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The focus of any child custody and visitation action should be on what is best for the children,


If your marriage or relationship is coming to an end, you may be puzzled by the legal procedure overwhelmed by how to proceed. You may also be concerned that taking the wrong option may cost you time with your children, some of your property, or a significant financial impact. If you are in Orange County, before you go any further, you need to engage an experienced Santa Ana Family Law Attorney to steer you through the procedure.



Is There A Difference Between Divorce Annulment?


When one or both partners seek to end a marriage, one of two things might happen. The most prevalent is divorce, which terminates a formal marriage. If the court determines that the union was not legally legitimate, it may simply grant an annulment. An annulment is a legal declaration that regards the union as if it never happened. An annulment may be obtained for a variety of reasons, including bigamy, fraud, or force.



What Is Child Support Paid For?


When one of the parents has - primary custody of the child/children, the other parent may be forced to pay child support. Although the funds are sent by the custodial parent, they can only be used for things that the kid requires, such as:


●    Food, clothing, a place to live

●    Medical dental expenditures

●    Educational costs


If the custodial parent spends child support on anything else, the non-custodial parent may notify the court.



How Is Alimony Calculated?


Alimony, often known as spousal support, is a regular payment provided to a dependent spouse. Because they make more money, a supportive spouse is frequently expected to pay alimony based on a percentage of his or her monthly salary. These benefits may be received by the dependent spouse until he or she remarries or achieves financial independence.



What Factors Affect Child Visitation?


When children are involved, the court must make a judgment that is in their best interests. Following the establishment of custody, the ex-spouses can debate vitiation rights. During this sometimes acrimonious procedure, experienced attorneys can be essential to both sides. If they can reach an agreement, there may be no need for a court order granting visiting rights.



Do I Require The Services Of A Family Law Attorney?


Although it is legally feasible to represent yourself in family court, this is extremely uncommon. Why? Aside from the enormous amount of stress and strain that these situations nearly always generate, they can also be challenging from a legal standpoint. Because matrimonial law is not set in stone, courts usually err on the side of caution.


They frequently push both parties to reach an agreement rather than make a definite judgment. As a result, a spouse who does not have legal counsel will be at a significant disadvantage throughout talks, including child custody and other critical matters. During a divorce, a seasoned family law attorney can assist you in safeguarding your rights pursuing your interests.




Essential Questions to Ask Before Employing A Family Law Attorney


When you are involved in a domestic dispute, a skilled family law attorney can advise you on your legal alternatives. Is divorce the solution? Is there another option? How should I safeguard myself amid attempts at reconciliation? Even if you are unsure about divorce, a family law expert can advise you on your alternatives.



What is the Communication Policy of the Firm?


Before selecting a family law attorney, the first question to ask is what the firm's specific communication policy is. Make sure to inquire about the office's response time for day-to-day questions, as well as if the office prefers to interact by phone calls or email. Understanding the firm's communication policy can have a significant impact on how quickly your case is completed.



How Many Cases Does Each Lawyer Handle at One Time?


The second question to ask is how many cases each lawyer at the firm is handling at any one moment. If the law office has a large volume of cases, you'll want to know what techniques they use to handle the overwhelming demand. It's a fair idea to find out whether they have the personnel to help with the workload or if there's a point of contact in case of an emergency.



What Kind of Pricing Structures are in Place?


The subsequent question to ask is whether the company provides price assurances. Many lawyers price their clients on an hourly basis, whereas some charge a flat fee for all services done. If a flat fee is not utilized, request a pricing outline that will give you an estimate of the overall amount. Make sure you understand the price structure so you can plan for the potential financial burden.



What have Former Clients said about the Firm?


The fourth thing to ask is regarding references and what previous clients think of the company. Request client testimonials from the family law attorney you're thinking about hiring. You may also look through internet review sites. The reviews should show you a trend that will give you a decent indication of what you will be dealing with in terms of customer service.



What is the Law Firm's Experience with Cases Similar to Yours?


The final thing to ask is how much experience the law firm has with cases similar to yours. In particular, enquire about the lawyer's depth of familiarity with your specific sort of case and their track record of success in that field. Choose a family law attorney who is familiar with you and your case.


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