Concubine Mou

"What are you looking for, Mrs. Fang?"? "Why don't the maidservant help you find it?" Jinxia was originally a servant girl beside the first lady. Since Fang Shi came to the shogunate, because there was no servant girl around her, she pointed to Jinxia. Origina


"What are you looking for, Mrs. Fang?"? "Why don't the maidservant help you find it?" Jinxia was originally a servant girl beside the first lady. Since Fang Shi came to the shogunate, because there was no servant girl around her, she pointed to Jinxia. Originally thought that this Fang Shi could not live long to leave, so when she was referred to, she did not feel anything, but this saw Fang Shi live for almost a year and refused to leave, the heart is not a taste. This is a servant, who does not want to follow the master's mother, can get some reward money on New Year's Day. Who wants to serve a distant relative who has been driven out of the house, and a master who has no money and likes to put on a show to teach others? Master Mu's birthday, I really can't think of what to send at this moment? You go to the front yard to inquire about it and see what gifts the Second Lady has prepared. Fang Shi did not want the servant girl to see her embarrassment, so she casually found an excuse and sent Jinxia out. Jinxia is worried that there is no excuse to go out, Fang Shi's words and her mind, naturally nodded and turned out of the east wing. To say that the East Chamber was originally the house of Aunt Cheng, since this Fang came, the first lady found an excuse to send her to the backyard. In fact, the inner courtyard of the shogunate was too small to accommodate so many people. Even the second master's family lived in the outer courtyard. Fortunately, the family had a simple population and not many women, and there were only two ladies and two maids who served them closely. Liangshi's age and seniority were there,rotary vacuum disc filters, and there were many activities in the inner courtyard on weekdays, so naturally no one would talk nonsense. The inner and outer courtyards were busy preparing gifts, but the backyard where Mu Chenxue lived was peaceful on the surface. Anyway, she had nothing, and it was normal not to give gifts. But she was secretly plotting something that would surprise the head of the shogunate. On this side of the shogunate, the whole family was busy, but in a quiet courtyard on the outskirts of the city, Nangong Shumo had a leisurely and contented face. Out of the palace,Rotating sludge scraper, the second brother is so leisurely and carefree, for the elder brother to look at the body is much better than in the palace, it can be seen that it is better! Nangong Xun, the eldest son of Prince Qingwangfu, carried a food box through the peach grove of the other courtyard and walked into the pavilion. Qing Wang Ye's mother and concubine were not born high, but their appearance was outstanding. Qing Wang Ye and his children all inherited their advantages. If we compare Nangong calligraphy and ink to the Tianshan Snow Lotus, the whole body is covered with the bones of boiling snow. That Nangong Xun is the orchid in the valley. Although he is not like his younger brother who has experienced wind and rain, he is independent of the flowers and does not enter the secular world. Brother is here! Nangong Shumo put his hands on the wooden couch under his body and wanted to raise his upper body to salute Nangong Xun. You and I are blood brothers. I just don't trust your body. Why do you have to stick to these common rituals? If you don't say it, it seems inappropriate for your brother to come! Nangong Xun quickly walked a few steps forward, pressed Nangong ShuMo back on the wooden couch, and then turned around and put the food box on the stone table. But he did not notice that at the moment he turned around, there was a trace of painful guilt on Nangong Shumoben's sickly face. They are brothers with the same blood, should be the closest people besides their parents, but in the end they can't treat each other with sincerity, disc air diffuser ,Mechanical fine screen, or even to maintain the brotherhood with hypocrisy, what is Nangong Xun thinking in his heart, Nangong Shu-mo don't know, as if his mind had never been shown to his brother before. Nangong Shumo is not really sick, just to avoid the assassination of Princess Qing, and to benefit their own actions, this is said to be sick and moved to another hospital. Just these things Nangong Xun in the end know how much, or never know, for these Nangong calligraphy has never been studied. One is that he cherishes this brotherhood, and the other is that he is afraid to know the truth. The younger brother has been weak and sick since childhood. He can't share his father's worries. He has to worry about his elder brother in his busy schedule. It's really hard to feel at ease. Nangong Shumo said these words almost every time he saw Nangong Xun. He told so many lies that sometimes he couldn't tell what was true. "Second brother, why should I say this again? Father and I are only concerned about your health. As for the affairs of the palace, there are stewards, officials and bodyguards. How can I really worry about my brother?" Nangong Xun really loved this half-brother from the bottom of his heart, but he was born to be a legitimate son, the future Qing Wang Ye, and his concubines were like an insurmountable gap between their brothers, which made the two people who should be close get along like strangers. Nangong Shumo did not say anything more, when his mother died, if not for his brother, he was afraid that he had been killed when he was young, but it is precisely because he owed this kindness, but now it has become the deepest pain in his heart, the biggest obstacle on the road to revenge. Nangong Xun looked at his younger brother who turned his head to enjoy the flowers quietly. There was only loneliness in his back, and a swing in his chest seemed to produce some kind of resonance. No more to say, sitting at the stone table, he took out a few of Nangong's favorite snacks from the food box, and cooked a pot of green tea with his own hands, so the two of them were speechless. Feng Wu looked from a distance among the peach trees, as if he were looking at a painting. Only he really understands the pain in his heart, and it is precisely because he understands that he does not want to disturb them at this time. No one knows how the future will be, so let the beauty of this moment stay for a moment longer, and maybe there will be less regret in the future. In the eyes of outsiders, the son of Qing Wang Ye, even if he is a concubine, is better than the legitimate son of ordinary people, but only those who live in it can understand what is the abyss of suffering, what is the conspiracy. If Nangong Shumo chose his family background, he would rather be the son of a white man than enter the palace. Time passes like water, whether it is another courtyard on the outskirts of the city or a shogunate mansion. No matter how people's hearts float and how everything changes, time will not stay for a moment longer. In front of the time like water, everything is just a fragment. Chapter 21, launch an attack. Shogunate Lord Mu Qian's birthday banquet arrived as promised, and most of the people who came to congratulate him were colleagues with similar ranks or subordinates with slightly lower ranks. However, Xuezheng, who was sincerely invited by Muqian,rapid sand filters, only prepared a small gift and sent it to the shogunate one day in advance. So early in the morning, the shogunate was overcast with a face, and the people under the shogunate were busy preparing to receive the guests.