Ballad of seeking the moon

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Ballad of seeking the moonBallad of seeking the moonBallad of seeking the moonBallad of seeking the moon

So she drew her sword on the back of her hand, and the pain briefly occupied her thoughts. She found that there was an iron door opening upward in the small room beside the fire tongue. It should be the cellar. Trotting along, she dropped her sword and reached for the iron gate. Sure enough, he was scalded, and a few red blisters appeared rapidly in his palm. At this time is not so much, simply wrapped in the sleeve of the palm, pull the ring on the iron door, a brain effort, creak iron door loose. There was pain in his hand again, but it was not a burn, but a sword. The slender sword wrapped around her wrist and was pulled. In an instant, her skin and flesh were torn. The blood became as hot as magma in the high temperature, dripping on the iron door and smoking. Master is down there. Get out of the way! Li Xiangyue, too familiar with the rapier, turned to the man and shouted, "You hate me and hate me. You can even kill me.". Save Shifu first, when I beg you. Mu Qingdai said coldly, "Master, I will save you. You must die first!"! For so many years, I hated why I didn't kill you with a sword and let you live until now. The contradiction between the two people can not be explained clearly for a while. Li Xiangyue feels aggrieved. In this story, she is the one who bears inexplicably and accepts the anger of Mu Qingdai for no reason. On the contrary, Mu Qingdai also felt suffocated. She was the elder martial sister, but she let people get there first. Perhaps these early entanglements are doomed to have a war,Jumping castle with slide, Li Xiangyue ruthless, three opportunities have passed, she will not show mercy. He picked up the stone and hit the wrist of Mu Qingdai's sword. The next move was to kick the sword into the air and stab her in the chest with her left hand. Turn right on your side and hide on your feet. Mu Qingdai gritted her teeth and pulled out the rapier wrapped around her wrist, spilling white powder from her purse. The flame is burning again, the sword is about to open the bow, like a snake climbing up Li Xiangyue's arm, the clothes have burned up, she is satisfied,Inflatable bouncer, today she can not lose! Li Xiangyue has not practiced for a long time, and her basic skills are not as good as before. Fortunately, the posture is light, on the route of the rapier entanglement, a beautiful roundabout turn, the cloud out of Xiu hand beat back the rapier, taking advantage of the gap to extinguish the flame on the arm. She withdrew her hand and found that there was blood in the palm of her hand. She fixed her eyes on the hole in the left shoulder of Muqingdai and began to bleed again. Li Xiangyue changed his palm, using his right hand as a sword to block the attack of the rapier, and his left hand as a palm to pick the blood hole. Two people's moves are similar, Mu Qingdai is a little more evil. Changeable, rapier and ruthless, and soon Li Xiangyue was covered with blood. She was not much better, her right hand was dull pain, she exerted too much force, the rapier was always bounced off by Li Xiangyue's sword, for a long time, Inflatable meltdown ,large inflatable water slide, the tiger's mouth was blurred with blood and flesh. Her left hand was disabled and could not exert force, so she mainly retreated. Retreat two steps, just by Li Xiangyue caught the gap. The palm of her right hand was pierced by a thin hole in the rapier, and her whole body actually rushed toward Mu Qingdai, the rapier stabbed straight from the back of her hand against her shoulder blade. The palm of the left hand changes from a lotus flower to two fingers, hooking the soft flesh in the blood hole. It still hurts! Neither of them felt well. Mu Qingdai probably did not expect that the little sister, who had always been kind, would have such a ruthless day. The right hand tightens the rapier, holds Li Xiangyue's palm quickly, and crushes the blister in the palm. The teeth are shaking and the body is shaking. Li Xiangyue's face suddenly turned pale, her red lips turned shriveled gray, and her left hand dared not relax. Her pain will make Mu Qingdai more painful, how many years, she finally figured out that the treatment of Mu Qingdai is to be ruthless. Madman, let me go! Mu Qingdai tried to use her feet to break the move, not to be kneeled on the ground by her knee. Why don't we see who bleeds to death first? Li Xiangyue spoke with a trill, and the pain in her palms and shoulder blades slowly became numb. The pain dispelled her fear of fire, and the fire around her made her feel at ease. I never argue with you, but you embarrass me everywhere. Three chances have passed, and this time I will never be soft-hearted. The blood hole on his left shoulder was like a continuous stream of river water in the south, and Mu Qingdai did not know where he got so much blood. The gurgling blood soaked half of her clothes red, and the hot fire could not warm her slowly cooling body. Are you going to die like this? She died when she failed to kill the enemy, when she failed to win glory for the school, but died in obscurity, Mu Qingdai's eyes were scattered, and her short and fleeting life passed in front of her eyes. No, her eyes suddenly came back. Forced exercise, left hand blood flow more and more happy, right hand throw away Li Xiangyue's palm, mercilessly grabbed her neck. Lee Sang-wol dodged on her back, leaving five finger prints on her neck. After some movements, they were still deadlocked, but the pain was aroused again because of the movements. The quenched wooden block fell from the ear of Muqingdai, and looking up, the roof could not support itself and began to collapse. Both of them looked at each other and stared at the burning iron gate worriedly. If we continue to fight, the house will collapse. Are you sure you have the ability to rescue the master from the ruins? Li Xiangyue said. Mu Qingdai twisted her eyebrows together and replied angrily, "Now you want me to die. It's really hypocritical to say that." "Can we stop at the same time, save the master, and then divide it into high and low?" Mu Qingdai did not reply, holding a beautiful sword flower in his hand, and the rapier withdrew its scabbard. "Well.." Li Xiangyue stopped at the same time, and the pain became long. No more words, two people together to open the iron door only to find smoke inside. I don't know when the flames have jumped into the cellar along the gap on the floor. On the beam, there was a bright fire, and the cool wind turned into a burning warm ocean. Looking ahead, Fan Heng and Huiling were lying unconscious at the entrance. Li Xiangyue ran to shake, unconscious. Elder Martial Brother, Elder Martial Sister, you are all right! She was so overjoyed that she couldn't imagine that the two men were still alive. One left and one right put them on their shoulders. When she went out, the beam could not hold up and finally fell down. Mu Qingdai quickly pushed her back and frowned around the cellar. It's hell here. The smoke and open fire make the narrow environment oppressive. You can't see anything except the fire. You take them up first,Inflatable water park on lake, and I'll save the master. As another beam fell, the fire spread from top to bottom and was about to reach their feet. Yun Ling was locked up in the depths of the cellar. From time to time, huge pieces of wood licked by flames fell from the road. Maybe it was death to go in. I'm going to go together. Li Xiangyue said.