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Fu Jingchao's empty and dry heart trembled slightly, and a few drops of rain fell from his cracked heart, then evaporated on the surface in an instant, and a small piece of fog evaporated and dissipated. He suddenly stood up, threw the magazine on the sofa, raised his hand to smooth


Fu Jingchao's empty and dry heart trembled slightly, and a few drops of rain fell from his cracked heart, then evaporated on the surface in an instant, and a small piece of fog evaporated and dissipated. He suddenly stood up, threw the magazine on the sofa, raised his hand to smooth the slight wrinkles under his clothes, and then turned his head slightly sideways. His pale face was beautiful because of the smile, like the soul of a doll carefully carved by the most skilled craftsmen in the world. I'll wait and see. …… The plan went so smoothly, is Ye Wan porcelain did not think of things, although she did not think Fu Jingchao would accept him directly, but not so exclusive of her has made her very happy. There is a long way to go and a long way to go, but a good start has been made. When Ye Wan Porcelain went to work, his mood became much better, and he successfully communicated with the photographer and settled the issue of remuneration. She sent out the contract to complete her first major event since taking office, and she felt that everything was going well recently,rapid sand filters, which made her happy. Because of Fu Jingchao's consent, Ye Wan-porcelain was much more comfortable when she was invited by the old lady to play at home. The old lady liked her very much and told her a lot about Fu Jingchao's childhood, which made her know him a lot better. Little porcelain, you come. The old lady took out a photo album from the drawer of the bedside table and beckoned her to come. What is this "I'll show you when we were young." The old lady rubbed the cover of the album and turned to the first page. This was when he was fifteen years old and had just been picked up. The old lady pointed to her. "Look." The 15-year-old boy in the photo is already very tall, but he is so thin that people are shocked to see. The white shirt is wide on his body, and he can't go too far. The teenager's watchful and hateful eyes passed through the camera,wall penstocks, not knowing who he was thinking about. Why did you pick it up at the age of fifteen? Did something happen before? "Ye Wan Porcelain looked at him like this, with a trace of intolerance in his tone." Well, it's all my son's fault. "Jingchao's father?" "Mmm." The old lady said, "In the early years, I was worried about his marriage. He had been indulging in debauchery outside, but he didn't want to get married. Later, Jing Chao's mother, Bai Yiru, came to me with a big belly, but he drove her away angrily. I tried to find her back, but he told me that he could not bear children, filter nozzle ,multi disc screw press, so the woman came to blackmail." "Huh?"? The scene turned toward him. Ye Wan Porcelain asked thoughtfully. The old lady went on to say, "Later, the woman gave birth to Jing Chao and raised him until he was fifteen years old. Although she didn't know how to raise him, she had a hard time. So she went to Fu's house again before she died. My son told her the truth. She knelt down and kowtowed in disbelief and begged Fu Zhong to take Jing Chao for a paternity test. She kowtowed badly. I saw her attitude was firm." He told my son to go to the hospital to do it. "And the result?" "Although I don't know what caused him to conceive successfully with Jingchao's mother, the result of the identification showed that Jingchao was indeed his son, so he was taken back to the Fu family." "What about his mother?" "She died the night Jing Chao was picked up." "How can this be?" Ye Wan Porcelain frowned. She had a very bad disease, and there was no money to treat it, and she was mentally unstable. She was already dying. Probably after Jing Chao was picked up, she had a worry and then committed suicide. “……” Ye Wan porcelain silence, do not know what to say, obviously this story is too heavy, say what words are pale. Fu Zhong this person, although she has not seen personally, but causes this kind of result, is all his arrogant, cruel, cool thin causes. He almost ruined two people's lives. Ye Wan Porcelain has developed a psychological antipathy to the man he has never met. Let's not talk about that. Let's look at this one. The old lady turned the page again. "This is when Jing Chao came back for half a year. Did he gain a lot of weight?". ” Ye Wan Porcelain moved his eyes over and saw a delicate young man in expensive clothes, probably because his living standard had been raised. He was no longer as skinny as before, but the expression on his face was still indifferent. It seemed that a change of environment had not changed his mood. He sat quietly on the valuable sofa, dressed in beautiful clothes, but the dark smell of his body made him look like a lifeless doll. At this time, Ye Wan Porcelain inappropriately thought of an inappropriate word: beauty withered bones. At that time, even wearing expensive and delicate clothes, the body wrapped under the clothes was probably just a walking corpse. Ye Wan Porcelain felt very sad. Why did he have to bear such pain when he was young? It was his eighteenth birthday. The old lady turned over another page. Ye looked at the cake in the picture and asked curiously, "Haven't you taken a picture in the past two and a half years?" The old lady's hand trembled and touched Fu Jingchao's face in the photo. The old man burst into tears. "It's our fault. I'm sorry for him." "Don't be sad, it's not good for your health," said Ye Wanci, who quickly pulled out a tissue. The old lady wiped away her tears and seemed suddenly exhausted. She closed the album and said, "I'll talk to you some other time." "Well, good." Ye looked at the time and poured her a cup of warm water. "You should take the medicine. Take a rest after taking the medicine. Too much excitement is not good for your health." The old lady took the medicine and took her by the hand and said, "Little Porcelain, go and see Jing Chao. Today is his birthday. Every time he celebrates his birthday, he is in a bad mood. Although he doesn't say anything, I can see it." "Well, I'll go and see him. Don't worry." Ye Wan Porcelain came out of the old lady's room and went to Fu Jingchao's bedroom. His bedroom is on the top floor,lamella clarifer, because there is a sunny garden, a transparent room surrounded by tough and strong tempered glass, which is full of colorful flowers and plants. khnwatertreatment.com