Dark fire lingers

Tan Ying took the water she handed over, and his eyes could not hide his fatigue: "I'll see what needs to be adjusted.". You don't sleep?


Tan Ying took the water she handed over, and his eyes could not hide his fatigue: "I'll see what needs to be adjusted.". You don't sleep? "Enough sleep." Huai said. Just how long this is enough, the girl can sleep a little longer, raise enough spirit, otherwise the skin will be hurt. Huai Chou sat down and joked, "Does Director Tan still know this?" Tan Ying turned on the water and smiled, "My wife used to.." Ex-wife, always say that. Speaking of his ex-wife, his face darkened for a moment, and the warmth and tenderness in his eyes were reflected by the light of the monitor. In the quiet atmosphere, a trace of unspeakable sadness melts lightly. "How long have you and your wife been divorced?" Huai asked. "Ten years." "Have you not contacted again?" "Contact what ah," Tan Ying wry smile, "I failed to protect my daughter, she needed my company when I was devoted to other people. To be honest, after so many years, I don't regret traveling all over the country to help abducted children and women. If I did it again, I would choose to help them. He was quiet for a few seconds and said in a low voice, "But I think I will spend more time with my wife." Huai Choo didn't know what to say for a moment. Holding the cup in her hand,indoor endless pool, Tan Ying looked up and sighed: "After ten years, she should have a new family, and maybe she has a lovely child again.". She likes children so much that the child should be very happy. Speaking of children, his eyes gradually filled with a circle of red, murmured: "If my daughter is still here, perhaps now..." There was a lump in his throat after the words,endless swimming pool, and he did not say any more. There are countless possibilities in life. But only if you're alive. - After chatting for a long time unconsciously, with an hour left, Huai finally persuaded Tan to go to rest. Although the crew started work quite late today, Huai Chiu was tossed about by Xu Jiachi until midnight last night. To tell the truth, she didn't sleep enough at all. She returned to her seat to go back to sleep, and the cell phone in her pocket vibrated. It was Xu Jiachi who called. Come out for a moment? A tone of solicitation. Next to a side door of the film and television base, Huai Chiu trotted out and saw Xu Jiachi leaning against the car and waving his cell phone at her. As soon as he approached, he opened his arms and held him. Are you tired? Xu Jiachi put his chin on the top of her head and rubbed it. Huai Chiu acts like a spoiled child: "Tired." "How long before shooting starts?" "More than 50 minutes," Huai Chiu alert, "you do not mess ah." Xu Jiachi was stunned and understood what she was talking about. He laughed out loud angrily: "Am I such a person who is dissatisfied with my desire in your eyes?" "Yes." "Then do I have to-" he encircled her waist and lifted her up. "Do something about it, or you'll wrong me." Although there was no one around, Huai still tightened his scalp and patted him pitifully: "Don't make trouble." Xu Jiachi put her down with a smile, opened the back seat door, endless swim pool ,hot tub manufacturers, stuffed the person in, followed by himself on the car, and closed the door with a bang. Huai thought he was really going to mess up: "Xu Jiachi, you-" Before he had finished speaking, he suddenly stretched out his hand and lay down on his lap. When the words were swallowed, she looked at him with her eyes open. As soon as his eyes darkened, Xu Jiachi's palm came down, and the top of his head was covered by the warmth of his palm, touching it gently and slowly. "Go to sleep," he said. "I'll call you when it's time." Influenced by the temperature of his palm, Huai Chiu gradually became sleepy and soon fell asleep. When she woke up in that position, she looked up and found that Xu Jiachi himself had fallen asleep. He propped up his jaw and tilted slightly, but still sat upright, breathing evenly, and his hair swept a little over his face. Huai Choo looked at it for a while and took out his cell phone. It was not time to assemble and start shooting. She sat up carefully, but Xu Jiachi didn't wake up. Huai Chiu leaned close and gently brushed aside the broken hair that had swept his face. The hand is caught. He opened his eyes, his eyelids half folded lazily, as if he had not woken up, grabbed her hand and put it to his lips and kissed it. Did I wake you? She asked softly. Xu Jiachi shook his head, turned his body upside down, leaned on her, buried his face in her neck, and did not speak, just in a daze. The tip of Huai's heart was weak. He raised his hand and touched his hair. His voice softened unconsciously. "I should go to work.". ” He just woke up in a hoarse voice, tinged with soft sleepiness: "Yes." "Wake up first and then drive home. Don't drive tiredly." The head on her shoulder shook. If you don't go home, I'll wait here for you to get off work. He said That may have to wait until tomorrow morning. "No matter." Xu Jiachi turned his head sideways, touched the side of her snow-white neck with the tip of his nose, and murmured, "I'm here with you, waiting for you to get off work." "But you have to go to work tomorrow." "I slept in the car." The police said that Fang Yunshu had not been caught yet, and that Cen Nian had done enough security there, but Huai Chiu's side was different, and there was no one around to protect her. Although there are many people in the crew, they are mixed, and Xu Jiachi is worried about what he thinks. His neck was tickled by his snort. Huai Chiu shrank his neck and asked him, "Would you like to go in with me?" "I'll have to slow you down if I go in." He was very self-aware. There were a lot of people waiting to watch the gossip. "It's all right. If you miss me, I'll slip in and show you in the corner." Huai Choo pushed him: "Cheeky." As he spoke, Xu Jiachi sobered up a little. He raised his head and touched her forehead. "Would you like to kiss my cheek?" The author has something to say: Dear!!! Kiss me to death! Give him the cheek to kiss him!!! Lingering Jinjiang Literature City is unique He likes to use this subtotal now. It happened that Huai Chou was eaten to death by two people like him. She turned her head slightly and kissed Xu Jiachi on the cheek. Xu Jiachi this time did not bother her, very good to let her kiss, watched her get out of the car and approached the film and television base. The night scene was really filmed until dawn,jacuzzi suppliers, and after the end, everyone looked dull or dispirited, and fatigue made people have no desire to speak. monalisa.com