlefield. Therefore, although the Shenji Battalion is famous and invincible, it can not fight independently and must be coordinated by other arms. But now with Lianzhu blunderbuss, everything is different. Ji Wujiu could almost imagine that in the future, when the foreign enemy faced Daqi's Shenji Battalion, he could not lift his head under the pressure of a dense burst of bullets. When he thought of this picture, his blood boiled. Although the emperor's profession makes him usually suppress himself too much, but in the final analysis, he is also a warm-blooded man. So Ji Wugui intends to reward Ye Zhen well, and he is ready to answer every request. Ye Zhen's request is not high, "you give me a general when one." Ji Wugui promised to shake out the rank of the military commander and let her pick it by herself. Ye Zhen is not good to pick too conspicuous, as long as a five-grade Wude general. But these official ranks are scattered, there is no official seal, Magnesium Oxide price ,caustic calcined magnesite, Ye Zhen will be some unhappy. Ji Wujiu had no choice but to give her another tiger-head order to coax her. Generally, those who hold this order are the emissaries of the Son of Heaven, who are free to enter and leave the army without reporting their names and without any hindrance. Later, Ji Wugui always thought about it and regretted it. In the blink of an eye, Winter Solstice day is approaching, which is commonly known as the Asian year, and is an important festival in a year, second only to the New Year. "Hanshu" says, "Winter Solstice Yang Qi rises, the emperor's way is long", so every year on this day, the emperor will lead the civil and military officials to carry out a grand ceremony of sacrifice to heaven. Ji Wugui fasted three days in advance for the ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven. Because the grand ceremony was to be officially held seven quarters before sunrise, he had to get up before the fifth watch, be served, put on a complicated dress, and go straight to the Temple of Heaven outside the palace. At this time, the outside is black and cold, and it really takes courage for a person to climb out of the warm bed. Ye Zhen sighs again, when the emperor is really a hard job. Women celebrate the holiday in a simpler way: by eating, drinking and being merry. Ye Zhen first went to the Cining Palace to give the Empress Dowager a long ceremony, and then led the imperial concubines to listen to the opera in Yanchun Pavilion. As soon as she was in high spirits during the banquet, she distributed a number of rewards, and the concubines stood up and saluted one after another. Among them, Wang Zhaoyi's salute was slightly larger, and she threw herself directly into the ground. The palace maids helped Wang Zhaoyi, who had fainted, back to the palace. Ye Zhenzhen ordered him to go down and let the imperial physician have a look. After a while, a little palace maid came to report: "Congratulations to the empress. Wang Zhaoyi is pregnant with the dragon vein!" A group of people who were still talking and laughing were immediately silent. Xiaodan on the stage babbled and sang, "Today I am worthy of such a talented and beautiful husband. In the future, I will be the wife of the Number One Scholar and give birth to a son with double happiness.." Ye Zhen laughed and said, "it's really a happy event.". Come on, reward! Ji Wujiu has not had a child so far. There used to be a little princess who died before she was a year old. Another two concubines were pregnant with dragon seeds, but they failed to give birth. So Zixi is very important to him. Of course, he may not think so himself. If he is really anxious to have children and works hard every day, he will not have no harvest. Ye Zhen also rewarded Wang Zhaoyi some things, but also personally went to console her. Although Wang Zhaoyi's body is weak, but the spirit is extremely good, between the speech unconsciously took some color. In this harem, I'm afraid there are a lot of people who can't pass this festival, Ye Zhen thought. She doesn't care about herself. Anyway, she's not going to give birth to that bastard Ji Wujiu. In the future, no matter which imperial concubine's son was set up, and later ascended the throne, as long as she did not die, she would still be the queen mother, just on an equal footing with the emperor's birth mother. No matter how bad it is, she can rob other people's children to raise. But it's too early to think about it now. Who knows what will happen in the future? It seems that Ji Wujiu won't die for a while. So when Ye Zhen returned to the Kunning Palace, he opened his appetite and ate a lot of dumplings and dumplings,Magnesium Sulphate price, without any sense of depression. After seeing it, Suyue was relieved, and then she was a little sad. The empress was too carefree day by day. stargrace-magnesite.com