Rake the song of heaven

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One day, the late master was digging in his nephew's field from morning till night, and only half a bowl of corn grains was dug out. The next day, he changed another place, but he didn't even dig out half a bowl.

One day, the late master was digging in his nephew's field from morning till night, and only half a bowl of corn grains was dug out. The next day, he changed another place, but he didn't even dig out half a bowl. For three days, my father and the dog changed the three meals a day into two meals, and changed the sticky soup rice into thin water soup. He felt that the matter was serious, and he could not understand that all the families had carefully planted the seeds in the fields, but the seeds had not germinated, and they should have been buried under the cinnamon soil one by one. When he saw the blind man's ribs jump out of his hair, he felt a chill in his heart. He weighed his face and could pull the leather from his face. Half a foot high, his face was like a bundle of cloth with a skull in it. He felt that he had no strength. To stir up the water mattress from the well, there are endless breaks. My father thought, I can't starve to death like this. The late master said, blind man, we have to jump over the wall of the courtyard. My late father said, "Let's borrow it. If there is a rain, I will return it to others if there is a harvest next year.". The late master carried a cloth bag and staggered back to the village. The dog followed him and walked without a sound. He hooked up his big toe and put the tip of his toe and heel on the ground, so that the soles of his feet could be bridged to avoid the red heat of the ground. Every time the blind dog took a few steps, he would raise his front hooves and lick them with his tongue. It seemed that they had been walking for a year on the way eight miles. When they reached a cattle pen at the entrance of the village, the old man flashed into the shade of the wall, took off his shoes and kept rubbing his feet with his hands. The dog took a few breaths with its tongue hanging down in the shade of the wall, and dropped a few drops of urine on its legs in the corner of a house. The late master said,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, let's borrow his family's grain first. He took an axe from his cloth bag and broke the lock on the gate. Pushing the door and going in, he went straight to the door of the upper house and broke the lock of the upper house. As soon as he stepped into the room, he suddenly saw a thick layer of dust and cobwebs on the table in the main room. In the dust above and below the net stood a memorial tablet, a rich portrait of an old man. Like wearing a long gown and Mandarin jacket, a pair of knife bright eyes, through the dust, the eyes crackled on the body of the late master. The late master was stunned. Section 4 This is the home of the old castle chief. The old castle has been dead for only three years, and his eyes are still alive and sharp. Blind man,304 Stainless Steel Coil, you are really blind, my father thought, how can you urinate at the door of the castle? The master leaned his axe against the doorframe. He knelt down and kowtowed three times to the chief of the fort. He bowed deeply three times and said, "Oh, chief of the fort, the Rake Mountain Range has a radius of hundreds of miles. It has suffered the worst drought in a thousand years. Men and women, old and young, have fled. I and the blind man are the only ones left in a village and a world.". We'll stay and guard the village. We haven't had a full meal for three days. We'll borrow some from your house to store today, and we won't be short of weight when we return it next year. Then he said, "Chief of the fort, do your work. I know where the grain of every family is hidden in these dry years.". At the end of the conversation, the late master got up from the ground, patted the earth on his knees, carried the grain bag to the east room, and looked at the pot and the jar. Needless to say, the jars were all clean and empty. However, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, the late master was so angry that he seemed to know whose grain would not be stored in a bright jar. We should look under the bed. By the sunlight through the window, he looked very carefully under the bed in the east room. Who left the grain for the thieves when they fled in these years? Yes, I also want to bury the grain under the bed. 。 But under the bed of Bao Chang's house, except for the celadon urinal with raw white alkali, it was so clean that there was no trace of empty soil. The late master moved the empty jar and jar again, looked under the table, rummaged inside and outside the cabinet, and the sound of banging was heard in the three rooms. He tossed and turned for a long time. The cobwebs and dust on his body and face were all over the sky and the ground, but he did not find a grain of grain. The late master came out of the inner room and patted the ashes on his hands and said, "Chief of the castle, chief of the castle, when you were alive.." I have never done anything wrong to you. Although my birthday is more than half a month older than yours, I call you brother all my life. If your family has no surplus grain, you will talk. You let me toss and turn here for a long time in vain, as if I can't use up my strength, as if I can't borrow grain without leaving your family. The castle chief was naturally silent. The castle chief did not speak, but the late master gave him a glance and said, "It's true, let me kowtow to you three times in vain.". After that, the late master patted the face of the blind dog lying in the doorway. Let's go, my father said. I don't believe that the stars will disappear as soon as the moon falls. He closed the door of the castle's house as it was, hung the broken lock on the door catch, and went in from house to house. He pried and smashed more than a dozen locks in succession. He went into seven houses, grain tanks and pots, inside and outside the cabinet, under the bed and under the table. Every family looked for them as thin as hair, but he still didn't find a grain. Coming out of the seventh house, the late master took a scale for weighing feed and a horse whip (this is a big car family, the late master helped his family drive the car), went to the village street and stood down, threw the scale on the roadside, threw the whip on the ground, and said, "What do I want to do with the scale?"? When food can be found I can use a scale to weigh it, and I can return it to others in the coming year, but where is the grain? Why do you say I need a whip? Although the whip can be like a gun to protect the body (the late master once killed a wolf with a whip), but a wild animal has escaped, not even a rabbit, this whip is not a waste whip. The cracks in the doors of each house were much wider than before. The late master squinted at the sky and saw that the sun was already in the middle of the sky. It was lunch time again, but he had not yet smelled a trace of grain. The feeling of panic in his heart rose aimlessly. He asked the blind dog to sit in the village street and said, "You wait here. You are blind and black. You can't see where the grain is hidden in anyone's house.". Then he went to another alley. My late father picked rich families to pick the lock, but there were three families in a row, and the grain bags in his hands were still empty. When he came back from the alley, the sunlight turned his face blue and white, the bright purple spots flickered on his face, and the bad luck flowed thick and strong between the gullies of his face. He carried a salt shaker in his hand. There is half a handful of salt grains in the salt pot. The old man took a grain of salt in his mouth and came over to stuff a grain of salt into the dog's mouth. The dog stared at him blindly and asked him, "Didn't you find a handful of grain?"? The late master did not answer, but suddenly picked up the whip on the ground, stood in the middle of the road, and began to crack at the sun. As soon as the thin and tenacious cowhide whip bends like a snake in the air, the tip of the whip explodes into a blue and white thunderbolt,brushed stainless steel sheet, whipping the whole piece of sunlight like pear blossoms falling, and the ground is full of broken brilliance, and the village is full of the sound of firecrackers during the New Year. It was not until he was tired and his sweat was falling that he stopped the whip. sxthsteel.com