Golden Hand Scholar

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Golden Hand ScholarGolden Hand ScholarGolden Hand ScholarGolden Hand Scholar

Under the tragic death, is not angry, love tears, or wield the means to avenge Gongsun Chang? Yao Wufei deliberately put on a look of being asked by the other side speechless, slightly frowning, silent! Seeing this, Yang Baiping was quite happy and said with a smile, "Elder Sister Yao, I'm not bringing up the past to you again. I just hope you can understand why I used such vicious means. If we can explain the past, won't we.." With a deep sigh, Yao Wufei gazed at Yang Baiping and said slowly, "Although I have suffered a great loss in this festival between us, I have to admit that I am at fault. So I don't need to talk much about it now. I'll make a judgment after I see Ouyang Mei, the'poisonous woman in the middle of the river ', and see what attitude she takes towards me." Yang Baiping raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, "Since Elder Sister Yao has said that, I'm sure Sister Ouyang will give you a lot of courtesy." At this point, the boat was already close to the "Little Lonely Mountain." Someone on the shore shouted, "Who is sitting on the boat? Don't go ashore before we search the ship! When Yang Baiping heard this, she leaned out of the cabin and snapped, "What are you shouting about?"? It's my sister Ouyang in the cabin. I can't even invite a distinguished guest from the southern wilderness. Hurry up and prepare a soft sedan chair! The sentry on the shore saw that it was Yang Baiping, the "Tianxiang Princess", and knew that she and Ouyang Mei, the "Jiangxin Poisonous Woman" of the "Tianxing Palace", were like sisters and had always been involved in all kinds of secrets, so he responded respectfully and retreated to prepare a soft sedan chair. Just as Yang Baiping was giving orders to the sentry on the shore, the invisible geek whispered in Yao Wufei's ear,Grey Marble Slab, "Miss Yao, don't worry about entering the'Palace of Heavenly Punishment, 'and use words that are neither arrogant nor humble to deal with Ouyang Mei, the'Poisonous Woman in the Heart of the River,' and Yang Baiping, the'Princess Tianxiang. 'I will secretly coordinate and keep in touch with you!" Yao Wufei wanted to ask the other side, what is the identity? But can not do, can not help but wonder how sad. Because she could not speak, if she asked aloud, it would inevitably arouse Yang Baiping's suspicion,Marble Granite Price, and under strict investigation, it was very likely that the invisible geek would be exposed and ruin the event! If you also use "ant language" to ask each other, you must first know where the other person is hiding, so that you can concentrate and not let others hear. Nowadays? Yao Wufei is not only in the body of the "crisp bone poison needle", the True Qi is difficult to mention, unable to perform the "ant language transmission" magic, and even the hiding place of the invisible geek, also do not know, naturally had to keep this question in the bottom of his heart. In the twinkling of an eye, the people on the shore had already prepared the soft sedan chair. Yang Baiping said to Yao Wufei with a smile, "Elder Sister Yao, please get into the sedan chair. My younger sister will accompany you on foot. When you get into the Palace of Heavenly Punishment and see my sister Ouyang, I will try my best to persuade her to remove the poison of the Crisp Bone Needle for you first. Each other.." Yao Wufei shook his hands to cut off Yang Baiping's words and said, "You don't have to persuade her. The way to make friends is to observe each other's sincerity. Although I, Yao Xiuting, have been caught in the net, I still disdain to accept anyone's false love and righteousness!" When Yang Baiping heard what she said, she couldn't help admiring her. She felt that this "Peach Blossom Evil Woman" was really difficult to deal with, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, so she helped her get off the boat and landed, sat in a soft sedan chair, and went to the "Palace of Heavenly Punishment". If Yao Wufei goes here, whether he can make friends with Ouyang Mei, the "Poisonous Woman in the Heart of the River", and Yang Baiping, the "Princess of Tianxiang", and find out the secret and so on, let's not mention it for the time being. Let's talk about the Mandarin duck chivalrous couple who was in danger of disaster at that time, Sikong Qi, the "Scholar with Golden Hands" and Chunyu Wan, a "Witch with Green Eyes"! When Sikong Qi and Chunyu Wan met again after the robbery, they saw his wife's gorgeous appearance, which had been restored as before. Naturally, they fell to the ground with joy. They loved each other and were close to each other. They told each other goodbye. These chivalrous women and strange men, although they are already husband and wife, still see the word "desire" very lightly, only on the word "love"! Therefore, the so-called tender love, the so-called cordial and lingering, is not the ordinary secular couple's dream of Wushan, fish and water are happy, but they lean against each other, at most on their cheeks and lips, slightly solving the pain of lovesickness! Sikong qi and a surname Wan is gentle, suddenly heard outside the back window, someone sent out "case, case, case" to the sound of three fingers! As soon as he was slightly surprised, his green shirt fluttered slightly and he went out through the window! A surname Wan these days, has experienced the pain of lovesickness, deeply afraid of SiKongQi what is wrong, then also care about her husband to track down. As soon as they went out of the back window, they saw a figure about ten feet away, waving slightly. Sikong qi and a surname Wan from surprised, thought he heard the sound of the snap of a finger, that is, through the window to chase out, the other side how to have this fast body method? As soon as they reached about ten feet away, the shadow turned around and walked away. No matter how the two "Golden Hand Scholar" and "Bimu Witch" who were on the list of the universe showed their skills and skills, they could not shorten the distance. They had to pull farther and farther, about twenty feet apart! Sikong Qi and Chunyu Fang looked at each other with a wry smile, and suddenly heard a loud "boom" behind him! Husband and wife both looked back and saw that their quiet room had been shrouded in a sea of green phosphorus fire! Chunyu Wan exclaimed to Sikong Qishi, "Brother Qi, it was a good intention to run away from that dark shadow."? Had he not managed to lure us out, who would have thought that someone would be so obscene and shameless as to suddenly plot against us, and would it not be inevitable that he would be buried in the fierce'poisonous fire of green phosphorus'? Sikong Qi sighed, "Jianghu is really dangerous step by step. Every inch is in danger. I don't know if Sister Yao Wufei has been robbed. Let's go back and have a look." Chunyu Wan turned around and said, "It's probably all right, Sister Yao, because the place where she registered to stay is the First Hotel. Most of the people in the Third Hotel don't know her name and identity yet." At this point, there was a sound of laughter in the distance. From behind, he said, "Chunyu Wan is right. Yao Wufei is not a big problem. She is an enlightened person who never loses her roots in the boundless sea of evil. Once the butcher's knife is released, all the plagues will disappear. You don't have to miss her any more!" Although Chunyu Wan felt that the man called himself "Chunyu Wan", he seemed to be a little old-fashioned, but because the other side had the grace of help, he put up with it, turned around,White Marble Slabs, folded his fists and asked: "Who is your excellency? Please show your whole body, let Sikong Qichun and his wife, thank Dade! 。