The complete works of Shakespeare III

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The complete works of Shakespeare IIIThe complete works of Shakespeare IIIThe complete works of Shakespeare III

Ha: Ouch! It's vicious ! Stop everything and bolt the door. Trick, show your face! [Ostlicks out] Ray: It's right here, Hamlet. Hamlet, you are already dead! The best medicine in the world will not work on you, and you will not live for more than half an hour. The treacherous weapon is in your hand; it is not sheathed. , and coated with poison juice; The trick has turned against me; Look, I'm lying here, and I'll never get up again. Your mother was poisoned too; I can't say any more. 。 King The king is a sinner. ... Ha: The tip of the sword is also coated with poison? So Go and exert your toxicity! [Stabbing the king with a poisoned sword] All: Treason! Treason ! Wang: { critically wounded } Oh, my friends, please help me, I am hurt. Ha: Go,x60 line pipe, you incestuous, murderous, damned King of Denmark! Go and drink this dose of your medicine! Is your pearl still in there? ? Follow my mother! Forcing a badly wounded king to drink wine; the king dies. ] Ray: This is his karma. He made the wine. Noble Hamlet, let us exchange forgiveness: I don't blame you for killing me and my father, and you don't blame me for killing you. [Laerte dies] Ha: Heaven will forgive you; and I will follow you at once. 。 I'm going to die,x70 line pipe, Horatio. Farewell, poor queen. { To all ministers } Some of you look pale, and some of you tremble at the horror of it. But you are just silent spectators. As long as I have time, I can tell you.. Ah Never mind that. Terrible death is a merciless remedy! Horatio, I am dead and you are alive. Please tell my story to those people who don't know the details. Hector: Don't mention that. I am a Dane, but at heart I am like an ancient Roman. There are still some leftover wine here..{ pick up the remaining poisonous wine to drink } Ha: You're a man, give me the cup! { Fighting over the cup with Horatio } Let it go! God, give it to me! { Knock over the glass in Horatio's hand } God, 316ti stainless steel ,321 stainless steel sheet, if no one can reveal the truth of this matter, then. How my name will be damaged! If you have ever loved me, please sacrifice the happiness of heaven for a while. Stay in this cold world and tell the world my story. [Military song and gunfire in the distance] What's that noise? [OSLIK IN] Austria: Fortin Brashaw, who returned to Korea after his expedition to Poland, fired a cannon to salute the British ambassador. Ha: Oh, I'm going to die, Horatio. Poison has overcome my soul. I shall not live to hear the news from England. However, I predict that Fortinbula will be elected King of Denmark. He has the approval of a dying man; Please tell him everything that happened here. The rest, just quiet.. [Hamlet dies] Hector: a noble heart, now broken. Good night, sweet prince, Let the song of a group of angels accompany you to sleep. [Marching in the distance] Why are the drums approaching? [Fordingbula and his sergeants enter with the British ambassadors] F: Where is the big game held? Hector: What would you like to see? If you want to see a scene of misery and horror, you need not look any further. F: The dead bodies everywhere tell me that there was a tragedy here. Proud Death, what feast dost thou have in thy eternal lair? Need to kill so many royal descendants and nobles at the same time in such a bloody way? Ensign a: This is a sad sight. We have news from England. But it was too late: The ears that wanted to hear the news are now unconscious. We need to tell him that his will has been done: Rosenkland and Geddenstein are dead. Now where can we go to ask for thanks? Hector: { pointing to the body of the king } Not from his mouth, Even if he were alive and able to thank you, he would not. For he never commanded you to put them to death. However, Since you have come here from the battlefields of Poland and England, at this bloody time, Then please order these corpses to be placed on a high platform for everyone to look at. And let me explain to the uninformed world how this happened. You will hear stories of lust, bloodshed, and incest. There are also dark judgments, accidental pokes, designed murders, And the result of reaping what one has sown. I must be able to make a faithful report of these things. F: I hope we can hear the story of this incident as soon as possible and gather the nobles as an audience. As for myself, I accept this luck with sadness. I have not forgotten my interest in this country, and now it invites me to take it back. Hector: I also have a word to say about this matter, because I have been entrusted by the deceased. And his words had great influence in the process of selecting the monarch. Let us go at once to hold this grand ceremony, though this is a moment of panic. But by doing so,x56 line pipe, we can avoid more misfortunes and mistakes. Will the four officers please carry Hamlet's body to the high platform with military honors? Because if he had ascended the throne, he would have been a wise king. In order to mourn his death, we must pay tribute to him with loud military songs and solemn military ceremonies. Take these corpses up to the high platform. Such scenes are common in bloody battlefields. But here it is disturbing.