Recommend [Metaphysics] The broken Taoist temple is not closed today.

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Recommend [Metaphysics] The broken Taoist temple is not closed today.Recommend [Metaphysics] The broken Taoist temple is not closed today.

Xuan Zhenzi covered his temples with his two hands and felt a little headache. Even if the ghost crossed over for the ghost, the ghost caught the ghost and so on, at least the master was a famous Taoist priest in China before his death. It was his job to cross over and catch the ghost. What happened to this chat on WeChat? Xuan Zhenzi felt that he could not keep up with the master's train of thought: "Master, when you died, you were only buried with your vestments. Where did you get your cell phone?" "You look like you've never seen the world!" Qingfeng Taoist took out his cell phone from his robe and showed it off to his disciples: "See, the latest cell phone. I grabbed it on Singles' Day. It's the same style as the Ziyun Taoist of Qingyun Temple." Xuan Zhenzi: If the disciple remembers correctly, did the Taoist Ziyun die of illness last year? "Yes, so now we are colleagues." Qingfeng Taoist broke his fingers and said, "There are also Wuzhen Taoist of Aries Palace, Qin Bing Taoist of Yuquan Palace, Sanyo Zhenren of Shangqing Palace.." Qingfeng Taoist said more than a dozen in one breath, all of them were famous Taoist real people, but they had one thing in common, they were all dead people. Xuan Zhenzi was directly convinced: "Master, what is this Ruyi Temple after talking for a long time?"? How can you invite such a late Gao Dao? "Haven't I told you where Ruyiguan is for a long time?" Qingfeng Taoist shook his head and said, "This man's memory is not as good as when he is alive. He always forgets things." Xuan Zhenzi: ".." I think you are much more energetic than when you were alive! The Taoist Priest Qingfeng put down the teacup in his hand and said solemnly, "This Ruyi Temple is a very special existence in the world. It is said that in order to connect the heaven, the human world, and the underworld, the Great Emperor Dongyue single-handedly created a Taoist temple and named it Ruyi Temple. He also gave it a harp that can be used to deploy troops to kill immortals and immortals to slay all ghosts.". Later, thousands of years passed, the heaven disappeared, the immortals became legends, and the passage between the Ruyi Temple and the heaven collapsed, leaving only the passage to the underworld. So now when it comes to Ruyi Guan, it will be said that this is the only place in the world where Yin and Yang can be connected. Xuan Zhenzi was dumbfounded. "Is there such a place?" The Taoist Priest Qingfeng stroked his beard and said, "When I was alive, I also heard the legend of the Ruyi Temple mentioned by my master, and I also came into contact with the Taoist Priest of the former Ruyi Temple.". The poor Taoist priest has no Taoist name and claims to be the poorest in the world, but none of them is not proficient in the five arts of mountain, medicine, fate, physiognomy and divination. However, although he was a Taoist, he had little contact with people from other Taoist sects, so few people knew about him. Generally, only when a vicious ghost or zombie does evil, the poor Taoist priest will make a move. Before my death, White Marble Mosaic ,Slate Wall Panel, I also held a dubious attitude towards the legend of Ruyi Temple. I also went to Ruyi Temple specially once. At that time, I felt that there were only some statues of ghosts and gods in the underworld, and there was nothing special about the rest. I didn't know until I died that there was no more true legend in the world. Xuan Zhenzi couldn't help asking, "So the young Jian Guanzhu can really connect Yin and Yang?"? What about Qin Siyuan? Is his magic weapon really a soul chain in the underworld? "It is indeed a chain of souls in the underworld." Qingfeng Taoist took a sip of tea and said, "That is the only person in the world who holds an important position in the underworld as a living person. Even the judges of black and white impermanence will call him Lord Qin when they see him." Shocked, Xuan Zhenzi could not help but breathe a sigh of relief: "If I say so, I didn't beat the evil ghost today and I was injured. It's not shameful at all, because they and I are not in the same rank at all." Qingfeng Taoist: "… … …" My apprentice is really optimistic! Smiling, Xuan Zhenzi sat beside Qingfeng Taoist, kneading his back and beating his shoulders. "Master, can I often go to Ruyi to watch you in the future?" "Naturally, it is possible." The Taoist Priest Qingfeng said, "Lord Ruyi Guan Guan has the right to formulate the rules for the connection between the Yin and Yang realms.". Since she took over Ruyiguan, the connection between the underworld and the world has become closer than before. The world can see the dead relatives, and the dead can dream to the living family. In just half a year, the incense received by ghosts and gods in the underworld has increased several times than before. Nowadays, the underworld is very supportive of the Lord of Simple View. For example, when we come to work in Ruyiguan, we can not only live like a living person, but also get a lot of merit. Therefore, the work of Ruyiguan is a hot potato in the underworld. It must be the best in all walks of life to have the opportunity to sign a contract with Ruyiguan. Xuan Zhenzi immediately flattered: "Shifu is really awesome." Qingfeng Taoist smiled and said, "I came here to tell you that Jianguanzhu has just entered Xuanmen, and I don't know much about a lot of things. If Jianguanzhu needs any help, the Taoist priest of Longteng Mountain must try his best to help. He should be polite when he meets him at ordinary times." Xuan Zhenzi was particularly obedient and agreed to come down. He immediately sent a message to his elder brother on WeChat and sent the master's words intact. Moments later, Xuan Zhenzi complained to the Taoist Priest Qingfeng, "Master, Elder Martial Brother scolded me for talking nonsense." Qingfeng Taoist took out two amulets from his bosom and said, "It doesn't matter. I'll go and tell your elder brother in person." Half an hour later, Xuanzhenzi's WeChat rang, and the current head of Longtengshan, Xuanzhenzi's elder brother, sent him a string of ellipses. "Has the master arrived?" Xuan Zhenzi asked cheerfully. Elder Martial Brother was in a trance: "Longteng Mountain is haunted!" Xuan Zhenzi smiled, life is so exciting! —— Just a few days of the journey soon ended, Jian Luoshu not only had a good time, but also earned millions of yuan by the way, it is a dream can be happy out loud. Seeing the end of the year, Jane Luoshu felt that he had to relax after a few months of tension, and especially consciously gave himself a holiday, unless the business was particularly urgent, otherwise it would be pushed to the end of the year. The ghosts of Ruyiguan also get a holiday. They can choose to go back to the underworld for the Spring Festival, or they can choose to reunite with their families. If you don't want to go back to the underworld and don't want to disturb your family,Granite Slab Supplier, you can go out to travel. Anyway, if you paste the paper of Ruyi Guan and put on makeup, even the Taoist priest of Longteng Mountain can't find out that it's actually a ghost.