Immortal Inverse _ Ear Root _ txt Novel Paradise

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I saw a rumbling sound, the woman in white where the cracks within a radius of thousands of miles

But to look elsewhere. Hide the figure. Before all the masters of the deification period in the four factions of the alliance and the monks of the snowy land were shot. Wang Lin will not appear Chapter 275 Canglong. The woman in white in the sky closed her eyes and felt the battle in her special way. A sneer appeared at the corners of her mouth. Her right hand pinched the formula. Suddenly, a white light appeared in her hand. Suddenly,push back racking system, it rushed into the sky and disappeared into the cracks. I saw a rumbling sound, the woman in white where the cracks within a radius of thousands of miles,warehouse storage racks, suddenly moved up, one by one interconnected, Automated warehouse systems ,medium duty racking, with a very fast speed, forming a huge crack. At the same time, towers of ice and snow came down from the cracks. The Monks of the Snowy Land are very different from other countries. In this country, there is no sect. Like the Giant Demons, they are an ethnic group. In the land of snow, after the cultivation reaches the period of yuan Ying, yuan Ying can condense the giant God, thus forming an ice and snow giant similar to the external incarnation. It's a sign of identity. Similarly, once the spiritual cultivation is achieved,heavy duty cantilever racks, the first thing is to make an ice and snow tower of one's own as a place for one's own cultivation. The arrival of the ice and snow tower this time represents the appearance of the monks in the period of deification in this war. These ice and snow towers have different shapes and sizes, but if you are a discerning person, you can naturally judge the owner's cultivation by the number of layers of the tower.