Start from scratch

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Start from scratchStart from scratchStart from scratchStart from scratch

In the process of mining ahead, we also sent a lot of people out to clean up all kinds of wild monsters. This forest farm is still a training point for East Timorese players, and there are many monsters like ants. It has to be cleaned up from time to time, otherwise they may even be able to eat the mining machine. Because the speed of the 30 mining machines was much faster than expected, we were a few hours late, but still filled a ship before dawn. There may be more people after daybreak. This side is not suitable for further mining, so we decided to go back first. Rabbits don't eat grass near their nests, which we know very well, so we don't start mining as soon as we get out of the cave at night, but start rafting trees far away from the cave entrance. Anyway, the river flows into the sea, and the distance from the cave entrance has little effect on our hungry workload. After the end of the team, the excavator first returned to the tunnel of the underground river. Ashford and I and my familiars were responsible for cleaning up the footprints and other traces. Even if the excavation site was found, the other side could not find where the wood had gone. Let alone find out who did it. All the way back to the entrance of the cave, we camouflaged the entrance with stones to make the river look like it had entered a crevice in the mountain, and no one would have seen that there was a tunnel behind it. In the tunnel, we continue to retreat. Back in the middle of the tunnel, Ashford and his team replaced the excavator with an air hammer for rock drilling. After digging a big hole in the tunnel wall, we stopped the excavator and sealed the hole with stones. It's too much trouble to take the mining machine back tomorrow and bring it back. If you don't take it away and put it in the tunnel,smart interactive whiteboard, you're likely to be found, so you just hide it in this dug hole. Even if the tunnel was discovered, no one knew there was a hole here, so they must have walked directly outside. After sealing the opening, we scattered the excess stones over the various parts of the tunnel. So you can't see that someone has made a hole here. After covering up, everyone quickly retreated, heavy equipment was in the hole,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, and the empty man ran much faster. When we got to the shore, there were already many speedboats waiting for us. Jump on the speedboat, return to the Great White Shark and run away. Cutting down a tree and transporting a tree at night, we didn't see anything until we got back to the Great White Shark to know how much we had cut down in one night. The Great White Shark is the mother ship of the White Shark Clan, a real mobile dock, and its interior can dock super battleships. But now, the whole cabin was full of wood, and all the places where the boat had been put had been drained and used for wood. Ashford looked at the logs and said with a smile, "Thanks to my foresight, I let them get rid of the branches ahead of time, otherwise they wouldn't be able to hold so many!" Only then did Captain Leaf run over and ask, "The secret mission you said for a long time is to transport wood?"? What am I supposed to do! But the wood smells so good! "Don't underestimate the wood.". This is an armored wood that claims to be as hard as steel, and it's less dense than steel, 86 smart board ,smart board for conference room, so it's definitely a good material for shipbuilding. "Hardness than steel?"? Then how did you cut it down? "This is the power of the machine," Ashford said with an intoxicated look on his face. Look at me staring at him. "Of course, the main reason is that Liuxiangmu can regulate its hardness by controlling the synthesis of a hormone when it is alive," he said. Usually when a tsunami is coming, they will greatly reduce the synthesis of this hormone, so that the wood becomes hard and can withstand the tsunami. If there is no tsunami, they will synthesize this hormone in large quantities, and the trunk will be as soft as ordinary wood, which is easy to absorb water and minerals. There is no tsunami now, and when we do it, they are as soft as ordinary wood, and we can cut them as we like. "Is it useful for you to cut such soft wood?" I explained: "The fragrance you smell is formed by this hormone. They are very volatile. As long as the hormone is left for a period of time, the fragrant wood with charming fragrance will become armored wood as hard as steel." "Then if you use this thing to build a ship and the enemy sprinkles some hormones on it, won't the ship become an ordinary wooden ship?" I nodded. "You're right in theory, but it's impossible in practice.". First, the hormone itself is perfume, not much cheaper than crystal, and if they use it to attack ships made of fragrant wood, unless they are billionaires. Second, this perfume can not touch water, otherwise it will be diluted, too thin is useless, and the sea is the most water. Third, whether it is soft or hard, it is a slow process, even if it is really sprinkled. It will take at least 40 hours for the armor wood to soften, and I think we should have washed it off by then. "So it's really a good thing." Ashford said to me, "How about going back and counting this thing first and then separating it?" I said, "These things are already very wet floating down from the water, and they take up quite a lot of weight.". It's probably not convenient to count. I think it's better to ship it to my Tianyu City first, and then divide it after processing. What do you think? Ashford thought for a moment and said, All right. It's just that you have a lot of Yin Qi there, which is suitable for doing this kind of thing. Holy shit! What do you mean I have a heavy Yin Qi there? "What is your Tianyu City in the Mountains of Death if it's not Yin Qi?" "That's called cold, not heavy Yin Qi!" "Almost, anyway." "Armor wood is not easy to process when it is soaked in water, and it is easy to crack when it is exposed to the sun," said Ashford. Your place is dark and dry, just right for drying, and your mountain range seems to produce conglomerate, right? When the wood is dry, you let someone wrap the armored wood with that thing, so that the processed wood will not crack even if it is soaked in water and exposed to the sun. "Well, the conglomerate is useless except for mortar anyway.". But the processing requires a lot of labor and space,classroom interactive whiteboard, this..? Holy shit! You're not counting money with me again, are you? Ashford exclaimed in an exaggerated exclamation. This is normal consumption. Why doesn't it count? Of course I'm just trying to be polite. Ashford was very aggrieved and said, "I have already suffered a great loss in dividing the accounts.". Do you count this little money with me? 。