President Ji Ying's Two-sided Lover

President Ji Ying's Two-sided LoverPresident Ji Ying's Two-sided LoverPresident Ji Ying's Two-sided Lover


"Oh, yes!" She nodded. "If you hadn't reminded me, I would have forgotten that you are a cripple. No matter how you do rehabilitation, you will not get better." "You-" Her vicious words angered Qu Buyong, from his car accident to now, everyone is cautious about him, no one dares to mention his injuries, deeply afraid to stimulate him, let alone use the word "disability", only this woman dares to speak so bluntly! 'What's The matter? Am I wrong? ? You're a cripple, yes. ! And even the heart is broken. ! People like you. I don't think there's any need to take care of you. It's just a waste of energy and effort to take care of you too much. "You could have walked out of my house!" He snapped. "I didn't force you to stay." Of course I know that, but I'm lusting after the bed here and I sleep comfortably. But it's not reasonable to live here in vain without doing something, so I automatically take what your aunt wants to do. Say that finish, Yu also shook his head,interactive panels for education, "You are really lucky, how can the average family afford to pay two or three thousand yuan for two hours to directly invite a rehabilitation teacher to their home?"? Not everyone can afford the expensive medicated diet. !” "What do you mean by that?" Don't you even understand what I mean by that? Do you dare to say that your Chinese level is only below the elementary school level? ?” But come to think of it, Qu Buyong has learned a little today, she prepared all the breakfast to eat, he may be afraid to go down again, he can not even drink fresh milk! She thought 。 God knows she opened the refrigerator today and saw the empty refrigerator door! Turn your eyes to the side of the garbage can. She crouched on the ground and almost laughed. She's never lost her temper like that. It was a nice stay,smartboards for business, maybe. During this period, she could get closer to him or something. In fact, he was not as difficult as your aunt said. He was just spoiled by them. You He tried to stand up, but he fell to the ground because of his leg injury. Yuyuan hardened her heart and refused to help Qu Buyong. "What's the matter?"? Do you think your eyes can kill me? ?” For his sake, she had to muster all her courage to confront him, and following his wishes would only make him more depressed. What a useless person! Can't even stand up. 。” "I know what you're trying to say, isn't it the theory of useless people." If you want to say these words, save some saliva! I don't really want to hear it. ……” Seeing him struggling on the ground, she shook her head. "I can't even climb up in a wheelchair!"! Poor thing !” "You-" No, you, electronic board for classroom ,smart board touch screen, I'm telling the truth, aren't I? It's just like you said. "Even if you do rehabilitation, your leg injury will not be better." She continued to taunt unceremoniously. Now that I'm handling your affairs like your housekeeper, of course I can fire the therapist! Don't waste that money. Two thousand a day, sixty thousand a month. I can save seven or eight hundred thousand a year for my uncle and aunt. Then she turned to go downstairs. "I think you will appreciate me. I did what you wanted." "Who wants you to be nosy?" He roared, struggling into the wheelchair. You want to keep calling me a loser, don't you? You think I'm gonna let you get what you want? ?” "No.." I think I already got my wish. You want me to call you a basket case several times, and I can do it. If you don't think it's enough, I can record it so that you can hear the word basket case at any time. Qu Buyong moved his wheelchair and tried to turn into the elevator. What's the matter? If you want to get rid of the therapist, I think you'd better save your strength! I'll take care of that. 。” She waved her hand. I, Qu Buyong, will never be looked down upon! I will stand up one day. 。” He said bitterly. Whoo? Is that so? ? Don't talk too much. I don't think you'll ever be able to stand up. You'll be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Yu Yu sneered. What if I can stand up? I want you to promise me a request. 。” "Request?"? What requirements "?" She asked curiously. However, I can promise you now, no matter what your request is, as long as I can do, I will do it! You must be thinking. How can I be so straightforward, right? Because I don't think you're ever gonna get out of a wheelchair in your life. 。” What she said was acerbic, but in fact she was happy for him. After all, he has gone from being disgusted to being willing to do rehabilitation, which means that everything is still hopeful, isn't it? "Very well, I'll show you." "I'll wait and see." After a pause, Yu continued, "No." It occurred to me that this was not fair to me. She is not a person who likes to suffer losses. What's not fair? "She's making a deal with him!"? That's in Jcssica on MSN is completely back and feels exactly the same. Why are you the only one who can ask me! If you stand up, you can make demands on me. It's not a fair bet. "Yes!"! You're right. So what do you want? The game has a deadline. How about setting a deadline for the two of us? If you haven't stood up for a year. You have to promise me one request, too. Yu made an offer. A year "Is it too long?"? Next door to our house is an old woman in her fifties. Her foot was also broken in a car accident. In less than a year, she was able to walk alone without crutches. From her back, her legs are very good. Is it difficult for you not to compare with that mother-in-law? Ah …… I forgot about it! Yu Yi patted his forehead, "you can only talk big, other people's mother-in-law has plenty of patience and perseverance, you have nothing, I will win this bet." She smiled. You're just a wreck! "Who said you would win?" Qu Buyong shouted angrily. I remember we always bet like this on MSN, betting on tomorrow's opening price rise, how much money a stock can benefit,smartboard for business, that's really much more interesting.. This kind of sure bet is pretty boring to play. "Do you really think I'm going to lose?" He squinted. Yes, because I said.. Not only are your legs broken, but your heart is broken! "She took strong medicine again." I'll make you swallow your words.