Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward

Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forwardZhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward


Xiao Han smiled and waved his hand, "Uncle, the final result will not be known until my mother asks. By the way, what department is your son from?" "Department of Geophysics!" The taxi driver said with a sigh, "My sister and brother-in-law are from Tangshan. They were all gone in the Tangshan earthquake that year. Only my five-year-old daughter was left, but her legs were crushed and amputated!"! After I brought her back, my son was very fond of his little sister. At that time, he was only one year old. He was around her every day. Unfortunately, when the child was 10 years old, the wound infection caused complications. My son was so sad that he didn't eat or sleep. At that time, I advised him to study hard and develop a precise seismograph when he grew up. The tragedy of my aunt's family would not happen again. Unexpectedly, he, who was only six years old at that time, remembered my words. He had studied geophysics since junior high school. He did not listen to his head teacher's dissuasion in the college entrance examination and reported to the Department of Geophysics! It's just that our family has dragged him down and we can't let him devote himself completely to his research. In fact, my son studies very well and is the top student in the Beijing College Entrance Examination. Listening to the taxi driver's story, Xiaohan had to lament the family's many disasters: "Uncle's family is very kind, there will be good results!"! Uncle, tell me your brother's name and class. I'm also in the Department of Earth Science. If there's a problem, I'll ask my brother for advice. The taxi driver was embarrassed to rub his hands: "Good!"! OK! Look at me, I'm so wordy. It's a waste of your time! Said in a hurry to find out the paper and pen from the drawer,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, finished writing and handed it to Xiaohan. Xiaohan took the taxi and looked at it. The taxi driver's name was Jiang Yushan. He lived at No.128, Suquan Road, Haidian District. His son's name was Jiang Long. He was a student in Class 1, Department of Geophysics, Grade 95. After reading it, Xiaohan put it away and said with a smile: "Uncle, I will tell my mother when I go back. Let her call you at night. My mother is in Ludong now, or I will go to your house. Hehe.." Small culvert had to sigh some things coincidentally,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, This period of time she has been in the tangle after the establishment of the physics lab staff, Her main sideline too much, It is impossible to fully invested in the boring work. Early two students specialized in real-time observation data collection, She according to the data they provide research, Teacher Jiang's son WangXueLiang is a She wanted to find another person who really liked geophysics and was willing to devote herself to this boring work, but she didn't expect to come to her door like this! Jiang Yushan rubbed his hands gratefully: "Thank you, this is very embarrassed, whether it can be done or not, our whole family thanks you, by the way, little girl, do not know your name!" "My name is Zhao Xiaohan. Uncle, can you take me home?" "Good!"! OK! Look at me! All happy and confused! Jiang Yushan hurriedly turned around and started the car: "Zhao Xiaohan, if you use the car in the future, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic cutting machine, call my home. I'll wait for you in advance. Uncle has no other ability, so he can help you!" Xiao Han promised with a smile, "Well, I won't be polite to my uncle. When I have time, I will take Snowball Hairy Ball to my uncle's house to visit my little sister!" "Well, when the time comes, your uncle will ask your aunt to make authentic Nanjing soup dumplings for you. Your aunt is from Nanjing, and the soup dumplings she made are absolutely unique, hehe.." She now opened a steamed stuffed bun shop, but it is far from your school, or you can often go to eat! Eh? Why is this car in front of us? How can you drive like this. Jiang Yulong said he wanted to get off the theory. Small Han looks, explain at once: "Uncle, this Xi is to look for me, troublesome uncle! Troublesome uncle!" Then he took out 10 yuan and put it in the back seat, pushed the door and got out of the car. Fang Chu came up and said, "Xiao Han, what happened?"? I can't get through to your cell phone. I'm worried to death! Xiao Han pushed Fang Chu forward: "Brother, get on the bus first and say it on the way!" Jiang Yulong took the money to chase out: "Zhao Xiaohan, you are looking down on uncle, you help uncle so much, how can uncle accept your money?" "Goodbye, Uncle Jiang!" Xiao Han stretched out his hand to say hello, and Fang Chu drove away. Jiang Yulong wiped the corners of his eyes and said to himself, "I hope what she said is true. I hope heaven has eyes so that my daughter can stand up again!" For him, a glimmer of hope is hope, think of just Fang Chu to Xiaohan's appearance, a look is a lover, the heart is a little worried, the little girl young age, looking for such a rich playboy, I hope it will not be hurt in the future! Fang Chu looked through the rearview mirror at Jiang Yulong, who had been standing there staring at them: "Xiao Han, what does that man do?"? And look at your cell phone. What's going on? Xiao Han took out his cell phone and looked at it: "Brother, the cell phone is out of power!"! This afternoon.. Xiaohan told the story of Wu Junjun and Wu Lili coming to her in the afternoon and the story of Jiang Yulong's family. Fang Chu reached out his hand and touched Xiao Han's head: "Alas!"! It's hard for the girl! But I guess the Wu family won't stop here. My father called me to say that Liu Sihong had gone to see him twice and was blocked by him. He said that Liu Sihong seemed to have a distant cousin in the capital who was a ministerial-level cadre. It was estimated that Liu Sihong had gone to see her cousin for help! Small Han a face of firm color: "Brother, for Wu Lijun, I will never forgive, let others say I am cruel or heartless, I will insist on my approach!"! No matter who pleads, it's no use! Fang Chu looked gloomy and said, "It's right for the girl to do this. Liu Sihong knows that it's useless for her to come forward. She instigates her children to embarrass you. His daughter dares to splash coffee on you. She's really impatient to live. Humph!"! Let him go, he can't get through me! Xiaohan sighed lightly: "In fact, they don't understand that I won't help Wu Lijun. It doesn't mean that I will ignore them. If they realize the mistakes Wu Lijun made to me and my mother, they will accept the status quo. If their life is too difficult, for the sake of my blood relationship with them, maybe one day I will help them. But the more they do, The more I hate them! You won't do it! Fang Chu took Xiao Han's shoulder and said,sonicator homogenizer, "Girl, don't think too much. It's not worth affecting your mood for these people. Go home to take a bath and change clothes for dinner. Let's see how Wu Xing defeats Jing Cheng tonight!" Xiao Han asked doubtfully, "Did Wu Xing defeat Jing Cheng?" 。 fycgsonic.com