Eucalyptus PlywoodEucalyptus PlywoodEucalyptus Plywood

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Eucalyptus PlywoodEucalyptus PlywoodEucalyptus PlywoodEucalyptus PlywoodEucalyptus Plywood

Eucalyptus Plywood Eucalyptus: The multi-layer plate using eucalyptus is relatively good. The natural performance of eucalyptus is high density, strong hardness and no deformation. Environmental protection: multilayer plate used in the production process of high quality environmental glue, product formaldehyde release limit to the national standard waterproof: waterproof super, our tank cabinet adopts the veneer of multi-layer board, the cabinet will not mold by damp and odor is not easy to deformation: due to the vertical and horizontal glue, high temperature and high pressure, from the aspects of internal stress solved the solid wood finger plate deformation defects.The multilayer plate has the characteristics of good structural stability and easy deformation. Stick wood skin: because the multi-layer board has the characteristics of not easy to deformation and good adjustment of indoor temperature and humidity excellent performance, the surface layer affixed with high quality wood skin or technology wood skin, with natural real wood texture and feel, fashion high-end, times by the favor of consumers;Eucalyptus Plywood website: