Sin City Black Rock

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When the brothers came back, they were naturally greeted with good wine. After getting drunk with Daxian, several of our brothers were lying in the private room of the singing hall. The feeling of drinking is very uncomfortable, the heart is pounding, but the body is numb. Especially the f

When the brothers came back, they were naturally greeted with good wine. After getting drunk with Daxian, several of our brothers were lying in the private room of the singing hall. The feeling of drinking is very uncomfortable, the heart is pounding, but the body is numb. Especially the feeling that the heart is about to jump out, it makes people feel that death is just like this. Everyone was drunk and asleep, but I was still staring at the ceiling with my eyes open. I know. Thirteen young people will be destroyed by me sooner or later. But I can't help but have a headache because of the forces behind the thirteen young people. Each of those generals has a deep background, perhaps a vassal, perhaps a king. If I really destroy them, I may have to make an enemy of the whole city. But now that it's come to this. I don't mind antagonizing the city's hooligans. Even if I don't fight them, they won't let me rise so easily, will they? Holding back and sitting up, I picked up the phone and looked at Su Han's name. Baidu searches [the book reads a house] move in the heart, I sent a message to Su Han, "you are a whore." As I expected, Su Han replied to me soon. Her tone was a little plaintive, and she seemed to be more sad for me. "Li Siwen.". We broke up. Why are you still haunting me? What did I do wrong? Why are you doing this to me? Looking at Su's plaintive tone, I felt very sad. But once again, I sent a very critical message, "Do you know why I said that to you?" "I don't know,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, I don't know what I've done to you." Because you're prettier than a bitch. You are so beautiful that even a bitch can't compare with you. After sending it, I waited nervously for Su Han to send me a message back. This trick was taught to me by Wang Zhixin, who said that it was very useful to make an appointment on Wechat. If some girls show beautiful pictures all day. I always don't reply when I talk to her. If you say such a sentence to her, you promise to reply! Holding the mobile phone, my heart is getting more and more nervous. After a while, Su Han finally gave me back the message. When I saw this message, my eyes were wide open for a moment. *** you! Being scolded by Su Han, I was so angry that my face turned red. I thought why I had such a bad temper and scolded me so hard. But the normal girl said that she must be angry,push back racking system, and Su Han must be angry with me. After thinking about it, I called Su Han again. The phone soon got through, and Su Han's cold voice immediately came from the other side of the phone, "Li Siwen, what do you mean?" "I miss you.." "Want to *** me?" "Um.." Go out, turn left, then turn right. There is a small advertisement on the wire pole. You can find a lady at random. "That's an advertisement for a cure for venereal disease." "Oh, just ask you to find a young lady, and then take the advertisement to cure the disease." Su Han finished and hung up the phone coldly. It's boring, and I'm still a little reluctant to give up. After thinking about it, I called Su Han again. This time Su Han was finally annoyed and asked me loudly, "Li Siwen, are you finished or not?"? If you harass me again, I'll find my brother! Seeing Su Han pressing me with her brother, automated warehouse systems ,Automated warehouse systems, my heart cooled for a moment. But after all, Su Han is not my toy, not the person I call to come and go. Helplessly, I couldn't help asking Su Han shamelessly, "Why are you looking for your brother?"? You think I'm afraid of your brother. "Oh, you are the eldest brother now, of course not afraid of my brother.." Su Han, let's make up. I really miss you. I said to Su Han seriously. The voice was interrupted by me, and Su Han began to be silent on the phone. After a while, Su Han suddenly sighed and said to me, "Li Siwen, is this the way you apologize?"? I never chat with boys for you, but you are like Cui Zhenzhen every day. I just sent a message to a sissy in my class, and you did that to me. Li Siwen, I'm really disappointed with you. "Yes." Li Siwen, you are really good. Really, I thought you were honest before I agreed to be with you. But I never dreamed that now you don't even have the advantage of being honest. You become more and more slippery, and you become more and more beautiful. Li Siwen, can we really be together? "Yes." "Good!"! I'll forgive you if you apologize to me. I'll give you one more chance. You can apologize. "Su Han, she still has me in her heart." I'm not sorry. I didn't do anything wrong. I thought about it and said. All right, then you can be with Cui Zhenshi! Su Han hung up the phone. After putting down the phone, I can't help feeling a little sad. I like Cui Zhenzhen, but I haven't done anything sorry for Su Han. If I really apologize, doesn't it mean that I really have something with Cui Zhenzhen? Now she has been difficult to get along with Cui Zhenzhen, what should she do in the future? I can't give up my good friend because of my girlfriend. I, Li Siwen, am not an ungrateful person. The fight was widely spread in the school, and the school also caught a few typical cases. For the sake of those brothers who were caught not to be expelled, I asked Chao Tianming to say to the thirteen little, "This is a trivial matter, we just play at the beginning, did not expect to be taken as true by the teacher.". There was no fight, just a fight. Fighting is a big thing, but fighting is a small thing. If you get caught in a fight, you will be fired, and if you break something in a fight, you can pay for it. So I asked Shisanshao to emphasize to the school that this time everyone was fighting, not fighting. Thirteen little also want to keep their brothers, they are very tacit understanding of the brothers were arrested is slapstick rather than fighting. As for the brothers who were arrested on our side, they insisted that we were playing and there was no fight. The teacher is not a fool, but he really didn't expel them. A major demerit, probation, these are not a big problem for a person. I was almost killed by Shisanshao, and I was sure that Ann Xiaohui betrayed me. Because at that time I told her that I was downstairs in the girls' dormitory, and she immediately told me to run outside the school. When I ran outside, I happened to meet the crow who came in a hurry. An Xiaohui hurt me badly enough before,push back racking system, and I only beat her lightly. If it were anyone else, she might have been thrown away. The fact that she betrayed me is definitely out of the question, and I must ask her about it.