Breaking the Sky by Tiancan Potato [End + Follow-up to Chapter 15 Power Spirit]

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Breaking the Sky by Tiancan Potato [End + Follow-up to Chapter 15 Power Spirit]Breaking the Sky by Tiancan Potato [End + Follow-up to Chapter 15 Power Spirit]

"Lin Yan, this guy's posture..". It seems very wonderful. ... But it's just too ugly. 。” Xiao Yan thoughtfully looked at Lin Yan in the field, although it was extremely ugly to display, and even gave people a sense of awkward posture, it looked like a duck swaying left and right, but with Xiao Yan's eyesight now, it can be seen that this posture fighting skill must not be ordinary goods, its mysterious degree, even not much weaker than three thousand thunder. This guy, these years really have some adventures.. "Xiao Yan smiled, he can be sure, this ugly and awkward posture, before Lin Yan, must have never practiced, obviously should be his experience over the years.". See Lin Yan can persist, Xiao Yan is also relieved, no matter how, he and Lin Yan relationship is still very good, can see him now have such achievements, naturally also quite happy. Xiao Yan eyes from Lin Yan body shift away, slowly swept the field, immediately eyes a squint, at the moment although the square is extremely chaotic, but in this chaotic square, there are still four small circles that are relatively safe, and guarding the four small circles of the master, impressively is Feng Qinger, Mu Qingluan, Tang Ying, Wang Chen and other four people.. Four people's momentum, at the moment is to maintain the level of the peak of the emperor, looking at the chaotic battlefield around him with a cold face, anyone who dares to set foot in their circle will suffer the most fierce attack at the first time, the strength of the four of them, basically can be regarded as the top generation here, although there are several people in the field. But they obviously didn't dare to touch the four people at will. The chaos in the field is still going on, but the whole square is like a sieve, from which people are constantly removed, and the people who can stay in it are rapidly becoming scarce. With the rapid decrease in the number of people,silk ficus tree, the chaos in the square gradually weakened, and especially when the number of people on the spot dropped to only about eleven people, the chaotic square immediately appeared an unusual quiet, eleven people scattered around the field, panting, but also alert to each other. Xiao Yan eyes swept the field, immediately dumbfounded found that Lin Yan that guy was also among them, but at the moment the weakest strength in the field, is him, the other ten people, in addition to Feng Qinger four people, most of them are seven stars or even eight stars of the strong, of course, he was able to persist until now, his strange body fighting skills, but contributed. Lin Yan this outshines others, nature is relatively easy to attract people's attention, can persist with the four-star Dou Huang until now, or so many sessions of the Sifang Pavilion Congress appeared for the first time. Of course, this kind of good luck nature is not always accompanied by Lin Yan, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,fake ficus tree, in the field after 11 people slightly breath, the moment is a few malicious eyes turned to him, one of the strength of the eight-star Dou Huang man in red, but also the soles of his feet a stamp on the ground, body shape like an arrow, straight burst into Lin Yan. See unexpectedly suddenly provoked an eight-star fighting emperor, Lin Yan face is also a slight change, that strange posture suddenly display, dangerous and dangerous will that fierce blow dodge away, at the same time, its pace is also hurriedly back. A blow was fruitless, but the man in red sneered, pulling out a knife flower with a broadsword in his hand, and his body moved, like a maggot of the tarsal bone, followed by a sharp knife in his hand, constantly forcing Lin Yan to retreat quickly. Silver wood, Xiao Yan is already standing up, slightly squinting eyes looking at the dangerous Lin Yan, he naturally will not watch Lin Yan die under the knife of others, if it really comes to that moment, he is naturally to help. "But..". There seems to be something wrong ...” Eyes tightly staring at a chase of two people, Xiao Yan eyebrows suddenly wrinkled, in the previous man in red has several opportunities to hurt Lin Yan, but did not shoot, look at its appearance, but more like deliberately chasing Lin Yan in general? Slightly pondered, Xiao Yan eyes fierce a clot, Dun in the distance from Lin Yan nearest a cold face of the yellow-robed man, this person Xiao Yan is not unfamiliar, because he is the Wang Chen of the Yellow Spring Pavilion, at the moment, he is like a poisonous snake looking at the distance from his circle getting closer and closer to Lin Yan, the corners of his mouth have a touch of cold. That guy wants to force Lin Yan into Wang Chen's attack circle! Xiao Yan heart a Rin, this guy is really ruthless, actually want to borrow a knife to kill people! When Xiao Yan discovered the intention of the man in red, Lin Yan, who had retreated rapidly, finally stepped into the attack range of Wang Chen! As soon as Lin Yan stepped into the circle, a chill welled up in his heart. Immediately, he saw the man in red in front of him. He was retreating rapidly with a smirk on his face. He glanced back from the corner of his eye, but only saw a black horse with endless killing intentions, like a poisonous snake shooting at his throat. Stop, I give up! In the face of this black practice attack, Lin Yan immediately scalp tingling, he and Wang Chen between the gap is too much, even with the help of the body, is not his opponent. For Lin Yan's cry, that Wang Chen is a sneer, he is bloodthirsty by nature, hand will see blood, there is no reason to take back. Damn it, you shameless bastard. See oneself even if automatically admit defeat, this guy is still unrelenting, Lin Yan is also pale angry scold way, scold to scold, the critical moment, his strange ugly posture is also hurriedly displayed, the body in the strange swing, rapid retreat. Boom! The black horse practices like the poisonous snake to shoot, immediately heavy bombardment in Lin Yan shoulder place. Puff! Suffered a heavy blow, Lin Yan immediately a mouthful of blood spurted out, the body rubbed the ground to draw dozens of meters of traces,artificial plant wall panels, if not previously avoided the vital point, I am afraid he would have died now. This scene in the field also caused a burst of boos and scolds outside the field. After the other side admitted defeat, it was still so ruthless. Wang Chen's action looked a little mean.