City God King Nurture System _ 202002 15155352

City God King Nurture System _ 202002 15155352City God King Nurture System _ 202002 15155352


What makes Zhou Ling even more unbearable is that some men and women don't know each other at all. Just now Zhou Ling passed by a pair of guys who were kissing passionately. He happened to catch up with the two guys after kissing. Then the man asked the woman, "Little sister's mouth is good. What's her name?"? Get in touch? Hear this, but Zhou Linglei is not light. Fortunately, the guests in this ballroom are not all like this. These young people just occupied the area close to the door. After following Zhou Cheng through this area, they came to the middle of the ballroom, that is, the left and right sides of the dance floor. There were some sofa seats here. They were all one by one. There was no door, but there was a beautiful curtain outside, so you could see the situation of the dance floor directly. In these card rooms, there are some men wearing suits, ties and gold-rimmed glasses, and some women wearing clothes that still show a lot of flesh, but have returned to the charming state from the shocking state just now. These men and these women, the so-called social elites, come here to release pressure and want to find something! In Zhou Ling's opinion, sex without love is the same as animal breeding, otherwise he would not be 25 years old now and still live on five girls. After taking a look at Zhou Cheng in the distance and entering a room, Zhou Ling did not think much about it, so he went to another empty private room in the distance and sat there, where he could see the situation of Zhou Cheng in the distance. Is it a person, sir? A person can go to the bar, this booth is a minimum charge! Looking at Zhou Ling sitting here, a waiter dressed as a maid came over. Originally, Zhou Ling did not notice the waiter here. Now, when he heard the waiter's words, he took a look. Zhou Ling was stunned for a moment. He did not think that the standard of the bartender was not low. The girl in front of him looked about twenty years old, and she was in her prime of life. Face slightly makeup,65 inch smart board, just outside the light is too dim, Zhou Ling has not seen clearly, now a look is really a little amazing feeling, but this feeling comes and goes quickly, Zhou Ling can know that he came here to do business. It doesn't matter, I'll pack it here! After Zhou Ling finished speaking, he didn't care so much. He took out his wallet directly, pulled out a pile of money from it, touched it for about two thousand yuan, and handed it directly to the girl without looking at it. Give me some drinks and fruit plates and so on,touch screen interactive whiteboard, no wine, thank you! Heard Zhou Ling's words, that girl was dumbfounded, what is this routine? She has been working here for a year, and has never seen Zhou Ling like this. She comes to such a ballroom alone, not to mention, and she doesn't even drink, just fruit plates and drinks. "Well, sir, you have a total of two thousand and two hundred yuan. Are you sure you don't need anything like wine?" Looking at Zhou Ling, the girl asked again with some uncertainty. After getting Zhou Ling's definite answer, the girl withdrew from Zhou Ling's room, and then showed a funny look. It was the first time that she met such a monster as Zhou Ling in a bar. "Wow, Ann, good harvest!" Watching the girl come out of Zhou Ling's box with such a lot of money, a waiter next to her looked at her in surprise, then looked at Zhou Ling inside, and found that Zhou Ling was alone, touch screen board classroom ,75 smart board, looking at the waiter named Ann with a strange face. The average waiter is not out of the closet, in such a place there are naturally women who accompany the wine, these women are out of the closet, there are some more high-end, such as the girls who are leading the dance on the dance floor at this time, these girls are also out of the wardrobe, but the price is quite expensive. Compared with them, the waiters are basically not introduced, of course, it is inevitable that there will be some rich men, in the case of throwing money, these waiters will, after all, the girls working here, there is no good girl ah ~ "Tell you to think!"! Go and deliver the wine! Looking at the girl's ambiguous eyes, the waiter named Ann snorted, then patted the girl's buttocks, and walked towards the bar. Two thousand and two hundred yuan of fruit plates, drinks and dried fruits were also thought up by Zhou Ling. Places like this basically make a living by selling wine, although their fruit bowls, dried fruits and other things are much more expensive than those sold outside. A small fruit plate may only sell for ten yuan in the restaurant outside, but it will sell for sixty or seventy yuan here, and the dried fruit is more than one hundred yuan. But this profit is the least of the things sold, such as that kind of foreign wine, which comes from special channels. In this kind of bar, there is real wine, but it can't be real wine. It's all bought from the wholesale market for 20 yuan or 30 yuan, but here, it's sold to 500, 600, 800! Compared with the price difference of six or seven times of the fruit plate, the price difference of these wines is twenty or thirty times, which is the real money. And basically, all the people who drink here have drunk a lot, and their tongues are numb, and they can't drink it out. When I heard that Zhou Ling didn't want wine at the bar, I was stunned for a moment, but then I heard the girl named Ann say that the other party seemed to be a newcomer, so I understood that it was the first time for those local tycoons to go to the city, and then they came to learn a lot, and they were afraid of making a fool of themselves by drinking foreign wine, so they didn't order wine. After preparing 2200 yuan of food and drinks, he took the initiative to send another glass of wine, which was real wine! When the time comes, if Zhou Ling drinks, addicted, then he should come to consume, they think very well, but Zhou Ling will drink? Sure enough, after the girl named Ann sent things up, Zhou Ling just ate watermelon, ate dried pineapple, and drank drinks there, but did not move the glass of wine at all, and stared at the distance. This made Ann, who had always thought she was a beautiful woman, a little disappointed, but still kept a professional smile and slowly retreated. Of course, after she retreated,interactive touch screens education, it was hard to avoid scolding Zhou Ling for a wood. Zhou Ling's performance at this time, in her eyes, was completely a wood.