Seventy Buddha-like daughter-in-law

Seventy Buddha-like daughter-in-lawSeventy Buddha-like daughter-in-lawSeventy Buddha-like daughter-in-law


What does it have to do with us whether Sun Siyu is dead or alive? At that time, I remember that my grandparents had said very clearly that your family took my grandfather's connections to dredge the relationship, and Sun Siyu took care of you. Now you feel that there is a crisis, so you push Sun Siyu out and want me to be soft-hearted? Show me my brother-in-law and let you use him? I, Sun Simiao, in your eyes, how white and crazy I am, will I agree? This made Sun Zhansen pale, but then he turned black again. I never thought she would say that. And go back and tell Sun Siyu that she wants to die by herself. Don't involve me. What are you? I, Sun Simiao, don't owe her. On the contrary, she should owe me, right? And you, go where you come from. Don't hang around in front of me and look upset. As soon as Sun Simiao came down, he was so angry. He Yiting patted his daughter-in-law on the back: "As for it?"? For such a person? Chapter 556 556. Incarnation two No No, but after two lifetimes of discomfort,small geared motors, I can finally say it out. That kind of feeling, Sun Simiao does not know how to say with He Yiting. Even if he said it, he probably couldn't understand it. When Sun Zhansen left, his whole face was so black that it could be used as ink. After the others left, he Yiting asked Sun Simiao: What's the matter with you? As for being so angry? Sun Simiao did not talk to He Yiting, how can not be angry? In her previous life,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, she was bullied by this guy. Why can't she be angry. And what is the Sun family thinking? When she's really stupid? "He Yiting, do you know why I don't want to be reborn?" He Yiting knew how much Sun Simiao rejected a new life at the beginning. At this time suddenly said this topic, he Yiting of course can not guess the meaning of Sun Simiao. Last life, whether good or bad, that is my experience, but to start over, I do not want to, as for what you think I do not know, but a new opportunity, whether I am good or bad, I feel very uncomfortable! Good and bad are just the same thing. Miaomiao, are you too pessimistic? He Yiting held his daughter-in-law in his arms for fear that she would think too much. There's nothing in the Sun family that can upset you. If you're unhappy, 24v Gear Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, there's still me. I'll go and help you deal with it! Sun Simiao tilted his head and looked at He Yiting: Are you sure? He Yiting nodded, what is not sure about this? I'm sure. All right, you go and help me get rid of all the fleas in the Sun family first, and I'll get angry when I see them. It's such a simple thing, he Yiting nodded. Then don't be unhappy. I'll take you out for a walk tomorrow. Sun Simiao nodded. The next morning, after breakfast, He Yiting took Sun Simiao and left his son to go shopping. The two men walked down the street, looking at all kinds of people and the new shops. But how did it change so much in just one year? Sun Simiao sighed with emotion. Where and where is this? He Yiting took his daughter-in-law's hand and no longer had to worry about being stopped and scolded on the street. The smell of freedom is so good. Just sighing with emotion, Sun Simiao felt that someone had bumped into him, and then the small backpack on his shoulder was pulled away. He Yiting did not need Sun Simiao to say, so he rushed over and kicked the man down. It's not good to steal from someone. Steal from his wife. Sun Simiao went over and saw that he was still a child, but instead of saying that the Virgin Mary had a heart attack, he was curious about why he did it. Did you do it personally, or were you coerced? In the eighties, many of these children were coerced. The little boy got up from the ground, looked at Sun Simiao and He Yiting ferociously, and then retreated step by step. Finally, he turned sharply and left. He Yiting and Sun Simiao did not go after, because there is no need, here they are certainly not as familiar as a thief. It's really not a perfect shopping experience! Sun Simiao did not expect to experience this. Incorrect Sun Simiao suddenly stopped and looked at He Yiting. He Yiting also realized that it was wrong, and the two men looked at each other and looked at the place where the child had escaped. Call the police first! He Yiting took Sun Simiao to the police station. The policeman in charge of receiving the two men was a young policeman who did not believe what Sun Simiao and He Yiting had said. I said, I have registered for you, thank you for the clues, but we will take over the next work! Sun Simiao was very dissatisfied with his businesslike appearance. He Yiting pressed Sun Simiao, who was about to stand up and get angry, and said to the little policeman: "Well, please!" When the two men left, the little policeman muttered that he had met two couples with brain problems. What's wrong It happened that an old policeman came over and heard the words of his young apprentice. In this age, many industries are popular with the mode of master leading apprentices. Master, look at this case. Isn't it nonsense? If the child was really a terrorist group, why did he ask two young people for help instead of calling the police directly? The little policeman handed the case record he had made to the old policeman. After the old policeman looked at it, he looked at his little apprentice with complicated eyes. Go and get the man back! What? The little policeman couldn't believe his ears. Could it be said that what these two men said was true? The old policeman kicked the little policeman. Is this kid stupid? Otherwise you wouldn't be aware of the problem. I know, Master! The little policeman went to invite someone, but he ran out and didn't even find anyone. I had to go back to the old policeman dejectedly. Sun Simiao and He Yiting gave up asking for help from the police, but called out Zeng Jianyi who followed them secretly. This is ready-made! No, no, no. We need manpower,Small Dc Gear Motor, and it is estimated that more people will be needed to maintain order. He Yiting briefly said what he wanted to do, and Zeng Jianyi nodded. They are responsible for protecting the safety of He Yiting, and they need to deal with the natural crisis of his life.