One Piece, I invite you to eat meat.

Cyrus pursed his lips and nodded forcefully as a greeting. Boom!


In the midst of anger and hatred, Cyrus struck Diamanti down with a sword and won the victory, but before he could catch his breath, Pika, who had been fighting with Sauron, appeared on the heights of the flower fields. After some words, Pika sneered and put his eyes on King Liku, who was in the highland of the old king. King of Dresrosa, only Dauphine! Pika launched the ability to control the stone giant, a huge stone giant, step by step toward the heights of the old king. Sauron gritted his teeth and followed closely behind, but because of the distance, he could not attack Pika at all. After several plans had been overturned, Sauron finally found a way to deal with Pika. Turning to look at the huge stone statue cut into several large pieces by Sauron, Lu Feimeng looked down at Davina, who was lying on the ground panting, and she was finished here. Kill me! Davina opened her eyes and looked at the blue sky through the cage. He tried his best to attack. For Lu Feimeng, it was just a drizzle, a move, just a move! This mission failed again, back to Mary Joya is also dead, it is better to now … "I don't kill people." Lu Feimeng looked down at Davina and said in a daze. Davina gave a sneer and shouted at Lu Feimeng, "No killing!"! Are you the Holy Mother?! The ageless tree waved his little hand and answered for Lu Feimeng, "Silly fork, isn't that clear enough? I just don't want to get my hands dirty." Such a boring battle, no injury has long returned to the knife, close your eyes and rest. Escaped from the laboratory, snatched back the zombie crystal nucleus, cost it a lot of energy, already exhausted. Lu Feimeng raised his hand and touched the ageless tree on his head, which turned back into a small green bud. "Well, don't say it.". Take out her powers. "All right,Dissolved Gas Flotation," the ageless tree answered, and the green smoke body drifted to Davina. What are you going to do!? Davina propped herself up slightly and watched the ageless tree recede. Why are you running? I'm trying to save you! The more you can use this, the greater the side effects! Do you really want to become a walking corpse with only blood and carnal desire in your eyes? "No!"! Even if.. Davina said and closed her eyes, "How can you know, weak people, suddenly gain the feeling of strength …" I He raised his fist directly and knocked Davina unconscious. Lu Feimeng turned his head and said, "Hurry up." The ageless tree twitched the corners of her mouth, and it could be seen that Davina was about to tell her heart, but as a result, she was knocked unconscious directly. Glancing at Davina and ignoring her, Lu Feimeng turned around and happened to meet Ace running out. Ace? "Meng, there you are!" Ace smiled and touched his head, a little embarrassed, "Saab has something to do in the palace, Usopp they go to save the princess of the little people, Luffy and do Flamingo fight, rapid sand filters ,rotary vacuum disc filters, and I am not allowed to intervene, I really have nothing to do.." Lu Fei Meng turned to look at the sunflowers around, and then said with understanding, "That's Luffy's battle, and he never let me intervene." By the way, Ace, do you know what happened to me here? I only have a little influence.. Lu Feimeng knocked her head. She was not very clear about what happened after she came to Dresrosa. She only remembered something about Domingo. Ace took Lu Feimeng's hand and sat on the grass on one side, shaking his head. "I just arrived, too. I'm not very clear, but there should be nothing very important. Don't think about it if you can't remember it." Ace, of course, would not tell Lu Feimeng that she had attacked him and Usopp, and that such a thing could be done directly in her stomach. Well, is that so? After waiting for the ageless tree to settle Davina's affairs, he turned around and saw Ace and Lu Feimeng, sitting side by side and chatting. Suddenly, Ace also took out two big chicken legs from his body, and Lu Feimeng one by one, eating very happily. Not the old tree can not help but want to complain, now this time of war, you two like this. The guy who is fighting a life-and-death battle with others is really your important person. …… "Ah Meng!" When Robin got the news from Usopp, he ran to the other side of the flower field, where he saw two figures sitting side by side and a floating green figure. Lu Feimeng turned to look at the sound, "Robin!" He got up from the ground and hugged the man who was running. That's great, Meng! Robin smiled softly and stroked the silky hair of the bosom man. Uh His face was buried in the fragrant softness, and Lu Feimeng rubbed left and right contentedly. Ace in the side Leng Leng, it is a Meng's expression is too dreamy. "Sister Robin!" Then Rebecca and Cyrus, who had arrived, stopped beside Robin, breathing lightly. Looking up, Lu Feimeng looked at Rebecca. "Robin, who is this?" Robin chuckled and introduced several people. "This is Rebecca and his father Cyrus.". c"This is an ageless tree." Rebecca looked at Lu Feimeng several times in surprise, and then nodded, "Hello!" Cyrus pursed his lips and nodded forcefully as a greeting. Boom! Suddenly a loud explosion interrupted the harmonious and friendly conversation. Flames surrounded the top floor of the palace, and the hot light of the fire reflected everyone's face. Lu Feimeng looked up, suddenly his eyes were shining, and he let go of Robin and jumped over. He caught Luo, who was flying out of the flames, in the position of a princess. At the same time, Luffy and Domingo jumped out of the fire and made several fierce moves in the air. Five-color line! "Rubber, rubber, seal!" Armed color to armed color, overlord color to overlord color, two people fight in the air, forming a huge airflow, constantly flowing. Holding Luo down in the flower field, Lu Feimeng looked up at the battle in the sky. Cough! Luo coughed and spat a mouthful of blood. Meng.. "Well, Luo?" Withdrawing his eyes, Lu Feimeng looked down at Luo, who was particularly delicate because of his injury,multi disc screw press, and tilted his head doubtfully. Looking up at Fei Meng on the road, clearly reflecting the eyes of his own figure, Luo pursed his lips and shook his head gently. Don't worry 。