Lord of Secrecy

The ice-blue "tide" rushed in, first separated by the vertical sword, and then hit the morning light on both sides! In the horizon of Crane and others, the cave suddenly darkened, and then restored a small half of the light. They could clearly see that the fire had been extingu


The ice-blue "tide" rushed in, first separated by the vertical sword, and then hit the morning light on both sides! In the horizon of Crane and others, the cave suddenly darkened, and then restored a small half of the light. They could clearly see that the fire had been extinguished, and the dim light from the outside world shone through layers of ice crystals, which were particularly dim. At this moment, every inch of space in front of Grossel is frozen, and the giant seems to be a bug in amber! Then the great sword, which had been thrust into the ground, burst into a twilight glow. They converged, enveloped Grossel, and immediately turned into a storm of light, sweeping out. Without a sound, a huge melting crack appeared in the ice, which spread all the way out of the cave, and Grosser's gray-blue figure disappeared in place. With her bow and arrow, the elf singer Shattas, who had not yet had time to tie up her hair, rushed out of the cave without any buffer, surrounded by the wind. The Viscount Mobett of Solomon Empire, wearing an asymmetric black coat. Zoroaster muttered "Don't worry." "Here we are at last." He ran with great strides, following closely behind Shattas. Snowman, the ascetic facing the rock wall, also stood up and nodded four times on his chest, as if he had drawn something like a cross: "May God bless you!" In a hoarse and dry voice,Magnesium Oxide powder, he stepped on the cold ice with bare feet and ran out of the cave through the crack. Crane also did not hesitate, did not draw a revolver, empty palms, and with Anderson holding the "short teeth of death", quickly entered the crack in the ice. Edwina in a complicated shirt.. Edwards, on the other hand, looked at Daniz, who appeared trembling under the breath of the high man. Said in a soft but unemotional voice:. "You stay here." With that, her light blue eyes suddenly darkened,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, and the wind whistled round and round around her, pushing her to fly outside. Stay here.. Daniz froze for two seconds, looked around subconsciously, and saw the rock wall with white frost and the fire that was completely extinguished. The cave was silent and he was the only one there. The tremor of Daniz's body subsided little by little, his mouth opened, but he said nothing, and he could only watch the captain's figure disappear into the entrance of the cave. Outside the cave, the former Roon soldier Ronzel, who had escaped the first round of attack, rolled. Edward saw As soon as the "King of the North" Yurisan fluttered his wings, he was about to soar into the air, pulling away from himself and other extraordinary people to ensure his own safety. He was busy stabilizing his body and slanting out his left palm. Then, in ancient Hermetic, he declared: "No flying is allowed here!" Suddenly, the wings of the frost dragon, which covered the sky, seemed to hang on an invisible thing ten or a hundred times its weight, and it became extremely difficult to flap. The "King of the North" immediately let out an angry roar, Magnesium Sulphate price ,caustic calcined magnesite, and the huge sound wave penetrated Ronzel's ears, making him shake involuntarily. In the sound, the wings that covered the sky finally fanned down, lifting all the snow and frost around them and sprinkling them into the air. Although it was difficult, Urisian succeeded in flying. At that moment, the expression of "Knight of Punishment" Ronzel became extremely solemn, and his mouth once again issued a sentence composed of ancient Hermetic words: "Violators should be punished!" As soon as the voice fell, his figure bounced up, even faster than the high flight of the frost dragon Urisian, as if it had gained the strength of the unknown. Ding! Longzer unfolded his body in midair, brandished his iron-black straight sword, and cut the neck of the "King of the North" with a gesture of inevitable hit. In that place, there were obvious cracks in the ice crystal armor, which spread a little around, but it did not make Ulysan bleed and hurt. The frost dragon probably didn't even feel the pain, and his blue eyes locked on Longzel, looking cruel and tyrannical. Then it raised its front paws, and Ronzel was in the air, with nowhere to hide. At the critical moment, a hurricane blew and pushed the "Knight of Punishment" in black armor away. Urisian's slap hit the void, causing an explosive sound, and failed to hit the target. As soon as Shatas, the elf singer, rushed out of the cave, she did not hesitate to save Ronzel's life. Then, against the laws of nature, her hair opened again, and the roots were invented, winding up the electric light. She aimed the tip of her arrow at the huge King of the North, a slow-flying target in mid-air, and pulled the bowstring back firmly. The air suddenly turned gray, as if dark clouds were condensing and lightning was jumping. Under the influence of "Retribution Knight", the flying action was not so smooth. Urisian suddenly gathered his wings and dived down, crashing into Shattas like a high-speed train. At this time, the gray-blue figure grabbed the past and blocked the diving route of the "King of the North"! The giant Grossel once again touched the ground on one knee and stuck the broadsword in front of him, which humans could not use at all. Like the dawn, the light emerged, erecting an unbreakable invisible wall. Boom! The collision between the frost dragon and the giant Grossel was like a terrible explosion, which shattered all the snow and ice around it and pushed it to the periphery. Grosser failed to hold, bounced off like a ball, rolled past Shattas, and crashed into the mountain wall with a bang, knocking down the snow and ice hanging above, nearly creating an avalanche. Urishan, on the other hand, did not go backwards, but stopped where he was. The back legs of the interrupted dive hit the ground, the body leaned forward, the neck swung, and the mouth opened at the elf singer Shattas. Nobleman mobet of Solomon's empire. Zoroaster had already come to Shatas. Seeing this, he stretched out his right hand and twisted his wrist quickly. Urishan's mouth was completely open, but he seemed to have forgotten what he was going to do, and for a moment he stood there without following up, while Mobett jerked his head sideways and spat at the side. Bah! Those spittle are ordinary and have nothing special. Seizing this opportunity, Snowman, the ascetic who followed,Magnesium Sulphate producer, raised his arms as if embracing divine grace. Then he whispered to Shatas, the elf-singer, in the ancient hermetic language:. stargrace-magnesite.com