Liuhu Xiayin-Huanzhu Landlord _ txt Novel Paradise

Wait for a word to finish, listen to an old person to send a word suddenly: "You and wait a moment, wait for me to come out to ask you again." As soon as the voice stopped, the waterfall in front of the cliff rolled up like a curtain of beads, and the water disappeared. Then a


Wait for a word to finish, listen to an old person to send a word suddenly: "You and wait a moment, wait for me to come out to ask you again." As soon as the voice stopped, the waterfall in front of the cliff rolled up like a curtain of beads, and the water disappeared. Then a low white jade couch flew out of the cave, and the old man sat on it. He was born with a sharp beak and shrinking cheeks, a face as white as paper, an eagle's nose and eyes, a ferocious appearance, and a pair of green and shining pupils. Although people are short, they imply fierce power. He flew to the front of the cliff and stopped. When he met him, he pointed at him and asked, "What's your name? Why did you come here?" Don't hate to see the other side look terrible, suddenly wary. "Brothers often say that good and evil cannot stand side by side," he thought. If the other party is an immortal and refuses to accept disciples at most, there will be no harm. If the other party is an evil spirit and finds out that his mother and younger brother are his enemies, is it not asking for trouble? The sorcerer killed before, and if he is a disciple, the situation will be even more dangerous. He changed the preface and knelt down and said, "I have no parents since I was a child. Because I was born with great strength and light body, I was raised by a mountain man. At the age of two, I was able to find my own food.". Two months ago, I went to the mountain to pick fruit. I found an axe in a cave. No matter whether it was rock, gold or iron, it would be broken when it touched. When it danced,Magnesium Sulphate producer, there was still precious light. Later, it was said that this was the treasure axe of the immortal family, so he was determined to seek the immortal and worship the teacher. People tell me not to be evil, and I don't know the names of my parents. "I hope the beggar immortal will show mercy and give me some water to eat first to quench my thirst." The sorcerer in the cave is the teacher who killed the sorcerer before the evil. His name is Bai Laoweng Shi Yong. He is the most ferocious and cunning. Unexpectedly not vicious more dexterous, answer very quickly, not like lying, competing to be deceived. Not only did he have no misgivings, but he was afraid that his answer would be unreasonable, or that he would not have the intention of worshipping a teacher,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, and that he would violate the prohibition by mistake and kill him. Hearing this, he shouted in a harsh voice, "Since you are determined to learn from a teacher, I am an immortal. Why don't you learn from a teacher?"? I'll quench your thirst first. With that, he grabbed his hand behind his back and raised it outward. Do not hate to feel a gust of wind and cold air under the hood, thirst immediately stopped, a shiver hit, the brain slightly dizzy. He immediately seized the opportunity to kneel down and said, "I have long wanted to ask for help, but I'm afraid the master won't allow me. I'm going to quench my thirst before I ask you to accept me.". Master is so powerful that he is clearly a celestial being. As long as you can take me to heaven, how about I become a teacher? The old man Bai thought that the evil method had already captivated him, but he did not know that the man was extremely clever and even more cunning than he. He had taken the elixir in advance, and had been forbidden by the immortal method. His strength was great and his body was light, and he was more powerful than the apes and birds. When the sorcerer came, he was not awake. He did not see the way he came, nor did he see that Lingzhi had not been completely confused. He said a lot of lies, but he believed them to be true. It was expected that the immortal roots were different. He was very happy to hear that and immediately agreed to accept the disciples. After telling the names and sects, Old Man Bai turned around and said, Magnesium Oxide price ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, "Outside the valley, there are many prohibitions, and there are even disciples guarding there. On the top of the dangerous cliff at the neck of the gourd in the middle, your Martial Uncle Jia Yu lives there. The prohibitions and ambushes are especially fierce, and outsiders will never let them go.". How can you come here? Don't be evil at the top of the cliff first. You can already see that the road leads to the place where the demon used the evil method to crack the wild leopard that year. It is deliberately said that he came from the mouth of the road valley and strayed into the spiral path. He was in a dilemma. He happened to find vines on the cliff and crossed the cliff to get it. When old man Bai heard this, his mouth moved slightly. "It's easy for you to be my disciple," he said with a sullen smile. "But my laws are very strict. Offenders will die. I have received more than ninety people, and there are only three people left. Except for eight people who were killed by enemies, most of them were killed for fouls before they entered the door. The rest of them were wounded and fled back because of fighting with the enemy. They have become disabled. I don't want to see people with incomplete six roots. As long as they can't be cured, they will all be killed. Only the primordial spirit will be left for use against the enemy. But I am not like others as the main banner of the living soul, do not have to suffer the misery of the refining soul, only all day long to serve, can not act at will. You can't be an exception. Because you are young and have extraordinary talents, it is quite to my liking. Now I am merciful to exempt you from a lot of hard labor. I also give you two sides of the rabbit death token to prevent you from being caught by our Elder Martial Brotherther because of ignorance. When you are punished, take it out and have a look. It will be all right. You must still be careful in the future, otherwise you will inevitably fail to live up to the teacher's kindness and suffer, and you will regret it. Don't hate him first, and listen to these words, feel that all the people I met before look down on me, this person loves me so much, can not help but feel grateful, happy. The man, who was also clever, immediately came forward on his knees and wept, saying, "Master is really kind to me.". From then on, the younger brother learned Taoism with his heart and practiced magic. He never disobeyed the teacher's orders and made the master angry. I only ask Shifu to pass on my magic earlier so that I can take revenge. "When the old man Bai saw that he had shed tears of joy and was sincere, he became more and more affectionate." How can you have enemies at such a young age? "He asked with a smile. Do not hate to know that the words leak, quickly replied: "Because the disciples have no parents, often bullied, this is not to say.". Last month, when I went to the mountain, I met a little boy who looked the same as my disciple. He wanted to seize my disciple's axe. The boy's hand was red, but the disciple could not beat him. Seeing the danger, a man flew over, saying that he was the master of the baby, and forcibly untied it. When the disciple saw that he could fly, he wanted to learn from the master, but the dog refused to accept him. Instead, he scolded his younger brother. The baby's words are even more irritating. Keep this in mind, do not avenge this, swear not to be a man. Don't hate Lu Xiao very much at this time, just because the sky is clever and cunning, and know that evil and good can not be tolerated, living so close, sooner or later inevitably meet, two brothers look the same, one unfortunately, the sorcerer will be suspicious. So simply put the words in the head, so Lu Xiao said to be an outsider. Not long after Bai Laoweng first came here, he only knew that there were strong enemies such as Tao Si living in this mountain, but he did not know the details. He was also narrow-minded by nature, and his eyes would be rewarded. Master and disciples happened to have the same temperament. On the contrary, he was glad to hear this, knowing that he must have met an opponent in the Orthodox Church. He replied with a smile,Magnesium Oxide MgO, "I don't allow anyone to bully me. If I can work hard, it's not difficult to get revenge." If you ask a Taoist about his appearance, don't hate him and tell him what you have seen and heard before by adding some branches and leaves.