The Age of Roses

The Age of RosesThe Age of RosesThe Age of RosesThe Age of RosesThe Age of Roses


The sun shone warmly on the playground and on Liu Qiusha, so her eyelids closed, and the voice of Teacher Qiu's lecture faded away, and the voice was very far away. At that moment, Liu Qiusha had a dream, she returned to the northeast of the mountains of ice and snow, she ran in the snow, behind the Japanese gunfire. Startled by the sound of the gun, she opened her eyes. At this time, she saw that Teacher Qiu had stopped lecturing and looked at her with a pair of deep eyes. She found that many people were looking at her, so she felt a little embarrassed. She lowered her eyebrows and said in a low voice, "I didn't sleep. I just squinted for a while. The weather in Yan'an is so good." The people sitting nearby heard it and laughed in a low voice. She did not smile, but looked blankly and innocently at Teacher Qiu. Teacher Qiu is more than twenty years old. He looks very gentle. His face is white and clean. His eyes are always affectionate and revealing. She knew that Teacher Qiu was a college student who went to Yan'an a year ago. After arriving in Yan'an, he worked as a cultural teacher in the military training team. Teacher Qiu's voice was very nice, leisurely, soft and gentle. She liked the way teacher Qiu lectured, wearing a coarse cloth uniform on his body, not looking rustic, on the contrary, let him more of a temperament. Another important reason why she sits under the jujube tree every day is that it is close to Teacher Qiu, and it is also a side view. It will be more comprehensive and vivid to appreciate Teacher Qiu from this perspective. She looked at Teacher Qiu for a while, and then looked at him for a while. It didn't matter what Teacher Qiu was talking about. What was important was that she could see Teacher Qiu's tall figure very well here. The notebook was spread out in front of her knees, but she didn't write a word. After her left eyelid jumped for two days in a row,water bottling line, she knew something was going to happen, and sure enough, it happened. Xiao Wang's secretary appeared in front of her. At that time, she was about to go to the playground to seize the favorable terrain. Xiao Wang's secretary stopped her. Xiao Wang shouted, "Comrade Liu Qiusha, please wait a moment.". She stood there, looking at Xiao Wang's secretary. In fact, Secretary Xiao Wang was not young. He was in his twenties,water bottle packaging machine, and he was also a hot-blooded young man who went to Yan'an. Because Secretary Wang was small, he still looked fat and big in the smallest coarse cloth uniform, so people called him Secretary Xiao Wang. Chapter II Yan'an Jujube Silk Love As soon as Liu Qiusha saw Secretary Xiao Wang, she wanted to laugh. Then she said with a smile, "Secretary Xiao Wang, are you calling me?"? Secretary Xiao Wang came to Liu Qiusha leisurely. Secretary Xiao Wang looks very shy, especially when he meets a female Comrade. He licked his lips when he was embarrassed, and his lips were moist, and his lips were red and white all day. Secretary Xiao Wang blushed and said to her, "Director Han wants you to go there.". Liu Qiusha flickers in her heart for a while. A few days ago, Wang Ying, the elder sister in the same dormitory, was called by Director Han once. When Wang Ying came back, she sighed and lost her mind. In the evening, when they were lying together, Wang Ying said that Director Han had introduced her to a Comrade, juice filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, of course, a male Comrade, an "old" Comrade who had walked 25,000 miles from Jinggangshan. This old Comrade, surnamed Liu, was a deputy regimental commander in the army. Because of the revolution, he has never had a chance to fall in love until now. Now that there are so many female comrades in Yan'an, these old revolutionary comrades should also fall in love and get married. At that time, Wang Ying was unreasonable. She was two years older than Liu Qiusha and was already 20 years old this year. The 20-year-old girl still did not understand the meaning of Director Han's words, so she asked, "If Comrade Liu is in love, let him be in love.". Then he lowered his head. Director Han smiled and walked around the room with his hands behind his back. On that day, the sun was still very good, still warm from the window of the cave. Director Han walked up and down in the sunshine, and the cave was bright and dark for a while. Wang Ying followed Director Han with puzzled eyes. Director Han is the director of the political department of this unit. He is in his forties. He is a revolutionary veteran. He served as an underground party member in Shanghai and went to the Soviet Union to study. He has seen the world through wind and rain, so Director Han always seems calm when handling affairs. Director Han smiled and said, "Then you can meet Comrade Liu.". Wang Ying immediately confused: "See me?"? Wang Ying felt that the event was not good, and before Director Han could finish, he fled and left Director Han's office. In those two days, Wang Ying seemed to be at a loss. She didn't know what to do for a moment. Until one evening, when they were sitting in front of the cave and talking after dinner, they suddenly heard a rapid sound of hooves. The sound of the horse's hooves came closer and closer, and finally stopped in front of them. A man jumped down from his horse like a black tower. The man had a loud voice. He came to Wang Ying and Liu Qiusha in a few steps and said loudly, My surname is Liu. Hello, Wang Ying. At that time, Comrade Liu was not sure who was Wang Ying, but vaguely saluted the two men. Wang Ying was naturally clear. She blushed and felt warm. She took a step forward unwillingly and said, "I'm Wang Ying. What are you looking for me for?"? Comrade Liu took out a bag wrapped in coarse white cloth from his bosom, put it into Wang Ying's hand, and then rode away without looking back. It was not until Comrade Liu's hoofbeats disappeared that Wang Yingcai came to his senses. Holding her bag in one hand and stroking her chest with the other, she gasped, "He, his surname is Liu?"? Liu Qiusha, who was not deeply involved in the world, saw Wang Ying like this and was amused to laugh. Wang Ying stroked the small bag of things as if he did not know what to do, as if it was an explosive bag, which was in danger of exploding at any time. Finally, Liu Qiusha opened the bag. As soon as she opened the bag, she was shocked. It was a bag of Yan'an candied dates. It was not big, but it was strong and full. Later, the bag of candied dates was almost eaten by Liu Qiusha alone. As she ate, she said, "It's so sweet. Sister Wang Ying, you can eat it too.". At this time, Wang Ying became more and more disoriented. She stared at the candied jujube in Liu Qiusha's hand and murmured over and over again: His surname is Liu, and his surname is Liu. Chapter 3 Wang Ying is in love. In those days, Wang Ying was in a daze. After class, her eyes were always straight. Whenever she had time, she muttered to herself, "He is Comrade Liu.". Sometimes in her dream,PET blowing machine, Liu Qiusha laughed at her and said, "Sister Wang Ying, don't be stunned. It's just a bag of dates. What's the big deal?".