I'm a scumbag [wear it quickly]

"Of course it's true. You're already excellent, believe me." Shao Yu said, Shao Zihui sniffed gently and said, "Then I'll believe you once." Shao Yu looked at her with a stiff look, patted her on the shoulder and said, "Pack up. Dad will take


"Of course it's true. You're already excellent, believe me." Shao Yu said, Shao Zihui sniffed gently and said, "Then I'll believe you once." Shao Yu looked at her with a stiff look, patted her on the shoulder and said, "Pack up. Dad will take you out to play." This time is already at night, two people visited the Forbidden City during the day, big night Shao Zihui also do not know where to go. Shao Yu directly searched the nearby video game city and went straight there with Shao Zihui. There are still a lot of people in the video game city in the evening. It looks very lively. Most of them are young people dressed in fashion. Occasionally, a few adults dressed in mature clothes are here to decompress. The combination of Shao Yu's father and daughter is not particularly conspicuous here, but in the end, it is because Shao Yu has some old faces that others look at more. Shao Zihui looked at Shao Yu with some surprise. Such a place, for her who has been a good girl for more than ten years, is half a step away. In Wu Ruoxue's words, this place, like the casino, is harmful and degenerate, so she has been half a step away. At this time, even with Shao Yu, but under the high pressure of Wu Ruoxue for many years, Shao Zihui instinctively feared such a place. Shao Yu pulled the man and said, "Try it. If it's not fun, let's go, shall we?" Shao Yu said so, Shao Zihui had to step forward timidly,industrial racking systems, Shao Yu wanted to take her to play with the doll. The simpler the game is, the easier it is to arouse people's mood. After a while, Shao Zihui has already let go a lot. Dad, this! Shao Zihui shouted. After Shao Yu's operation, the doll designated by his daughter was clipped out. Shao Zihui already had four dolls in her hands at this time, plus this one had five, Shao Yu felt almost ready, and planned to take her to play with something else. Then a girl in short sleeves and shorts with suspenders appeared next to her. She leaned over and said to Shao Yu, "Uncle,automated warehouse systems, I really want the little dolphin inside. Can you clip it for me?"? I can buy it from you at the original price. Shao Yu looked at the girl who suddenly appeared and was a little stunned. After a moment, he said, "Yes." The girl immediately gave a cheer and said to a little boy who looked about five or six years old behind her, "Ningning, wait, sister will buy you a dolphin." See Shao Zihui also looked over, Shao Yu handed her five game coins, let her go to the side to try. Shao Yu threw a game coin, controlled the handle of the doll machine, quickly attacked, and after a moment, he caught the little blue dolphin which looked very cute. Great! Great! The girl gave a cheer. Shao Zihui, who had clipped the doll by herself on the other side, heard this sound and shook her hand in a conditioned reflex. The doll, which had been clipped up slowly, fell down directly. She turned her head and took a look at Shao Yu's head. When she saw that this side had been clipped up, radio shuttle racking ,shuttle rack system, she could not help raising the corners of her mouth. Thank you, uncle. The girl handed over a fifty note and said apologetically, "Uncle, I only have so much." Shao Yu did not accept it, but said, "Can I ask you to do one thing for me?" The girl in suspenders was a little puzzled. Shao Yu pointed to Shao Zihui, who was still concentrating on the doll, and said softly, "You take a younger brother, too. It's better to take a younger sister. I can't play a lot of things in the video game city. You take her to play and I'll treat you, OK?" This girl has a strong sense of principle and is determined not to treat Shao Yu. When Shao Yu saw that she was no longer reluctant, he turned to buy a few ice creams, one for each of the children. Shao Yu is not so confident of strangers, but because the girl is not someone else, it is Shao Zihui's future roommate: Sun Zhaoxi. Shao Yu also did not expect the world will be so small, the two people will meet ahead of time, but in the original plot, Sun Zhaoxi is not completely unaware, she responded to Shao Zihui's feelings, but this response is too obscure, not to wait for Shao Zihui to understand, things have been opened, Sun Zhaoxi are ready, until Shao Zihui back to school when the two Just did not wait for a confession, but waited for a death. After the death of Shao Zihui, Sun Zhaoxi took a year off from school and returned to school, but no one knew whether it was difficult or not. Shao Yu did not have any idea of matchmaking, he only hoped that Shao Zihui could be happy, since Sun Zhaoxi could save Shao Zishan in the original plot, this time it should be possible. Sun Zhaoxi watched Shao Zishan clip the doll for a while and said, "Would you like to play with the dancing machine?"? I feel you have long legs, and you must be able to play well. Shao Yu immediately said: "Go, just play with your peers, Dad go over there to sit and rest for a while." Shao Yu said and handed the small box containing the game currency to Shao Zihui. Shao Zihui wanted to refuse, but the little boy Ningning was also at this time, pulling the hem of her clothes and acting like a spoiled child, saying: "Sister, sister, let's go to play together." Not many people can resist the child's coquetry offensive, and after the doll machine entry, Shao Zihui heart put down those because of Wu Ruoxue and the sense of guilt, in Shao Yu's encouragement, followed Sun Zhaoxi to the dance machine there. Shao Zihui felt a little rusty at first, but with the help of Sun Zhaoxi, she soon became proficient. Two young and beautiful girls, plus a child who has been cheering on the side, soon attracted a lot of people, such a scene is obviously not used to Shao Zihui, but Sun Zhaoxi is crazy. Don't worry about the cabbages! Sun Zhaoxi shouted at her, his face flushed because of sports. Shao Zihui thought of what Sun Zhaoxi had said before, and the onlookers were all Chinese cabbages. At this time, he also crossed his heart and simply threw it away. He still began to dance with some clumsy postures. The effect of playing with peers is naturally ten thousand times better than that of Shao Yu in this old-fashioned age. Shao Zihui soon became familiar with Sun Zhaoxi, and even met many people in the video game city. Shao Zihui did not know how to deal with it,metal racking systems, but Sun Zhaoxi was very familiar with it. In a few words, he sent people away, which made Shao Zihui look at her with envy. kingmoreracking.com