Xuan Yue Yin

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It's just, how long can the lion's head formed by Uncle Hua's Tiangang Qi last? Mo Li asked again.

"Well!"! It's the first Warcraft. A lot of people haven't seen the lion, and if we can see it, we'll be able to feast our eyes on it. Mo Li rubbed his hands and said. "Father, let us go to the Moors." Fei Xi was already eager to try, and with some joy in his tone, he asked Hua Ke. In the wilderness of Tran?! Hua Ke hesitated, with a bit of dignity on his face. The wilderness is an endless desert, in which Warcraft is uninhabited, and the Warcraft in the desert are all super Warcraft above level five, and the overlord of the wilderness, the red-eyed giant lion, is the peak of level eight. The strength is almost the same as that of Hua Ke in the ninth level of Tianzun. It's not terrible to meet a red-eyed lion alone in the wilderness, but it's a little difficult to meet a pride of lions, especially with Feixi and Moli, and it's really difficult to take care of them. Hua Ke thought carefully, his eyes swept over Fei Xi, with a deep charm in his eyes. What's the matter, Father?! Fei Xi saw the deep color on Hua Ke's face and asked in a low voice. Oh Hua Ke promised and gazed at Fei Xidao. There's a lot of danger in the wilderness, and I'm afraid.. When Feixi heard this, he smiled deeply, and the smile on his face was gentle and tranquil, so beautiful that it took people's breath. Mo Li, standing aside,potassium sulphate fertilizer, saw Feixi's smile and could not help but stay where he was, forgetting everything. It seemed that only Feixi's smile existed between heaven and earth. Only in dangerous places can we exercise our real strength. Besides, are there any other places we can go! So many people have seen the illusion of Qinglong in Licheng, and now Qinglong's spiritual power has dissipated. My father offended the emperor of Chu for me, and I don't think they will give up. Feixi restrained his smile and said solemnly. Hua Ke nodded, eyes inadvertently swept into the arms of Feixi Qinglong, only to see Qinglong into a lethargic state, weak breath, and then think of the violent spiritual power in Feixi's body. Hua Ke's heart gradually sank, and it was not necessarily a bad thing to go to the wilderness to experience. He finally nodded and said. OK! In that case, let's go to the wilderness. Good! I'm just going to see what the red-eyed lion looks like! Mo Li see flower Ke promised, can not help but happy way. Fei Xi saw Mo Li's delicate facial features with a childlike mischievous expression, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and could not help smiling faintly. Suddenly, she noticed a few dangerous smells floating in the air, and she hurriedly looked up into the sky. Not, Fan Lanling hand hit Seeing the dignified expression on Feixi's face, Hua Ke frowned and asked hurriedly. What's wrong with Feixi? Is someone coming? Hua Ke already knew that Fei Xi had super perception ability, and he guessed a few points when he saw this. Fei Xi nodded and said in a deep voice. A lot of people came! Without further ado, let's get out of here. "Good!" Hua Ke and Mo Li promised to summon their own riding pets, and then quickly swept to the west. Not long after the three of them left, dozens of figures flashed out of the sky and appeared in the place where they had just stood. The dozens of people who came were all wearing yellow robes. Everyone had deep eyes. Looking at the speed of their actions, they should all be spiritual practitioners. They're heading west. An old voice sounded, and dozens of people nodded at the same time, each driving their pets rapidly toward the west. Several of them even ride flying swords, which are rare flying props on the mainland, and only people with noble and powerful spiritual powers are qualified to ride them. These people are embroidered with a long snake at the collar of their clothes. The long embroidered snake flying wantonly is like a huge dragon, flying and domineering, overlooking all the people in the world. The setting sun is melting gold and the sky is getting dark. The western sky is glittering with thousands of rays. Two riding pets are flying rapidly in the sky. They're still behind us! Fei Xi noticed that the pursuers behind him were still in hot pursuit and said in a low voice. Hua Ke sighed slightly and looked up ahead. They had been flying in the air for a long time. It wouldn't be long before they could reach the last city in the territory of the Dragon Clan, Black Rock City. I'll get rid of them! Mo Li, can you keep up? Hua Ke said heavily and turned to look at Mo Li. Flower uncle rest assured, my blue goshawk speed is very fast, no worse than the flying sword. Mo Li smiled brightly and raised his voice. He was very satisfied with his riding pet, and naturally it became his capital to show off. I see! Can you keep up? Hua Ke interrupted Mo Li and said in a faint voice. Yes! "Mo Li knowingly promised and said no more nonsense." Tiangang Lion Head! Hua Ke suddenly gave a loud shout, and a huge illusory golden lion head appeared out of thin air in front of him, and the lion head roared straight ahead with a strong breath. You two hide your psychic powers! Mo Li, stay close! Hua Keqing roared, and the golden lion riding pet at his feet suddenly accelerated, crossing an arc in midair at a meteor-like speed, and then turned right and flew away. Fei Xi and Mo Li saw this, secretly restrained the spiritual power in their bodies, hid their breath, and flew to one side with Hua Ke. Does Uncle Hua want to use your Tiangang Qi to distract those pursuers?! Mo Li raised his head and looked at Hua Ke with a smile. Hua Ke glanced at Mo Li and nodded. It's just, how long can the lion's head formed by Uncle Hua's Tiangang Qi last? Mo Li asked again. Hua Ke smiled faintly and looked at Mo Li with a smile. Are you worried that my Tiangang Qi will not last long and be discovered by them?! Mo Li nodded and said with a smile. Yes "Ha ha ha." Hua Kelang laughed, raised his eyebrows high, and laughed. I like your straightforward character! Little brother, you are very much to my taste! When Mo Li heard this, he frowned slightly. He looked at Hua Ke and said solemnly. Uncle Hua, Feixi and I are contemporaries. You'd better not call me little brother. Just call me Mo Li! "Oh?!" Hua Ke raised his eyebrows again, but this time there was a little more banter on his face, and he naturally saw Mo Li's special feelings for Fei Xi. He turned his head to look at Feixi, but saw that Feixi's face was heavy and his eyebrows were somewhat dignified. What's the matter,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, Feixi?! Hua Ke asked. Fei Xi looked up at Hua Ke, his eyes gradually sank, and he said in a deep voice. There seems to be something going on not far behind us. stargrace-magnesite.com