The royal family of Dazhou

The royal family of DazhouThe royal family of DazhouThe royal family of Dazhou


If we say that the True Qi of all evils is the transformation of the evil Qi, the foul Qi, and the evil Qi of heaven and earth, it is the Qi of the true dragon, which is the transformation of the true, the best, the most beautiful, and the most harmonious Qi of heaven and earth. In terms of hierarchy, the True Dragon Qi is even higher than the True Qi of all evils and cannot be contaminated at all. "True dragon destiny, this boy can't stay." In the eyes of the demon king, the murderous look is awe-inspiring. The evil True Qi and the true dragon are born to restrain each other. Now he can suppress Fang Yun in the realm, but after Fang Yun's ascension, the two people are thousands of miles apart, and the True Qi will also respond to each other. Once Fang Yun reaches the realm of destiny, the power of squeezing out the destiny of the real dragon is still outside the dry, and the Demon King will collapse most of his True Qi. Before he fights, he has already lost half of his work. It can be said that in the future, the place where Fang Yun is located is the forbidden zone of the Demon King. This kind of natural nemesis is absolutely the nemesis of the practitioners of "All Evil True Qi". It is absolutely necessary to get rid of it and leave it to be continued. Say 。 t。 Xt-Tian/Tang Chapter 743 the wrath of the Demon God (ask for a monthly ticket at the end of the month). Chapter 743 The annual meeting is over, tomorrow's return journey, the Demon King holds up the sky with one hand, the sky rumbles, the dark clouds explode, lightning and thunder, a terrible breath, breaks out of the body, with the Demon King holding up with one hand,interactive kiosk price, a shadow of evil behind him, like the tide, roaring and surging. The waves rose and fell, and in the void there were thousands of horrible howls that looked like beasts but not beasts. Demon king this move together, the whole breath changed his breath of life, first rapid expansion, then geometric multiples, a few dramatic contraction, in an instant,touch screen digital signage, the whole evaporation disappeared as if completely disappeared from the world. In Fang Yun's feeling, the body of the demon king, in an instant, seems to turn into a black hole, a bridge to communicate with the evil world, while on the other side of the bridge, it is the place where all evil gathers in the world, the abyss of evil. "The first type, all sins sink." With a wave of his right hand, the Demon King suddenly fell into darkness between heaven and earth. Even with Fang Yun's eyesight, it was difficult to see through the edge of the darkness. The Demon King's body disappeared into the darkness and disappeared into Fang Yun's field of vision. Fang Yun looked like a Rin, and then a trace of coldness passed between his eyebrows: "The fourth type, Qinglong Panxing" Fang Yun's strength has climbed to the power of 139 dragons, and this move is different from Qinglong Panxing. "Yin-" Just listen to a dragon sing, a huge star with a radius of hundreds of miles appeared in midair, dim, looming, as if in thousands of spaces at the same time. This star fills heaven and earth, thermal imaging camera ,facial recognition thermometer, giving a strong sense of oppression, as if all the time, not in the oppression of the four poles, eight wastelands, all planes. This is the embodiment of a kind of rule. "Emperor Yu's unique learning", as the unique learning of the five emperors at the beginning of ancient times, was originally above the realm of life, and the power of extremely brilliant skills will continue to rise with the understanding of skills and realms. When Fang Yun stepped into the sixth grade of Tianchong and stabilized this realm and thoroughly understood the "rules of heaven" of the sixth grade, the power of this "Qinglong Eight Styles" was also enhanced # # # # Qinglong eight forms, each move is more powerful than the other. This fourth form is used. On the surface of the huge dark star incarnated by Fang Yun, many veins gradually emerge. Some are like rivers, and some are like mountains. There is actually a world trend of incarnation. As a matter of fact, in the fourth of the eight forms of Qinglong, when Qinglong Panxing reaches its peak, it is the surface, completely transformed into a world in which even people, demons, gods and beasts live and walk. Once this "Green Dragon Panxing" is used, it will be able to combine the power of all living beings on the stars and the whole star world, and completely crush and crush the enemy with the pressure of Mount Tai. "Roar" In the blink of an eye, the stars broke into a huge black dragon, which opened its eyes angrily and roared, from which it emerged with the momentum of a rainbow through the sun, shooting down from the sky to the deepest darkness, the source of all evil. "Boom" Just listen to a loud noise like the beginning of the universe, overwhelming, enveloping the darkness of the whole world, suddenly, like the earth cracked for a long time, falling apart, "bang" completely destroyed. "Poof!" As if he had suffered a heavy setback, he opened his mouth and spurted out a mouthful of blood, which flew upside down like a kite with a broken line. The blood of the demon king was not red, but dark yellow, with a lot of fog. As soon as it spurted out several feet, it immediately dispersed into a yellow fog and turned into many evil spirits. Jie laughed and disappeared into the void. "Big Brother" In the earth, Fu Tianzhen Jun just rushed out of the ground to see this scene with a low shout, a flash of eyes, spurting out a fierce light to the sky of Fang Yun. "Dare to hurt the eldest brother, take me to kill three times, the first kill heaven and earth repeatedly, the sun and the moon are impermanent." As soon as Fu Tianzhen made a move, the illusion of the rising sun and the setting moon immediately appeared. The red light flashed and suddenly disappeared without a trace. But Fang Yun felt that the heaven and earth in his eyes suddenly reversed. More than that, everything else was rotating and falling. "Ridiculous to engage in spiritual assassination in front of me." As soon as Fang Yun saw the illusion in front of him, he immediately knew that Fu Tianzhen Jun was practicing some kind of spiritual assassination illusion. But in front of Fang Yun, this set of spiritual assassination was simply showing off one's incompetence before an expert. Fang Yun's consciousness, which had been oppressed and tempered by the spirit of ancient demons and the will of martial arts, was not afraid of this kind of spiritual assassination. If there is no danger, such as Mang in the back quietly and quickly approaching Fang Yun quietly, just put on the alert state, but the spirit in another direction seems to be really confused by the naive gentleman. "Hey, the promotion of martial arts is too fast, as expected, the will is not firm enough to match the strength of martial arts. I think how powerful this boy is, Tianchong Realm can compete with our Star Realm warrior. It turns out that it is not without flaws." Fu Tianzhen Jun was secretly pleased. With a bullet in his body, he used the killer's desperate strike without reservation. A huge water thorn suddenly appeared in his hand. Fu Tianzhen Jun's body thorn merged into one and turned into a swift electric shock, shooting at Fang Yun's back heart. "Be careful,smart interactive whiteboard, second brother." I don't know how many martial arts geniuses who are expected to break through the "Star Realm of Life" have disappeared. For this set of martial arts of the second brother, although the demon king also believes in it very much, he has a strong intuitive feeling in his heart that Fang Yun should not be so easily hit.