How to select the best pet if you are living in an apartment    

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It is worth mentioning here that dogs are ideally suited animals for emotional support purposes. So, if you are looking for an animal that can provide you with the best company and also emotional support, it is always wise to choose dogs as your pet ESA.


Choosing a pet is not an easy task as there are so many different kinds of animals available. If you are going to own a pet for the first time, you must be confused between a variety of options and different breeds of various animals. It is not possible to cover all the types of animals that can be domesticated, so in this article, we are going to have our focus on dog breeds that can be best utilized as pets. 

It is worth mentioning here that dogs are ideally suited animals for emotional support purposes. So, if you are looking for an animal that can provide you with the best company and also emotional support, it is always wise to choose dogs as your pet ESA. However, dogs have different types of breeds and some breeds are not suitable for having in the apartment. There are some considerations before selecting the dog type for your apartment. A few of these important points to discuss are as follows.

Size of the dog

Some very large dog breeds, such as Bullmastiff, Cane Corso, and Scottish deerhound, are not suitable because of their large size. The majority of the population living in apartments have limited space. A small-sized apartment is not suitable as large dog breeds have extra energy and they need sufficient space to move around. If enough space is not provided to such animals, they can become angry, and aggressive or it might also impact their physiological or psychological health.


If your requirement is based on your emotional needs then you should consider the personality and behavior of the animals in the first place. The breeds that are well suited for owning as a realesaletter for dogs are not overly energetic. People with mental or emotional disabilities often do not have sufficient energy to play for long hours with pet animals. The requirements revolve more around the availability of an emotional support resource. So, dog breeds for living in a medium-sized apartment should have mellow personalities and calm behavior.

The source of acquiring

The current point under discussion is one of the most neglected parts when owners are searching for an emotional support animal. If you are adopting a dog that is already living in an apartment, then you have a big advantage because the dog is used to living in a confined space. On the other hand, if you own an animal that was previously living in a very large home, then it is not a wise idea to put that dog in a small apartment, as the dog might not be able to adjust quickly. 

Before owning an animal, you should gain some basic information about how to acquire an emotional support animal letter for housing. Many residential areas have pre-defined requirements for the inclusion of animals. It is true that after spending some time at the new home dogs get used to the new place. But if you are looking to have emotional support from the very first day, then it is wise to consider another animal.

Based on the provided information the following dog breeds are ideally suited for small apartments.


Chihuahuas are famous for keeping their owners happy most times of the day. They do not have extreme levels of energy like some other dog breeds but they are also not very lazy. Chihuahuas are known to keep their owners energetic and provide company as they are very fond of cuddling and hugging their owners. Moreover, if you are having emotional instability issues, Chihuahuas are considered to be very loyal to owners. Their small size is also convenient to manage within your room and also aids in maintaining the living space clean and tidy. 

After some time, you will be able to develop a strong bond with your pet and Chihuahuas will keep on providing you continuous support. However, you should have an ESA letter from for carrying your animals to different places. In recent years, the government has allowed owners to have the continuous presence of ESA animals with them, but you need to have the official letter at your disposal all the time.


Poodles are always in demand as emotional support animals because of their ability to reciprocate the emotions of their owners. They are quick learners and would provide you with an ideal company when you are feeling lonely or depressed. They are best suited as permanent members of your apartment. However, you need to keep them engaged as they might become bored easily if not catered to properly.

Golden retrievers

Although golden retrievers are a large dog breed, their introverted personality makes them one of the best animals to have in a small apartment. The life of golden retrievers revolves around the owner. If you are lazy, the golden retriever won't bother you and if you are in the mood for a walk around the park, the golden retriever would give you excellent company. They can easily adjust themselves to a small space within the apartment and would always keep you in warm and loving company.

As you can see, there are a variety of options available for having a pet or an ESA to give you company. It depends on your preference and liking, however, it also depends on the care, attention, and bonding of the owner with the pet in making them comfortable for their stay in the apartment.


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