Superstar Wins the Title [Rebirth] (End + Side Story) Author: Mo Chenhuan Black Belly, Poisonous Tongue, Indifferent and

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Original title: Mo Jin Game Record: Four kinds of mining tools, the drill bit and the golden pickaxe are the most powerful, and Xu Li is much more convenient to operate. There is a mining game content in the mini world

The author has something to say: Sorry, last night was too late, dizzy, so this morning to write the second more ~ Don't worry, girls, this is the second watch of yesterday, and there are at least two more watches today. Thank you for not abandoning the stupid author who updates so irregularly, and the stupid author will try to change himself in the future! Chapter 28 Most of the members of the cast of "Deer Competition" on the dining table are old people in the circle. Among them, Director Guo is the top director in the TV drama circle, and Tang Menglan is also a popular first-line actress who has won the gold medal. But even they don't understand why Qin Cheng would forward the micro-blog of the program group of "Very Entertainment". Director Guo has made so many films, won many awards and gained both fame and fortune, but all of them are TV dramas. Although Tang Menglan has made two films, they are both small-budget light comedies, which can not be regarded as a complete step into the film industry. There is an unwritten saying in the entertainment circle that when any actor enters the big screen, he does not want to return to the small screen. The big screen is a movie, and the small screen is a TV play. Film shooting requires more actors, because the screen is larger, so it will magnify every detail, and the audience can clearly see every expression and movement of the actor's face. Once there is a little disharmony, it will be magnified several times by the big screen. Therefore, the film challenges the actor's acting skills more,heavy duty warehouse rack, and its quality is often higher. Since his debut, Qin Cheng has made more than 20 movies, not a single TV series. His circle has nothing to do with Guo Dao, Tang Menglan and the whole "Deer Competition" crew. He has been on "Very Entertainment" several times, but it was all in the early years, and it seems that he has only been there once in the past two years. Under such circumstances, why did Qin Cheng forward this Weibo? Tang Menglan frowned and pondered. Suddenly, she said in surprise,long span shelving, "I heard from my friend that Disciple has been finished for a long time, and now it has entered the late stage, as if she was looking for a singer to sing.". Can it be said that. Everybody's vision in abundance looks to her, only saw this bright and gorgeous gold prize looked after a slight smile, revealed the bright smiling face: "Could say, he thought I sang well?" Ye Qiao: "…" Song Mingfei: ".." Director Guo, who ignored her and kept bowing his head to eat vegetables: ".." Dong Zheng, who has a relatively strong psychological quality, said with a smile, "This possibility.." Not big, is it? As if vaguely aware of a little unusual face, he sighed softly, smiled and said, "Maybe it's because of me?" Director Guo didn't drink a mouthful of water well, and the old man almost choked. Poor Guo Dao is more than fifty years old this year. Looking at these children, Narrow aisle rack ,Cantilever Storage rack, he shook his head helplessly and said, "Just ask what's going on. I'll go and ask tomorrow.". Eat vegetables, eat vegetables, what Qin Cheng does has nothing to do with us, he forwarded to help us promote is a good thing, he has more than 300 million fans, do not forward white do not forward, we will rub his heat. The crowd immediately burst out laughing. During the meal, Ye Qiao and Rong Xu had a good relationship. He came over and said in a low voice, "Xiao Xu, Sister Tang is just joking. Don't think too much.". It is estimated that Qin Cheng should be selling a face of Huaxia Entertainment, or really unintentionally forwarded. How to say that our play is also invested by Huaxia Entertainment, Qin Cheng is also an artist of Huaxia Entertainment, and it is normal to forward it. Rong Xu thought about it and raised an eyebrow lightly: "Really can't it be because of me?" Ye Qiao immediately pulled the corners of his mouth, picked up a prawn and put it into Rong Xu's bowl: "Eat vegetables." Rong Xu: "..." The cast members of "Deer" all think so, and in the outside world, fans are even more imaginative. Qin Cheng's fans think that they have gone through ups and downs in the past years, to a sunspot, they blow away one, to two, they blow away a pair! Up to now, no one in the circle can harm the interests of Qin Cheng, and few sunspots are bored to abuse and provoke. But in the last few months, fans have learned.. They used to be totally patterned Tucson! First, two months ago, his male God inexplicably began to change his profile picture every day and send a self-portrait micro-blog every three days. The point is to take a selfie! In the past, Qin Cheng did not like to send a blog. Although his micro-blog was obviously operated by himself, he could not send two messages a month. He often forwarded movie messages, helped his friends to publicize his works, and occasionally came up to wish his fans a happy holiday. None of the five tweets had a selfie! However, he suddenly started posting selfies crazily, and every one of them was so beautiful! Obviously, taking selfies is a common behavior of most stars, but Qin Cheng's fans are in a mood of "my male God is not normal recently", licking the photos while expecting the male God to be abnormal forever. However, the world is always not what people want. Not long after, Qin Cheng suddenly did not change his head portrait, nor did he send Weibo! He returned to the "holiday punch card" mode, fans are sad and depressed, but also a kind of "this is my male God" shaking M mentality. Today, Qin Cheng suddenly forwarded a micro-blog that had nothing to do with himself. Qin Cheng has not participated in the TV series "Deer Competition". He is not familiar with the director and the actors. As for Rong Xu's words, Qin Cheng did pay attention to him before, but the two people also have no interaction, feeling is not very familiar. Qin Cheng has been on the program "Very Entertainment" several times, but he has never been transferred to other micro-blogs of the program group before. So.. Why did the male God turn this Weibo?! I think Qin Shen must have been stolen! Make sure You haven't tweeted in three days, three days! I want to see your pictures, I want to see the Disciple!] Do I think the Great God may not have been stolen? This song is really nice ah,warehouse rack manufacturer, I casually open to listen to, Tang Menglan singing is already good, that Rong Xu sings even better! I have now decided to watch "The Deer". When will it be released? 。