How to Reset Your Engine Control Module and Improve Your Car's Performance

Even the best and most sophisticated car in the world can lose its performance over time if certain parts are not taken care of correctly.


Even the best and most sophisticated car in the world can lose its performance over time if certain parts are not taken care of correctly. One important part of any car that can become problematic is the engine control module (ECM). The ECM serves as the main computer system for many engine performance and driving-ability systems, so it can determine how well your car drives, how fast it accelerates, how smoothly it shifts gears, how much power it produces and more.


Introduction: What is an Engine Control Module?

Most drivers are not fully aware of the capabilities of their car, especially when it comes to how one small part affects the overall performance. The engine control module is an important part of any automobile, without which you could never get your car on the road. Learn how to reset body control module in your vehicle with this step-by-step guide. 

1) Ensure that all necessary safety precautions are taken first by shutting off the engine, then placing your car in park or neutral. Unlock all doors and turn off all lights before getting out. Make sure the parking brake is set. To learn how to reset body control module, proceed slowly down a gentle incline until there is space for the rear wheels to roll. Place a piece of wood behind each tire and make sure that it does not hit either side of your vehicle as you push them forward onto the wood. Slowly release your foot from the brake pedal as you do so, but be careful not to let both sets of wheels begin moving at once because this will cause instability. If need be, place more wood blocks under each tire as they move over them until they reach flat ground again. Remember: Do Not Push Your Vehicle!


Why You Might Need to Reset Your ECM

In the vast majority of cases, you need an engine control module reset because it is one of those little computer systems that has stopped working properly. If your car has a problem with rough or erratic driving performance or power, there's a chance this issue stems from some type of driver control module error. For an initial check, you might try to reset engine control module and see if the problem stops. 

If that doesn't work, on many newer cars, you can actually take the car into a service center for a diagnostic scan--that way they'll know what needs fixing before they get started! However, if it sounds like something simple like loose wiring or a loose battery terminal clamp then there's no need for expensive repairs right off the bat. You could find out how to reset engine control module by yourself and save a ton of money in the process!


How to Reset Your ECM

While this is not a simple task, it can be done. You will need to have the car on the ground and the engine running, so if you are in a garage or somewhere where you can't do that, you will need to get it towed. Once the car is running, shut off the engine and wait 15 seconds before starting again. This should reset your Body Control Module (ECM). Keep in mind that this process may take some time for your engine performance to improve - but it should help. For more information about how to properly care for your vehicle, check out our service department.


After You Reset Your ECM: What to Do Next

After you reset your ECM, it will take a few days for the car to adjust. You may notice a decrease in engine power, or an increase in fuel consumption, but this is normal. If the problem persists after a week of driving, then there is likely another issue at hand. These symptoms should subside after roughly two weeks as the ECM adjusts. 

If you're experiencing severe performance issues before or after resetting your ECM, then check with a mechanic before continuing to drive. There are other underlying issues that may be causing these problems such as old gas, low oil pressure, low battery voltage, etc. 

To continue learning about how to reset your body control module, click here. 

As you can see in our vehicle repair guide, there is a lot more to auto diagnostics than just resetting a body control module! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our guides on how to do engine diagnostics and car electrical problems.



The engine control module stores information about your car, such as the amount of fuel in the tank, or how much air is in your tires. You can reset the body control module by following these easy steps: 

-Start by disconnecting one of your battery cables for a few minutes. 

-If you have a manual transmission you will need to turn off your car before disconnecting the cable. If you have an automatic transmission, then just remove it when the engine is running. 

-Next, reconnect one of the cables and start your car back up. The engine may take a few minutes to learn what has happened so if it doesn't start after five minutes, try turning off and restarting again. Once your engine starts, check all the lights on the dashboard and make sure that they are working correctly.