Astral Travelling

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Don't just travel by road or rail. Why not travel using the Astral plane? Its definitely worth it.

Astral travellers have met up and talked to long dead loved ones, flown over the pyramids of Egypt, travelled to the other side of the moon and found answers to life’s most intriguing questions.People have even done ‘partnered’ explorations where they meet up and perform tasks and activities while out of body and then when they’re awake compare notes.The results have been astonishing.So it’s time to put my brave heart on and put the ‘I am more than my physical body’ mantra into practise.Things can get pretty mind bending from this point, so I’m going to keep it simple when explaining my levels of awareness and consciousness.I’ll use the term ‘my sense of I’, which best describes my level of awareness while I’m awake.For example, sitting here typing I still feel me and very much aware of who I am, and if I get up and walk into the next room, I’m still pretty much aware of who I am and my sense of ‘I’ hasn’t changed.But when I’m awake and then drift off to sleep, my sense of ‘me or ‘I’ has completely disappeared.Concentration and focus.Then imagining I’m floating out of my body over and over until I start to feel the sensations.Maybe my eagerness was getting in the way, maybe the technique was wrong, maybe I wasn’t relaxed enough, maybe there were too many maybes?I’d then start using the techniques.There was one technique I tried that involved having to remember to do a sequence of ‘mind’ movements at the point where you wake up and roll over during the night, but you weren’t allowed to actually roll over.Now imagine how hard that is!I kept on practising and practising trying not to roll over but only seemed to end up saying Homer Simpson’s ‘Doh!’ as I rolled over.Then early one August morning it happened, but not in the way I had read about.I was dreaming about being the passenger in a car that was speeding and I ‘woke up’ in the dream.And then things got decidedly more bizarre.I felt my body start to turn inside out!It was quiet and I was lying on my back.I saw a blue hue around my body.I had a heightened awareness of myself.I was fully awake, fully ‘there’.I was thinking as clearly as I am right now writing this.I panicked and I felt a mild slipping sensation.I opened my eyes to find I was lying on my right side not on my back as I thought had been only a split second ago.That was fun, let’s do it again.Exactly 10 days later it happened again, but it started with a different dream.I was riding a bike and the same ‘turning inside out’ sensations occurred and I was ‘out’.However, I panicked again and was instantly back in my body, wide eyed and a little freaked out.It was such a foreign feeling and sensation that I almost recoiled from it and that was something I needed to break through to have longer experiences.