Harem Ruyi Biography

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Harem Ruyi BiographyHarem Ruyi BiographyHarem Ruyi BiographyHarem Ruyi BiographyHarem Ruyi Biography

When Ruyi heard this, she frowned slightly. "Seeing that you are favored and listening to you, I seem to mind my origin very much." Ruiji held up the armor and gently scratched it on the boxwood. "Don't you mind?" She sneered? From the first time I was allowed to go to bed, they stared at me like black-eyed chickens, laughing at my origin at every turn, wishing they could swallow me alive. Ruyi is sitting: "You can't choose a person's origin. If you care more than others, others will be proud." Ruiji's black and cold eyes scraped gently on her face: "I was born in the Ulanara family, and it was also a sore spot for Empress Xian." Ruyi did not expect her words to be so sharp, so she congealed a quiet smile: "If this palace does not take this as a sore spot, others will not let this palace feel pain." Her eyes flow, "but you, but was identified as a passer-by and the palace, suffered a lot of grievances.". In fact, this palace also wants to know why you were lucky overnight and rose rapidly. Ruiji's armor was scratched on the small table with a sharp "prick" sound, and her face was not good-looking: "Others all thought that the concubine came from the Ulanara Mansion, and that she was lucky to be the emperor because she was instructed by the Empress Xian Fei. It turned out that the Empress also suspected that the concubine had been instructed by others." Mei promised coldly, "If only the concubines had the ability to be directed by someone.". This life is only by fate, not by others. Originally thought that the empress was somewhat arrogant by nature, so she said a few more words to the empress. In that case, the concubines are going to have a rest. Be my guest. Before she had finished speaking, the little maid of honor came in and said, "Little Lord, Aunt Suxin, who is in front of the empress, has come and is waiting outside." "What is she doing here?" Ruiji asked coldly. "If you go back to the little master," said the little maid of honor, "you will send the medicine to the Imperial Hospital." Rui Ji nods: "Then let her come in." When Ruyi got up to go, Ruiji said, "I've offended you just now, but I'd like to ask Concubine Xian to take a look for me. I don't understand what else she sent." Ruyi thought in the end is the queen told himself to send her, at the moment Suxin came, if he is not, I am afraid it is right and wrong, then sat down again. Suxin came in and gave her a blessing, saying, "Empress Xian and Mei promised. At the behest of the imperial concubine, the maidservant specially took the best detumescence ointment from the Imperial Hospital to give Mei a promise." Ruiji sneered, "Concubine Hui has a good heart!"! Just hit me to send medicine, think to hit a slap to give a sweet jujube to be over? I really dare not use this medicine. The plain heart did not prevent to eat this sentence, holding the ointment to advance and retreat, temperature check kiosk , had to look at Ruyi like asking for help: "Xian imperial concubine.." Ruyi stretched out her hand and said, "Let me see." Starting with a round bowl of powder porcelain, the bowl is filled with light green translucent paste, which is a cool fragrance, with a faint smell of honey, mint and Danqi. She took a little and sniffed it lightly. It was indeed a good medicine for detumescence, which was commonly used. It was the same. Ruyi nodded and said, "This is indeed the detumescence ointment that is usually used in the palace.". In addition, ice compress, kneading with eggs, taking yam, Coix seed and Panax notoginseng powder can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Only then did Suxin breathe a sigh of relief. "It's true what Xian Fei said. Red bean and Coix seed soup can really reduce swelling.". In fact, after the imperial concubine punished the little master, she regretted it and was scolded by the empress, so she hurriedly ordered the maidservant to send the medicine, so that the little master could not be served when the emperor summoned him. The little master can rest assured that as long as you use this medicine, the swelling will go down in three days. "Three days?" Ruiji sneered, "can you guarantee that the emperor will not summon me these three days?" Suxin leaned forward and said, "The empress said that if there is a summons, please take the overall situation into account and don't get angry and make a noise.". After all, the imperial concubine there, the empress has been severely reprimanded. If there are any more complications, I'm afraid the little master himself can't get rid of today's affairs! Ruiji was slightly at a loss for words, and immediately her tone was harsh: "Then thank the empress and the imperial concubine for me.". As long as this face is all right, I'll give up this time. "That's it," said Suxin with a smile. Mei promised to win the new holy favor, and she certainly hoped that everything would go smoothly in the future. The little master is so clever and sensible that he will. After that, Suxin retreated. Ruyi sat a little, also got up to leave. Hui Guifei held the maid's hand and walked slowly back along the long street, looking at the snow all the way, looking peaceful. Just as he passed the corridor of Jianfu Gate, he suddenly saw a little eunuch in green furtively leading two men out of the corner gate of Xianfu Palace with their backs on their backs. Concubine Hui was stunned. "Go and have a look," she told the maid beside her. Someone is sneaking around the Xianfu Palace. Mo Xin took two steps to catch up and snapped, "Who's there?"! Why don't you kneel down when you see the empress! Turn around! The green-clad eunuch hesitated and knew that he could not take it off. He turned around and knelt down to pay his respects. "See the imperial concubine Hui," he said. "The imperial concubine Wan An." "Wan An?" Hui Guifei Shi Shiran said, "When you see this palace, you run away. What's wrong with this palace?"? Keep your head up! The little eunuch in green hesitated and raised his head. "Baocheng?" Mo asked in surprise. Concubine Hui's face sank slightly. "You're from Yanxi Palace. What are you doing here in Xianfu Palace?" Baocheng cleverly kowtowed and said, "It's all because of the heavy snow. The slave was frozen to death. He wanted to lean against the wall of the Xianfu Palace to get warm for a while before leaving.". But when he saw the empress coming, he was afraid that the empress would scold him, so he ran away with his back. Concubine Hui frowned as if she didn't believe it. "Xianfu Palace is at the end of the east, and Yanxi Palace is at the front of the east. You've gone too far to get warm." She caught a glimpse of the black marks on Baocheng's hands on the snow, then raised her eyes and motioned to Mo Xin to take a look. Mo understood and took a few steps forward. She pulled Baocheng up and said with a smile, "Well, what's wrong with you if you like to run to Xianfu Palace?"? "Even the emperor loves to come to Xianfu Palace because of its warm atmosphere, not to mention you." She turned her face away and nodded to Hui Guifei. Concubine Hui understood and changed her gentle smile. "Just go if you have nothing to do.". Remember to tell you that Xianfei often comes to Xianfu Palace when she is free. Text 036 Between one thought, ups and downs, honor and disgrace (to be continued). hsdtouch.com