Quickly wear the scum of the strategy.

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Quickly wear the scum of the strategy.Quickly wear the scum of the strategy.Quickly wear the scum of the strategy.

Content tag: Quick-wear Soul Conversion Search keywords: protagonist: Yung Si supporting roles: all kinds of scum men other: wear quickly, raiders, su su su Gold Editor Evaluation: Yung Si, a woman of the sex of a scum, often walked by the river and finally got her shoes wet. In order to survive, bind the slag system, and set foot on the road of strategy to compare who is more slag with the slag man. In this article, the heroine is a coquettish bitch. She can pretend to be a white lotus flower and play with green tea. Her heart is as hard as iron. She runs away after flirting. With the novel story of slag abuse, the heroine has a distinct personality, free and easy, and the full text is vivid, interesting and fascinating. Each strategy story dog blood and abuse slag fly together, Su Shuang and hit the face coexistence, wonderful endless, it is worth reading. Chapter 1 Wedge "Die, bitch!" As soon as Rong Si heard such a vicious word, there was a harsh brake sound in her ears, and then a sharp pain hit her whole body,65 inch touch screen, and her bones seemed to fall apart, and it was very hard to open her eyes. When her consciousness came back again, she found that she was so light that she was a little scary. When she quickly turned to see who the bitch who pushed her out was, she only saw a fleeing figure. She could recognize the person who had pestered and slandered her for nearly a month even if he turned to ashes, let alone a figure. Rong Si, floating in the air in a translucent state, looked at the woman who had fled in a hurry and felt that her teeth were itching with hatred. How did you meet such a neuropathy in such a big world? In the huge city of Mordor,smart boards for conference rooms, under the protection of her mother, Rong Si is also a family with a house and a car. In addition, she has found a good job, and her life can be regarded as quite good. She has just passed the thirtieth mark this year. She is unmarried, but she likes to fall in love. Unfortunately, according to her temperament of liking the new and hating the old, almost every love affair lasts for one or two months. Since she first fell in love at the age of sixteen, she has basically maintained such a situation. It seems that as long as the novelty of a month or two has passed, the man who is with her suddenly becomes somewhat hateful and becomes a piece of bagasse that is tasteless to eat and not a pity to discard. She has not been a person who loves to be wronged and seek perfection since she was a child. Naturally, she will not be reluctant if she has no feeling. At the beginning, she just pretended to be dead and broke up with cold violence. Later, when she was older, You can explain it directly, smart board whiteboard ,smartboards in classrooms, and then you can tell the man who is about to start the time of love. It shows that she only talks about love for one month or two months at most. If you are willing, you can be together. If you are not willing, you can forget it. Unexpectedly, all kinds of men came up with the posture of moths to the flame, just as girls thought they would be the last prodigal son in love. Men are also under such conditions to conquer Rong Si, even to make her dead set for glory, but so far there has not been a person who can break the shackles of Rong Si. At the beginning, many men who were sure that they could end their love history, or even that they would not be attracted to her at all, basically left with a wry smile when one or two months of love time expired, saying that they regretted meeting her and that they did not know how long their wounds would heal. Poor demeanor is not without direct threats, but in the end it is unavoidable to leave with red eyes. You will have retribution, Yung Si. This is the cruel words that many men let her go when they left scarred. Retribution? I'm sorry. She's so old that she came here on her own. She really doesn't know what retribution is. She thought she could go on like this for decades, and when she finally died alone, the slap in the face came. She met a neuropathy, oh no, a pair of neuropathy, a pair of neuropathy made in heaven. The man she met abroad during her sabbatical. At that time, she was ending her last love affair. Unfortunately, the previous man she met had a little influence in his family, and he was also very self-willed. He met her after a few years of debauchery. It was agreed that it would end two months later. Who knew that the other party was not willing to let go, but also said that he was willing to marry her and would be good to her in the future. Take over the family business well, so that Rong Si will have no worries about food and clothing in the future, and so on, I do not know how many hype promises. But all these words are like farts in Rong Si's eyes. Who wants your promise? Who's going to marry you? She has no worries about food and clothing, and she can rely on herself, okay? She didn't want to live a good life at home in the future. A woman she didn't know came to the door with a child in her arms, crying that it was the crystallization of her husband's love with others. She didn't know how crazy the man used to play outside. She said she was willing to take heart. Sorry, she didn't believe it. You want to take it easy, but she doesn't want to take it. But the man had some tricks. In order to avoid him, Rong Si went abroad and met a man who looked gentle and elegant, had good taste and understood life. In a foreign country, they almost saw each other at once. But who knew that Yung Si, who had gone through thousands of sails, had also made a mistake. After only a week together, she found that this man actually had a wife and children. She was sorry. She never touched a man who had a master, especially one who had children. Why did the children suffer? What did they do wrong? So she broke up with the man at that time. Who knew that the other party was still reluctant to make trouble. How could a month end now? Having a wife and children does not hinder his pursuit of true love. Hearing this, Rong Si almost didn't spit it out. *** your mother's true love. It's really shameless to the extreme. She thought the man was good enough, but his wife was a neuropathy! She found her home directly and knelt down to her in front of her neighbors and asked her to let her go, let her children go, and stop pestering her husband. I'm sorry. Your husband and I have broken up with him for two weeks. It's not that I'm haunting him. It's that he's haunting me. But the woman continued to kneel on the ground with a posture that I didn't listen to me. Yung Si became angry at once. I'm not going to wait on her. Go kneel down. But who would have thought that the woman had been kneeling at the door of her house all night,interactive panel board, and when she got up in the morning, she was almost frightened to death by the man at the door, who then wrapped himself around her like a maggot of the tarsus. hsdsmartboard.com