I run a restaurant in another courtyard.

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What do you think, little boy? Your grandfather is certainly not willing to let you get married, if you are with Mu boy, there will be no such problem. The meaning of the words was understood by all the people present. Mu Shaojing had been with his grandparents since he was a child.

What do you think, little boy? Your grandfather is certainly not willing to let you get married, if you are with Mu boy, there will be no such problem. The meaning of the words was understood by all the people present. Mu Shaojing had been with his grandparents since he was a child. After his grandparents died, he did not live with his parents. Instead, he stayed in the military compound and lived in the Gu family. In this way, if you really get married, just like a'live-in son-in-law ', everything meets the requirements of the family, it is estimated that there is no more suitable than him. It would be a shame to miss this. Gu Anqing, who was asked, was stunned. Looking at his grandfather, he found that he actually quite agreed, and also looked at her, apparently to ask her opinion, which made Gu Anqing embarrassed and helpless. Grandpa, are you kidding me? She and Mu Shaojing? Mu Shaojing is really important to her. But between the two of them is affection, ah, how can they make up a pair because of this, not to mention her, let Mu Shaojing know,metal racking systems, after getting along with her will not feel uncomfortable? Gu Anqing did not have the idea of encircling him, nor did he feel that the other party had to be with her. She thinks it's good now! And she is only twenty-two years old. Why does she have to talk about the problem of dating? As soon as she said this idea, all the people present looked at me and I looked at you, and then they all couldn't help laughing, and the laughing Gu Anqing was baffled. Did she tell any jokes? Mrs. He came over and touched her head. "We're still a child!" What brother-sister relationship, although they are old, but also young, Mu Shaojing that mind thought it was good to hide,heavy duty metal racking, but can not escape their eyes, if it is only when the sister, how can it be possible to do so? But seeing that the girl was not yet enlightened, they did not intend to speak too bluntly. Young people's affairs are left to their own hands. If you say you are a brother, you are a brother! This made Gu Anqing shrivel her mouth, as if she were really a child. And her shrunken mouth is really a little more childish. This topic ended in such an anticlimactic way! One side of Gu Anyang in the beginning to hear so many people to Mu Shaojing assists also secretly happy a few minutes, feel cheap that boy, but later saw his sister's reaction and gave him some wax. Come on, he's right. There is still a single arrow between these two people! Gu Anqing didn't leave with his cousin until it was almost noon in the backyard. The two of them are going to prepare lunch. Walking to the inner courtyard, Gu Anqing could not help but mention the previous topic, "Second Brother, did you say Grandpa was joking just now?" Because the beginning is sudden and the end is more sudden. So much so that she couldn't help thinking. Unexpectedly, Gu Anyang asked in reply, "What do you think?"? What do you think if they're not joking and Shaojing himself has the will? Gu Anqing, warehouse storage racks ,industrial racking systems, "." This stopped her from asking. Until two people arrived at the kitchen, Gu Anqing had not come up with a reason. Gu Anyang did not ask. This topic seems to have stopped like this, but it left a certain trace in Gu Anqing's heart. In the afternoon, Gu Anqing did not go to the backyard again, but stayed in the inner courtyard to practice. Several brothers have now succeeded in introducing Qi into the body, and she herself has to work harder. She has accumulated enough during this period of time. With such an effort, she finally entered the fifth layer of Qi refining smoothly in the evening. The fifth level already belongs to the middle level of Qi training, and the spiritual power storage is enough for her to perform some spells. She looked at the small bud slightly opened a little bit of Gu Xiaoying, stepped forward and put his hand on the trunk of Gu Xiaoying, driving the spiritual power into its body, combing along the veins over and over again. Wait until she sends most of her spiritual power in. The buds on the branches burst into bloom in an instant. Seeing this scene, Gu Anyang could not help but stare. He saw a lot of cherry blossoms, but it was hard to see the scene of all the cherry blossoms blooming together in an instant, and countless cherry blossoms formed a beautiful scenery like clouds and rosy clouds. It's really shocking. 'Ah, ah, ah, I have blossomed at last. ' Gu Xiaoying is excited not to go, 'beautiful woman elder sister, is the flower that I open beautiful? Isn't it beautiful? ' Gu Anqing nodded, "well, beautiful.". ” Raised for more than two months, and every day there is Lingquan irrigation, as well as Reiki absorption, now Gu Xiaoying is no longer the ordinary cherry tree before, he has Reiki, emitting a stronger vitality, even the shape has become more beautiful, so that after the branches are full of flowers, it is particularly spectacular. Gu Anyang, who came to his senses, said. I thought I heard the tree talking. It was really the first time he had really heard the voice of the tree spirit. Gu Anqing raised his eyebrows slightly and thought about it, "I gave Xiao Ying some spiritual power, he blossomed again, the spirit body strengthened a little in an instant, and you have succeeded in drawing air into the body, it is not surprising to hear him speak." Gu Anyang was somewhat excited when he heard this. He also came to touch Gu Xiaoying's trunk and wanted to communicate with him again. Suddenly there was a familiar cry behind him, "I, Hu Hansan, have finally come back!!!" Gu Anyang.. Come back when you come back. What are you shouting about? "Oh??" Gu Anchi strode over with a schoolbag on his back and stared at Gu Xiaoying with his eyes wide open. "How long has it been since Gu Xiaoying blossomed?"? Did you have hormones?? Gu Xiaoying, "." The dog can't spit out ivory from its mouth, and it's still the familiar Gu Anchi! Chapter 54 Gu Anyang clearly heard Gu Xiaoying's complaint this time. Then with a bit of'schadenfreude 'to tell his cousin, "Gu Xiaoying is scolding you, your boy is outspoken, really should let you personally listen to what Gu Xiaoying is saying, but unfortunately you can not hear." If you can hear it, you can probably see that these two are fighting like children. Gu Anchi's reaction was unexpected when he heard this, his focus was not on Gu Xiaoying scolding him again,shuttle rack system, but on his second brother's envious face, "You can hear Gu Xiaoying speak??" Damn it, why can't he hear anything. kingmoreracking.com