Mobile Storm

Many players on the sidelines can see that compared with the still motionless devil's record, the Blue Flame fighter is full of power from the moment it starts. This arena has multi-directional data monitoring, which can be more intuitive response.


Many players on the sidelines can see that compared with the still motionless devil's record, the Blue Flame fighter is full of power from the moment it starts. This arena has multi-directional data monitoring, which can be more intuitive response. It can be seen from the starting force of the fighter plane. Baron was ready to go, and the test data on the screen immediately soared, and the pace of the Blue Flame fighter quickly rose to 80, rising to this speed in just five seconds. This instant explosive force fully reflects that the data of the Mars soldier is not false, and the high-speed movement even implies a little flavor of frequency conversion, and the basic skills are quite solid. When the Blade did not respond at all, he could fully raise his pace to one hundred, but the Blade still did not respond, and people could only hear the footsteps of the Blue Flame fighters on the ground with power. Baron's eyes were wide. The alloy knife is unsheathed in the rush. At this time, whether the other side draws a knife or uses laser, it is too late, at this high speed. Even if the other side's marksmanship is magical, it can't hit him from zero to avoid his attack. Even if it takes off, it can definitely reach 20 meters with the driving force of the Blue Flame fighter. If the other side goes up, it will die faster. People held their breath, including the three hosts have no voice, the layman can see that the victory or defeat of this game is between one move, but why did the blade fighter not respond? Failure? That's impossible, but no one can guess how Blade will win. Baron's extreme pace at this distance, 125, two fighters are about to collide in an instant,warehouse storage racks, and Baron's alloy knife also came out. At the beginning, the frequency conversion was just to prevent laser and the knife of Xiao Li's family of blade fighters. When it reached a close enough distance, even if the knife of Xiao Li's ancestors for eight generations came, it was useless. Boom. In an instant, the speed was too fast, the whole process happened in less than a second, the blade fighter was still in place, but the blue flame fighter at its peak speed and attack rushed out like a shell. The fuselage obviously has a different rhythm. One could hear the warping of the mecha as it overloaded, and the Blue Flame lost its balance and whirled headlong into the ground,heavy duty metal racking, its legs and interior apparently useless. But what happened? People only saw that the Martian Warrior rushed past very freely, and then rolled out with the difficult unbalanced rotation of the swan dance even more freely. The excessive torsion made the mecha's system collapse, and a string of sparks was very beautiful. A handful of Martian Alliance people at the scene had their mouths open. They had too little experience of the magic of blade fighters. How could this happen? The other side did nothing, and their own fighters threw themselves to death? The first aid team has been approved by the referee to get the Martian soldier out of the cockpit at an efficient speed and put out the fire at the same time. Baron has fainted, and his body is obviously in a state of deep breathing, indicating that he is completely unable to control the mecha when he is unconscious. Blade exits, no reaction, no one says anything, that's the usual style of Blade. Virtual image immediately appeared in the air, slowed down the moment just happened staggered, blade fighters are not in place, nor completely dodge, in fact, the devil fighters are also in Xu Li, but when the other side rushed over, slightly sent the other side. The Blue Flame fighter really concentrated all his strength on this blow, Automated warehouse systems ,push back racking system, Baron was ready to win or lose with the blade fighter, there was no force at all, but the devil fighter turned around in an instant, dodged his alloy knife, the speed of the turn was not very fast, but completely mastered Baron's rhythm, it was enough to make it ahead of time, and the turn was not moving. Instantaneous speed is the advantage, and the body let more than half of the attack position, the right shoulder just turned, a hard collision, the force of this collision is remarkable, and the Blue Flame fighter lost its balance, the situation behind as everyone saw, this force along with the addition, Baron completely unable to reverse the inertia of the recoil. The Big Dipper has been used to it for a long time, and the result is also expected. Blade Warrior is not a good man or woman. It would be a big mistake if he fought with you in his favorite way. His skill is absolutely above his body, and he likes to learn other people's tricks "shamelessly". At least at this time Joanna's face is not so good-looking, it obviously has the flavor of round, and used so authentic, courage is amazing, to know that the strength is not good, the other side still has a chance to take the blade warrior away, perish together, at least injured. But the mastery of this force, and the control of the fighter has reached its peak, Joanna is paying attention to the displacement of the devil fighter, although it is along the force, but it is still a recoil on their own, this displacement is the most obvious. When others were amazed at the magical collision, Joanna saw the key half-step, only half-step displacement, which was really a blow to Joanna, if the other side mastered the essence of the circle, it would be terrible, she still could not use any part to complete the circle.. Perhaps just a simple force, after all, how can the profound meaning of the circle be so easy to learn, with the talent of Joga sighed, and the blade warrior is only a little stronger than the eldest brother, it must be a fluke! At this time, we should not be suspicious and think too strongly about each other, otherwise we will put too much pressure on ourselves, which is absolutely morbid. Blade is not a God, just a man who likes to hide his head and show his tail! In fact, even Jamison and others can only see that wonderful collision, characterized by the blade fighters completely grasp the rhythm of the opponent, the other side is too hard to lead to failure, he obviously forgot to attack only seven points, the remaining three points for defense and response, especially at the beginning, completely did not know the details of the other side. Such an attack is nothing but the courage of a man. Not enough is already good,teardrop pallet racking, the strength of the gap, no matter what move, the result is no change.